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$200/week26 year old female

Hey Mates, I'm arriving to Hobart on the 19th with my trusty Delica, Tonks. I will be in Iso for 2 weeks at a mates place and hoping to find a place anywhere around Hobart starting Feb 3. I'm moving to Tassie to begin my studies. I'll be doing a B.A. in sociology and a B.S. in Geography and Environments. I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan however I've lived in Australia for 5 years now. I'm a total bush baby and love being in and amongst nature. I have taught yoga in the past and have been a nanny for about 8 years so yes, cubby house making is a skill of mine. I also love animals and have 2 cats however they will stay with my partner in Sydney for now. I'm a waste not, want not kind of girl so my stuff is usually secondhand, repurposed, DIY kinda vibe. I really love doing new things that i may not be great at, I'm currently fitting out my camper van which is challenging but super exciting! I Love making a home and am really into old, art deco furniture, velvet type of vibes. I really love wood floors and indoor plants, down to chop wood and grow veggies. I'm happy to sublet for a bit or move into a furnished or un-furnished situation. I'm pretty open, I just want to live with people who are nice and comfortable to communicate when it's needed. I take care of my own and hope to live with people who can do the same. I will consider an established share house or even starting a new one if others are interested. I'll be in Hobart by myself for now so I'm only looking for a single room but if there is a home that my partner could eventually move into that would be sweet but not a must-have.

Available 3 February 2021

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$350/week44 year old female

CIRCUMTANCES CHANGED-Home needed very soon for amazing Dog and her (YHWH) loving Human!! Prefer self-contained (but most smoke free homes considered). ME (HUMAN): extremely honest; fairly quiet; responsible; non-judgemental; respectful; Spiritual; usually positive; pescatarian (sometimeseat non-farmed fish) with sense of humour and the God-given ability to get along with people of all ages, sexual preferences, nationalities, abilities, religions etc (but much prefer conversation with honest people) mostly vegan. {I sometimes eat fish and very rarely other meat but often eat happily-raised chicken's eggs - no cage eggs, at all, anywhere, for any reason (except in the unlikely situation where there were absolutely nothing else to eat and I were extremely malnourished). I don't use dairy.} I try to buy locally made and recycle soft plastics and anything else I can recycle. I also like to reuse if possible. I love dance; learning (esp. languages); clay work; flower arranging; music with positive lyrics and/or vibes; pets; nature; children; and helping (if I feel able to - even if only in a small way). I like a clean kitchen, toilet + bathroom. I sometimes clean other people's/church toilets as a kind gesture. COMPANION DOG is a 15 month old staffy who's: quiet; extremely friendly; sensitive;affectionate; obedient (almost all of the time!); good with almost all people (even those scared of dogs); good with cats, ducks, chooks and almost all other animals (except small flying insects); and doesn't dig or damage things. I'm currently in the process of trying to get her officially registered as a companion animal. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old - apart from 3-4 weeks in November 2019 (whilst I was in refuge accommodation) and in 2020, once 1½wks (BnB accommodation) and once 5wks in (due to visiting offspring on mainland then hotel isolation on return). Don't need fully-fenced yard as when outdoors can be put on her chain (if need be when not being walked). (We are urrently sleeping on cushions and doonas on floor at woman's home [she won't allow my single mattress] as previous dog-friendly BnB rental not available anymore due to border being reopened 😟.) I co-own a home in the northeast but need to be near the city for medical reasons.

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