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$200/week27 year old male

Stuff you'd see me say on a dating app: - ENFP, Scorpio, Enneagram 4w5. - If you can’t already tell, I’m the world’s biggest junkie when it comes to personality tests. - I’m a big fan of electric scooters (I own a Dualtron 2 and it’s my most prized possession). - I’m a growing enthusiast for mechanical keyboards. - I’m a musical nerd, and a pianist [on hiatus]. I have an abnormal obsession with musical scores from movies, shows, video games, etc. - I like to keep fit. - I love to travel. Honestly, I wish I was anywhere but here. - If you’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, narcissistic abuse, or you’re a sensitive processor, we’ll probably get along pretty well. - I hate conventional Australia. If you’re one of those small-brained normies who watch NRL/AFL/cricket on Fridays with a beer in your hand, you worship the status quo, you’re genuinely baffled to the core by anything you haven’t encountered before, your accent makes you sound like your frontal lobe has been microwaved, or your vocabulary consists predominantly of cliched colloquialisms, then this is not going to work. - Despite how this might be sounding so far, I’m actually a really nice person. Understanding people is my favorite pastime. If you enjoy venting to a good listener after a hard day, then I’m your guy. If you also enjoy shutting out the world and saying “fuck off” after a hard day, I also understand. In general, if you value both intellectual stimulation and emotional exploration, then we are going to get along really well. - Random fact: I used to be in a cult. I just finished escaping from it this year. If you ask me about this, be prepared to strap yourself in because I can talk about it for hours. - I’m a full-time student and work part-time at an electric scooter shop. Stuff that is actually relevant information for prospective roommates: - I’m a clean person. But I’m not a stickler either. I’m not the type to leave post-it notes on the cupboards or passive-aggressive messages in the group chat. But it does begin to chip away at my well-being when I live among people who leave their shit everywhere. - I generally just do shit when it needs to be done. If the trash is full, I’ll just empty it. If there’s shit on the floor, I’ll just pick it up. (not literal shit – if you’re actually shitting on the floor then you got other problems). I don’t waste time and energy worrying about “who did what”. This isn’t some silly little blame game. Nonetheless, when every member of a household carries their weight, we’re all gonna have a better time. - I try not to make too much noise, especially in the common areas. On the odd occasion that I have people over, I just entertain them in my room. - If you’re one of those people who literally LIVE in the common areas, this is gonna be a tough situation. They’re common areas for a reason – you don’t own them. Watching a show in the living room when your friends are over – makes sense. Using the dining table as your personal homework area – not so much. - Fucking should be muffled by music (this is what I do). - In general: I need you to be an empath.

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