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$220/week22 year old female

Hello, I'm Abrar. I have been living in Logan for as long as I remember but looking to move closer to work which is currently located in Ipswich. My friends would describe me as easy-going, supportive, compassionate and independent. In my free time, I like to spend my time with others or keep to myself, either reading a book, watching a movie, or cooking. On the weekends my time would be split between going to see my family, my friends and spending some down time at home. I am a speech pathologist and work a pretty normal 8-5 schedule. During the week, I am usually in bed by 10 and up by 6. On the weekends, I’m usually asleep by 11 and up around 8. I am a pretty social person, but also need a good dose of personal alone time. I am looking for a place where I and others are able to have people over, but definitely not a place that is constantly full of people - so not a party house. I would be open to the idea of my flatmates holding small parties, I would just appreciate to know about these ahead of time. I would love to get to know one another; this doesn’t mean we have to be best friends but would definitely like to do things occasionally such as watch TV together, and share a meal together every once in a while. I like to keep common living spaces pretty clean. I do my dishes every day and put away my belongings when I get home from work. I am open to the idea of a cleaning schedule to keep things organised. My monthly budget is $800, and I am looking to move in sometime during March/April. I would like my own bedroom, and I am open to living with 1-2 other people. Ideally, the house would have a yard or at least a porch. If the bedrooms are sized differently enough to justify different prices, I am happy staying in the larger or smaller room. Like mentioned earlier, I would like to find a house close to Ipswich so potential places would include Oxley, Corinda, Forest Lake, Richlands, Springfield Lake and Mount Ommaney. Here are some quirks and relevant information: I’m sometimes overwhelmed by loud noises, so we may not be the best fit if you have the TV volume up to the maximum or music blasting all day. I am a little introverted so would at times retreat to my room to rejuvenate after a long busy day at work. I like to keep things pretty organised so I am a fan of schedules or lists to keep things on track - the basis of this really is to always have open transparent communication RE everyone’s needs and responsibilities so there are no clashes and everyone is able to comfortably live with one another. Let me know if I sound like a suitable flatmate for you!

Available 5 April 2021