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$270/week42 year old male

Lodger seeks 1 bedroom unit/granny flat in Marsden or Crestmead. Or even another suburb close by. The whole Marsden/Crestmead areas are horrible places to live, really. They're an abomination of desolation inhabited by nefarious types with nothing better to do than harass innocent law abiding citizens. Mostly because there's nothing here. And where is Marsden exactly? I mean, you've got Marsden Park Shopping centre, but then you walk across the road and that's classed as Waterford West! Anyways it's a hell hole. The only reason I stay is because I work nearby. So, about me... well I'm fastidiously neat and tidy, no pets, no parties, no girlfriend, no dramas. I am always in front and on time with the rent. I prefer my own space and company. That's about it. The owners/landlords of this utilitarian hovel and the run down crap shack I reside in, have decided to move into the property, and they've given me and the other tenants notice to vacate by September. I've been working in Crestmead for over 12 years now. I have a reference available if you I have a current valid driver's license but I don't own a car. So I need to take in consideration, being able to take public transport into Crestmead industrial area before 7am. I'm definitely not suited to share accommodation. To be honest, after the vampire we call 'work' has sucked out it's daily dose of my happiness and sanity, there's really only one way to recuperate from this great loss. And that is to spend a good solid 12 hours away from all humans, and pondering the great chaos of existence in reflective solitude. So, as you can appreciate, it'd be almost impossible for me to muster enough enthusiasm to plaster on a fake smile and exchange banal platitudes with fellow housemates. Sure, I'm polite, respectful, and extremely friendly, that's my nature. But it's a little easier to be nice at work, because I'm getting PAID. So, to reiterate: I really need a quiet place to live. Alone, preferably.

Available 22 August 2020