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Bellfield Share Accommodation

Bellfield Share Accommodation

Elaine and Nathan

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$300/week32 year old female and male

We're currently living in rural Vic, looking to move to Melbourne very very soon. I'm Elaine. I'm a people person, extroverted, but quite able to entertain myself. Bubbly, very friendly, can talk to anyone and enjoy meeting new people. I find cleaning bathrooms calming and really satisfying, it's weird but true. While I enjoy cooking occasionally, but don't consider myself particularly skilled, but I do make good pancakes. I'm about to start studying a Bachelor of psychological sciences online. I enjoy crime shows (not true crime) and interesting documentaries (Attenborough is always a winner). I'm also into skincare and makeup, but mostly for fun. My other half is Nathan. He's a bit handy around the house, learning to cook and is looking for full time labouring/machine operator work in Melbourne once we move. He enjoys tabletop wargaming, anime, wrestling, ballroom dance and reading a LOT of fantasy/sci-fi. He's a bit more introverted but is still quite sociable, a bit goofy and playful, is usually working on something at his desk while watching Netflix. We're both into PC gaming (we're both chill gamers, no yelling), tabletop gaming (board/card games and D&D 5th edition) and chilling out over a drink. No drugs or partying, he doesn't drink (but doesn't judge those who do) and I drink lightly, both non-smokers. Overall we're both pretty laid back, sociable but not party animals, happy to clean and contribute to keeping the place nice to live in. We look forward to hearing from you!

Available 8 June 2020


Early bird

$185/week26 year old male

Hey! I'm Louie, a 26-year-old teacher looking for a long term home in inner North or inner West Melbourne. Looking for a change of scenery from my current place, but not in any desperation to move so I'm looking for a good fit. Ideal moving dates would be the end of June/start of July, or in mid-late September. Things I value in a house: - a social space that still allows me to commit time to my work - clean spaces, but not necessarily minimalist/clutter-free ones (I'm good at house chores and dishes get done straight away, but I might forget my bag at the door/dining table, for an example) - environmental awareness/desire to live sustainably Amenities I'm looking for: - a degree of natural light in my room - access to PT (I also cycle so this can be further afield than walking) - room big enough for a queen bed + wardrobe - decent socialising space/s - quietness after 10pm on weeknights - some form of parking (flexible on this one as my car is almost at death's door anyway) Things I like to do when at home: - Practice music - piano and singing - garden, particularly growing food - have people over for the odd wine-and-talent-show night - cook/bake - do something social with the house (movie night/dinner/cards and chats, cups of tea) Things I'm okay with: - pets -couples - partners over occasionally (more than 3 nights a week and we'll need to talk about rent etc) - occasional (ballpark once every 3 months) gatherings of over 5 people, once it's safe Bonus points if you: - have a veg patch - have a piano - want me on the lease - have common interests (the outdoors, music, theatre/performance, making/DIYing things) Things I've done over the past 12 months (a bit about me): - started my first full-time teaching gig as a math/science teacher in the northern suburbs - worked as a freelance outdoor educator - worked as an LGBTQIA advocate and teacher-trainer - performed at Hamer hall :O with my choir as a part of Midsumma - spent a fair chunk of it (before bushfires and COVID) outdoors skiing, rock climbing, and kayaking

Available 26 June 2020