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Early Bird29 year old, female

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Seeking Housemates OR A SPACIOUS Home to move into LONGERTERM


Looking to live with RESPONSIBLE RESPECTFUL HEALTH-CONSCIOUS ADULTS in the age range between late 20s to early 40s.

Location-wise for houses LOOKING SOUTH OF THE RIVER *** in the areas BETWEEN FREO to APPLECROSS REGION
... ideally like to keep it closer to the north and in the vicinity 10-15min max from Freo.

Looking for a *homey home* - nice features… (not plain!)- with loads of greenery in its garden surrounds, and ideally close to nature reserves/ parks/ river/lake/ ocean.

Looking for a 6-12 month stay or longer for the perfect place.

Personally its extremely important for me to be looking for a home that can be my sanctuary - somewhere to thrive in, recover in and LOVE coming home and being home in.

Nature-full, happy, relaxed, stress-free, SPACIOUS and also where it feels like we have a lil family being all together but still with all our own space.…. Can’t stand being stuck indoors in what feels like a shoebox of bricks and mortar or feeling uncomfortable being me with all it entails inside the home.

- Outdoors ideally will have large covered patio/ entertaining areas, plus garden to work with (eg veggie/herb garden/fruit trees etc)
Looking for a quiet and peaceful area of a suburb.

Set on it being the RIGHT PLACE to call home… a house I can feel is comfortable for me to be in like my own home is important to me. I'm in no rush- i have a flexible living arrangement where I am now and so I'm happy to wait til I find whats suits my best interests - with both people and places

I’m keen on a –*spacious* and functional kitchen - a chefs kitchen I guess you’d call it – ideally with a big gas burner stove, decent size oven, deep double sinks and have cupboard space for my high quality kitchen equipment and gadgets like thermomix, dehydrator etc.... happy to share what i have provided its all looked after :)

I’ve also got enough stuff to fill part of an office/ study as well as a bedroom… heaps of books, and study materials and paperwork/ filing cabinet… so if there’s a study too or alternatively a really big bedroom with space for storing these that would be great!

Also with regards to bedroom - walk in wardrobe prefferred otherwise larger size built in robes would suit too.

I'd prefer my own bathroom and I DEFINITELY NEED A BATH. Its part of my therapy program to have magnesium baths - so its a non-negotiable aspect.

Would love some space in a garage/ workshop/ shed /basement– I have tools (I’m an Industrial Electrician/ Instrumentation tech in the making) + have a bit of workshop gear, and some of outdoors/ camping/ sporting stuff that i'd like to be able to be stored in an organised manner in a garage/ basement/ shed – CLEAN, secure, accessible + able to be kept organised.

Looking for a home with multiple different living areas so we are not confined to a bedroom when all are home and need our own space, especially if people are privately entertaining guests.

Things that would be welcome additions but not essentials would be like : solar panels, bore retic, fire places, evaporative air con etc etc
. Not fussed on things like pools/ spas but if they are there cool bonus...but can only use them if its salt water (allergies to chlorine) ... but if the house came with that - I could do home hydrotherapy rehab & down the track practice my freediving/ breathhold training :)

Rental/ Character references available on request - written and by phone.

I personally have looked after full properties as large as 5 acres including gardens, pools, home etc. and have EXCELLENT references… I pride myself on this and on looking after homes as if they were my own. I can certainly be trusted with this. And if its not obvious – I do appreciate the finer furnishings in a home, so I’m not looking for run down, or bland or plain…. I’m looking for interesting + different and things that really make it feel like a nice home. I feel its important to love your surroundings!

I have a DETAILED bio below.... but in short: Myself, Dee (30 in December)- recovering from a car accident, recently finished a years stint in an head injury rehabilitation facility.

I’m Still in the rehab/ recovery stage, just now more independently physically and cognitively capable and so working more on rehab in the community rather than live-in rehab... so theres lots of appointments to attend daily... keeps me quite busy.
The next 6months of my life are focussed on regaining as much of my previous life's capabilities as possible (previously was working away on the mines in the final years of my dual trade apprenticeship in industrial electrotechnology + instrumentation).

In contrast to that, I’m also a holistic health + wellbeing enthusiast and prior to the accident, I used to be right into my fitness and exploring/adventure travel life too + LOVE freediving and everything to do with the ocean.

I'm clean, responsible, mature, friendly, caring, kind, thoughtful, resourceful, motivated, have a good research head on my shoulders and love everything about nature, the outdoors + life optimisation (bio-hacking) in every form.

For more info about me/any questions re. my bio - feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding potential matches!

Feel free to call or phone text in addition to responding via flatmates.... I don't always see the flatmates messages- so phones the more assured and fastest way to get hold of me.

Cheers for your time!
Deedee :)
Dee’s Bio…
I love the beauty of nature + especially everything about the sun, sand, surf + sea… free-diving, boating, water-sports, marine life, shell collections, sunsets, the beach are among some of my favourite things!

Then there’s anything to do with outdoors life. Amongst many other things I love adventures, exploring new places, camping + 4wd-ing with mates, road-trips/ weekend getaways, hiking, mountain bike riding, great views, fresh air, wildlife + also LOVE the night skies – the moon the stars – the serenity - its heaven for me - my reset and rejuvenation!

My old routine did used to have a lot of fitness like Mixed Martial Arts + functional/ cross-fit type group gym type training.
I also loved getting involved in a lot of 'guy-world' stuff like doin up 4x4s, or DIY projects, or going out bush/ beach with all the gear + ATV/ trail bikes etc with some crew... but I also need the downtime + more me-time things like yoga, pilates, meditations, essential oil home-aromatherapy, relaxing baths, alternative/holistic/ spiritual therapies etc for the ying/yang balance ... yes im a bit weird like that with interests in things at opposite ends of the spectrum haha but hey it keeps things interesting, exciting + chillaxed when necessary too! So sometimes I'll be all up for doing things together but at other times - I REALLY NEED MY OWN DOWN TIME!

I'm definitely not a girly girl, nor ladylike + I'm typically known as one to get my sweat on + my hands dirty + love the thrill-seeker action/adventure life....If I could afford to skydive all the time, I sure as hell would! Barely anything beats that feeling of freedom and rush of adrenaline!

I'm also a pretty full-on research junkie+ have spent most of the last decade always reading/ watching/ listening/ learning + have a passion for life-optimisation in every sense of the world... Annnnd I can't help but share this info with people around me - on all that I have learnt to do with that eg holistic health, wellness, fitness, injury prevention/ recovery, nutrition, personal growth, psychology, philosophy, esoteric / occult world + everything to do with alternative/ functional medicine + natural way of life approach...

I love music too - lots different kinds (except screamo metal or poppy pop), I do really get into tasteful aussie hip hop + bit of rock and talents like Tash Sultana etc + have spent a lifetime enjoying live music + music festivals.
I used to play the piano (+ embarrasingly thanks to mum the flute too!) ... And I'm learning the guitar slowly from online tutorials as part of my brain training rehab post accident… so a bonus would be to live with someone savvy with the guitar :P
My brain is struggling with the memory side of finger placements in the chord changes so the perfectionist side of me gets really frustrated struggling with this on my own!

I've always been keen on trying new things and up-skilling and have been seen as a bit of a high achiever and braniac... apparently its annoying for some people to be around me lol... especially when i complain about having lost so much of my full brain capacity post accident ... apparently its not obvious to others.... it is to me tho! but there you go - theres the perfectionist, high achiever side of me...

I always loved mind-challenging tasks combined with hands-on work... Prior to the car accident, I was in my final years of a dual trade industrial apprenticeship in electrotechnology + instrumentation in the NT on a gold mine in the Tanami Desert. I worked at the mill processing plant + with both underground + surface mine maintenance including High Voltage work, and in construction + commissioning during the big expansion project. So I love being around tradies! I’ll pick your brains about stuff all the time and probably ask to work with you or to give me little tasks – I’m very hungry for knowledge and learning new skills! I'm a great little Trade Assistant too! :)

Prior to that I worked in a whole bunch of other jobs:
- Health, Safety + Training at Barrow Island + Argyle Diamond Mine ... yes I know I was once on the “dark side” ;p … but it was for all the right reasons – I care for my crew as if they are my family – so it was important to me to keep everyone healthy safe and properly trained.

- A Boaty/ Tour Guide in the Northwest around the Ningaloo reef working also as a Dive Master/ Assistant Instructor. I also worked in Cairns + Port Douglas diving as an underwater hull maintenance technician.

- I was also a Duty Manager + Active Life Coach in a Recreation + Aquatic Centre in Broome
….and there’s so many others in addition to/ in between those!

Prior to all that I was studying Physiotherapy at Uni for some time + working in my old passion of exercise physiology + assisting in coaching/referreeing team sports + swimming and was also a lifeguard... I grew up being a state swimmer and basketball player + involved in SO MANY other sports throughout the years -soccer, touch rugby, netball, running, athletics etc etc.

I'm all about the healthy fit holistic lifestyle... I'm a modern day hippy - but do love my meat + fish especially when it's sustainably caught or speared/ hunted by me or my mates. I also buy organic meat in bulk to keep in my chest freezer for big cook-ups.

I do value plant foods + I love the idea of a nutritional/medicinal/ edible garden with veges, herbs/ spices, fruit trees, chooks etc.
... I mostly prepare/cook all my own food due to dietary restrictions and; food allergies/intolerances - diet is kinda similar to paleo/keto but it’s a bit different as its prescribed due to health conditions (not just a fad-diet) … there’s a gut health element as I’ve got an auto-immune condition + a neuro-nutritional element for the brain healing post-accident….

I prefer to do a bulk cook up with this nutritional food to freeze for access to “fast food” + have A LOT of kitchen equipment + gadgets + Reverse Osmosis water filter, a seperate freezer etc etc… so kitchen space, functionality + cupboard storage is important to me in a home!

P.S... Even tho I’m a total nutritional food nerd, I'm not opposed to the odd drink or 2 with friends... organic/ biodynamic vino, vodka or tequila being my poisons of choice… its just more only a special occasion thing now tho as I don’t need to kill off anymore braincells than have already been damaged in the crash :P

***Clean, natural/organic, low tox living*** is important to me - I come with an entire kit of all the chemical-free alternatives +use these everywhere (eg for cleaning etc) in the house due to allergies to various chemicals. This is a non-negotiable – I have to live like this... so its a deal breaker if you won't be prepared to use the chemical free alternatives inside and around the home.

You won’t really find me sitting in front of the tv much, If I'm in need of some lazy escape-time I'm more likely to read/listen or stream something on my phone/tablet - like a doco/ lifestyle stuff or listen to a podcast/ audio-book while chilling outside in the sun (I have a MASSIVE e-book+ audiobook library collection + happy to share!)... but I'm not opposed to watching a cool movie or a funny drama/comedy show with friends too...

I'm not a big fan of watching sports on tv, I used to be... but there’s just so much else to do these days! I'd prefer to be at a game and I’m more of a doer than a watcher and prefer face to face interaction than screen entertainment … However, I do find adrenalin sports interesting though so would stop to watch surfing/ motorcross or any other high action/extreme sports with you on the couch if it was on as it blows my mind + makes me dream of huge possibilities!

I'm Polish from Origin + upbringing- so I've been over there a bit too + got into snow-boarding during the winters in the mountains.
I speak Polish + the majority of my family are over there. Polish was my first language and fun fact - at one stage of early life I couple speak 7 different languages.... I wish I could remember them all now!
One that I'm still desperate to learn properly is Spanish... I have been dabbling in it for years + just love the language + would love to travel round South America + be able to speak it there! So any Spanish-speakers would be a bonus! But definitely happy to live with well-travelled people + love hearing travel stories and getting ideas for my next trip in Oz, or when my time comes to travel the world! I love having people to go on trips with!

Disclaimer.... Life's been a bit, well more like A LOT different after the car crash, I'm still working thru recovery + so life's focussed on rehab at the moment + getting my brain+ body back to functioning as close as possible to how it used to. I don't really know who I am without all that stuff I listed above ... that’s why I listed it all... so my goals certainly involve getting back to as much of that stuff as possible... and that’s what my focus is on, hence I'd like to be around people from a similar world so that it brings that world to life for me + keeps fuelling my drive.

I've just recently (end of June) come out of an intensive years stint in a rehabilitation facility + still have a rehab support team working with me outside of there for a while yet… so lots of rehabilitation appointment’s for me ... So I'm looking to live with people who are going to be understanding of that. Because... as much as I would love to do all those awesome outdoorsy/ action/adventurous things which I've listed above that I dream of doing (+ literally loved living life for).... unfortunately though, I am still restricted with what I am physically capable of/ what I’m allowed to do + what my brain can handle... so not all are possible... I’m no longer at the indoor hermit level + I do love to get out into nature and outdoors as much as I am able... it just needs to be in areas of a QUIET environment for now + paced SLOWLY as overstimulation, balance + weakness are also an issue. I get exhausted REALLY EASILY and need to rest.

But finally, the time has come for me to move back into the community to try get my independent life back on track + work out what’s next in life... but to do that I do need to be in a positive, caring, chilled, supportive STRESS-FREE environment in order to have a stable foundation on which to rebuild my life around.

Because of this, I'm not looking for a loud crazy party-animal share-house... for me just 2-3 decent people will do... obviously, a few people together is much cheaper + friendlier atmosphere than living on your own. I have a thing about always having a spare room in the home - for guests/ interstate/national visitors / anyone that needs a room temporarily... so hopefully my housemates would have that same ideology. I'm all about community-spirit - family-oriented (family that you choose and create).

I've just spent over a year being cooped up inside + fairly isolated - so I'm pretty over the being alone and indoors thing! I can handle it, and some parts of me think it might be easier to live alone, given all my neuro-overload troubles and chemical sensitivities etc, but then where’s the fun in that!? Life’s about living it right?! You can’t very well get the most out of life being on your own all the time!

I do get this thing we call neuro-overload so I can't handle stuff that involves simultaneous processing (multiple things at once), or loading my brain up with one thing after another after another, stress, chaos, loud stuff or flashing things like lights, sudden/ repetitive loud sounds - and theres a few other things like issues with my balance + memory + processing + stuff like that... but all that means is I just have to do things a bit differently to the norm + more slowly + have to take it easy and not do what comes naturally to me, which is push thru + try to tough it out.... I end up collapsing when I do that :/ so it just takes a bit of understanding + support from those around me cos I might look + sound normal (apart from the weird looking neuro-reprogramming glasses + shooting quality noise-cancelling ear muffs + walking stick) but I can't physically or cognitively handle all that you guys do + I really hate having to say “I can’t” do something especially if I really want to.

It's embarrassing and all, but it is what it is + there's no point leaving these details out. I'm actually looking for people who can be accommodating to those differences and help make life enjoyable again starting with a happy homey environment. Hopefully that’s not too much to ask for!
Thanks heaps for reading to the end! + I look forward to hearing from you if you feel like I'd fit into a home environment with you.

Cheers :)

P.S.... even if I'm not in your location, but you still like the sound of me - by all means - please get in never know... it might suit... Plus - I'm more than happy to connect with like-minded people to add to my lil Perth Tribe of mates!

If you read this far - your a legend and can obviously handle a big writer/talker and obviously care enough about your potential housemates to read up all about them to the end (+ hopefully not skip the bits in the middle ;P) which is rare... So fingers crossed that means i've ticked a few of your needs boxes along the way & so i really hope i hear from you!

Thanks heaps :)

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