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$350/week25 year old man

Hoi hello! Me and my Dalmatian Winter are currently looking for someone to fill our spare room in Richmond. I’m a 25 year old Interior Designer working full time for a volume builder in the Eastern suburbs. I’m a pretty chill guy, when I’m not working I like chilling out at home, massive brunch lover, long walks with my doggo, binge watching TV series/movies, weekends away, pub or a bar on the weekend. I’m pretty basic. I have a 4 year old Dalmatian called Winter… Like Winter Is Coming… Bit of a Game Of Thrones fan here. He’s the most loveable and cuddly dog ever! All he wants in life is to be around humans and get pats, cuddles and treats. He is a super affectionate dog, and I would need a potential housemate that is really understanding and would want to treat him like their own. I definitely don’t expect anyone else to look after him, but I would love to find someone who will be really loving, would let him cuddle with ya, keep him inside when it’s cold etc. and just love him in general! I definitely want to live with a dog person! Ideally you would also have a dog, that would be cute af and our lil fur babes can be besties. He does go to daycare minimum 4 days a week so it is rare that he will be at home while I'm at work. I am pretty chill, but I do like keeping the house clean, I’m not super anal but it is nice to come home to a clean house! I like to clean, so every weekend I’ll probs be vacuuming and mopping and doing other general cleaning stuff around the house. I basically have a whole house of furniture, so if you don’t have any large furniture items to bring along that is so fine! I’ve lived alone for the past 3 years so have accumulated basically all the furniture items you’d need. For anyone interested, if we click and we sound like we’d vibe together I can send you way more info on what I have. I am pretty social, I have a small group of friends, we basically just go to brunch, hang at a cafe or go out on a Friday/Saturday night. I definitely want to be friends with my housemate/s, hanging out regularly and feeling comfortable in your own home is super important to me. I am very relaxed to live with, and as long as you’re respectful we’ll get along amazingly :) If I sound like your cup of tea/coffee hit me urrrrpppp and we can go for a coffee and get to know each other!

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