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Early bird

$420/week35 year old female

I am from Toronto, Canada and currently living in hot and sweaty Darwin. I am a working professional in Environmental Management/Planning area and moving to Melbourne due to a work transfer. Very exciting however also overwhelming at the same time as I havn't lived in a big city for over 5 years. I love being outdoors whether it be walking or biking, I enjoy my morning coffee at cafes, and exploring new food places. I am huge wine enthusiast and enjoy the art of food and wine pairings. In fact, I completed a Masters degree in France in Wine Business so enjoy nerding out an teaching others all about the industry and the variety of wines around the world. I really want to get into indoor rock climbing and maybe join a sports team after I move. I used to play floor hockey and learning to get better at squash and tennis. I am very clean, organized, and can be particular of my own space. I'm looking for a flatmate who is generally clean or open to hiring a cleaner if not your thing, wash their own dishes in the kitchen as I cant stand wanting to cook something and the dish you want to use is still sitting the sink. Social but also aware of when a housemate needs their own quiet time. Essentially, communication is key to ensure we are respectful of each others space, things and cleanliness. I am generally very extroverted however really enjoy my quiet times these days after a long days work. A social being overall and respectful of ones own privacy. I am looking for a flatshare with no more than 2 people but would prefer only 1 however if there is more than 1 bathroom, Id consider.

Available 18 March 2020



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$300/week28 year old female

Howdy possible future housemate! Kat and Khaleesi here looking for a new place to call home in Melbourne Feb 2020. We are a package deal full of love, cuddles, wine and good times. We are all about good vibrations, healing and learning from the people around us. About Kat: I am 28 soon to be 29 in February. I am a creative currently self employed running two businesses as a hair and makeup artist (have already lined up a gig at The Photo Studio in Fitzroy) and a jewellery designer. I work from home quite a bit but am also out at markets and events quite often. I also love spending my time off outdoors exploring and camping . I eat a veg/ converting to vegan diet so am always looking for inspiration in the kitchen and would love housemates who are the same and are keen for kitchen cook ups! But am happy to live with meat eaters too � I am 50/50 introvert/extravert loving some social time within the house/ with friends but also thrive in my alone time. I am extremely respectful and considerate of my housemates needs, and just ask for it in return. I believe in making a home where everyone feels safe, respected and there is honest, open communication. I am looking for a medium/large room with natural light and a house with a backyard as I love to garden. Also I am happy to pay extra if there is a garage/ spare room that I can set up as a work space. About Khaleesi: Khaleesi is a 7 year old Toy Poodle x Shih zui x Maltese who has a heart full of gold and loves everyone she meets. She is house and shop trained as she worked in a vintage store in Sydney with me for 5 years. She doesn’t bark ( except for on the occasion when the Uber eats man delivers pizza) she is extremely low maintenance and just wants to hang out and be around people. She is hypoallergenic, doesn’t shed and doesn’t have a doggy smell. About you: we are looking for housemates that are open minded, LGBQTIA friendly, who are environmentally friendly and politically aware, who love to wake up to a hug and chat in the morning, are clean , who like to occasionally cook together, skill swap, go on outings and are 420 friendly. We are currently located in Sydney but are available for a skype interview and happy to start paying rent early as will be available to move in early Feb. Cheers Kat

Available 1 February 2020