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Home Share Melbourne is a personalised matching service for share houses. The social enterprise supports people who are seeking asylum, young people who have experienced homelessness and people with disabilities to find safe and affordable housing with supported flatmates.

image Ned and Nic who have been matched by Home Share Melbourne. Photo taken by Ian Lillington

Home Share Melbourne focus on the idea of a ‘home’ rather a house. A home is not just a bed and roof over your head, it’s somewhere that is safe, comfortable, welcoming, which is full of people (and pets!) who you have chosen to live with. A home is a sanctuary and how it feels can impact the rest of your life. Flatmates.com.au is helping Homeshare Melbourne to find and caring flatmates and welcoming homes for people in their program.

What are the benefits?

  • You can be confident that your new flatmate will have:
    • passed thorough background and reference checks;
    • been interviewed by a Home Share Melbourne coordinator; and
    • had their suitability assessed.
  • Get ongoing support from your coordinator, who will check in with you regularly to make sure everyone is happy with the arrangement and mediate if any issues arise.
  • Your coordinator will do the legwork for you and find you a suitable match.
  • Get help creating an agreement with your new flatmate that meets your needs.
  • You will make a difference in someone else’s life by giving them a home - a safe place to live.

Housing Focused Home Share Program

How does it work?

  1. Meet a Home Share Melbourne coordinator for a quick Zoom or chat to learn more.
  2. Complete a short application form to Home Share Melbourne (it’s a short form).
  3. The Coordinator visits you at home to get to know you better.
  4. They match you with a new flatmate who is compatible to you. Your flatmate has undergone a background check, interview and had their situation assessed.
  5. The Coordinator introduces you to your match. If you are both happy you will get help making an occupancy agreement.
  6. Your new flatmate moves in!
  7. Your Coordinator provides ongoing support for a minimum of 6 months.

Who will my new flatmate be?

Your new flatmate will be someone who can sustain a tenancy. They could be an asylum seeker, refugee, affected by family violence, aged, or from a disadvantaged background.
Note: People who are sleeping rough and living on the street or who have complex needs are not eligible for this program.

What will the agreement be?

The agreement will be personalised and can be re-negotiated if your situation changes. The maximum rent and bills which is affordable for the people Home Share Melbourne supports is $100 per week.

Want to be a host for HSM’s housing focused program or looking to get involved? Check your eligibility below:
Youth housing program
Asylum Seeker Program

imageOne of our householders, Kathryn, who found a new flatmate through Flatmates.com.au

Disability Home Share Program

Home Share Melbourne supports people who live with a disability to find a supportive flatmate who provides them with an average of 10 hours per week of companionship and support with light household tasks such as pet care and mentoring in exchange for free rent. The arrangements are very flexible. We assist people to create their housing vision and get this funded through their NDIS package. We can also assist in finding a home to rent. Finally, we will find you the perfect flatmate to support you to live in a connected way with the support of a likeminded flatmate.


  • Free initial consult by Zoom.
  • Complete an application form.
  • Be placed on waiting list.
  • Get assigned a Homeshare Coordinator.
  • HSM will complete a detailed assessment.
  • HSM will provide recommendations.
  • Housing vision planning.
  • Individual living options quote.
  • Plan review and advocacy provided.
  • Set up the Homeshare arrangement, find housing (when needed) and match with flatmates.
  • HSM will provide ongoing support to the match.

Eligibility for disability home share program: To be eligible to be supported by HSM’s disability program or to become a supportive flatmate for HSM’s disability home share program, check your eligibility.

Does it cost money?

There may be fees for some arrangements. This will be determined on an individual basis. For people opening their homes to people within our target group, these fees will be waived.

Due to overwhelming demand Home Share Melbourne are not accepting referrals for people seeking accommodation.

How do I join?

Book a meeting with the Home Share Melbourne team.

What if I am not eligible but still want to help?

Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family about Home Share Melbourne, donate to the service


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