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$950/week32 year old woman

Hi, I am Sanna a 32 year old financially stable Geek from Sweden. I am very clean and I love to cook. I have a Masters degree in Animation from UTS but I am also full time employed (overseas freelance and business owner). My hobbies include volunteer dog rescue work (have rehabilitated +100 dogs in Sydney to this date), gaming, reading books, plant lover/gardening, being active and underwater photography. I am social and enjoy spending time with people, sharing a drink after work (I don’t drink much these days but I do collect whisky), travelling, go out for long walks. I also do need some alone time to recharge. I am currently in a house in Castlecrag (3b,2ba,2LUG $1350/pw) that is in dire need of renovations as it flooded this year, I need to relocate for a few months while the Reno’s are done after I can return to the house if I wish to. I have a full house of furniture and fun gadgets to bring with me. Including Nintendo switch/ps4, 85” OLED tv, heaps of Star Wars LEGO, 2x robot vacuum, 1x robot mop (;)) Massive double door fridge with ice maker and filtered water, extra freezer. Full laundry (front loader and dryer) lots of indoor plants. Carpet cleaner etc… (and furniture) - very Wabi Sabi. I am looking for my new place to call home for me and my three girls (dogs) during this trying time. My budget is fairly flexible $900-1200/per week. Looking to either team up with some amazing souls and find a new place to live or just get a safe haven for a few months before I can return to my current rental. Ideally open space living, climate control, good kitchen, bathtub, car space and fully fenced back yard. My three girls are: Zoey 3 year old border collie. Super intelligent and loves everyone. I have had her since 12 weeks of age, my darling girl. Fully house broken and non reactive. She used to help me with clients and rehabilitate traumatised dogs. Loves to swim and is yours for an apple. Winnie, 2 year old beagle x kelpie. Winnie is a foster fail of mine. (Meaning she found her home the moment she found her way to me) she is the most empathetic and emotionally intelligent dog I have ever come across. Very social and talkative. Loves love. Has past trauma so can be Vary of strangers and takes about 10-20min to warm up to new faces. Once you are in her book you have a weighted blanket and support dog for life. Super intelligent and uses a talking board to communicate with you. Loves food. Loves to nurture puppies as she is the resident puppy nanny by her own choice. (Yes I foster puppies too) housebroken. Loves to sunbathe. Puddle 2 year old border collie, also a foster fail who arrived around the same time as Winnie so I call them my twins. Clever girl with many not so clever moments at times. Very friendly and like a typical border collie she be high energy at times. Snuggly floof ball. Loves humans and other dogs, also a bit of a puppy nanny but more independent compared to Winnie. Plays by herself in the most adorable ways. I am home almost all the time, they are used to being home alone, go on adventures and be at doggy day care when needed. Well trained non destructive, (like any dog not foolproof. If anxious situations arise for them) They will love who ever I live with so if you are comfortable around dogs and have experience (or always wanted to) live with dogs - perhaps you are our new housemate? :) I have the extra freezer because I also cook their food myself - very spoilt girls. They also sleep in my room. Perfectly happy to live with another in-house dog too. The most I have cared for during foster care is 7, and most long term (more than 6 months) has been 4. Happy to live anywhere in Sydney in the right place with the right people.

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