Tips to increase your response rate

If you’re not getting the response you desire, or you just want to fill your room as soon as possible, check out our simple tips

Check your listing description
The description on your listing is one of the most important tools to renting your room. It should tell prospective flatmates about your home, detail house features and include a bit about the surrounding area. The more information you include in this section the better, as it will cut down the number of questions you might be asked.

For some members, it can be just as important to know who they might live with rather than where, therefore, try two include a few lines about who currently lives in the home. You may also like to include some information on any regular social gatherings you and your flatmates organise.

Add and update photos
Having images not only makes your listing more appealing, it will also ensure your place features towards the top of the search results. If you don’t currently have images on your listing you can add them here.

If you already have images on the listing, perhaps think about the appropriateness of the images. To give potential flatmates a good idea of your home try to include a range of photos such as the room listed, common areas, the bathroom and any outdoor areas.

Check your price
Before setting a price on your room have a quick look at other properties listed in your area. A room priced well above or even below the suburb average may take longer to fill. Try to settle on a balanced price that takes into account the suburb average and what you have on offer.

Understandably, some room prices will be set by the even split of rent. If this is the case, look at some of our other tips of increase your responses.

Update the listing
It is important to ensure your listing is always up-to-date and true. Updating the listing regularly will also ensure your property remains at the top of the search results for your area.

We suggest updating your listing each time you re-list and once every two weeks while it is live on the site.