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$250/week26 year old man

About me… I am a lawyer working in Upper Mount Gravatt. I’m quite geeky and intellectual but not a stick-in-the-mud 😛 I tend to be very open-minded about things, accomodating of others needs, and I have a strong sense of humour and adventure. Although I can be outgoing I definitely need my recharge time as well. I am happy to make plans to share in any common interests or mix our friend groups, but I am also completely happy doing my own thang too. My usual pastimes at home are gaming, watching tv, or private study. If I’m headed out I’ll likely be going to see theatre, out to dance and have a couple drinks, or playing competitive Laserforce. I’m also currently building up a gym routine, so I’m happy to be a workout buddy if you’re keen. No pets of my own (but love them all) and I am a non-smoker (but I don’t care if others do so respectfully). I am tidy but not a clean freak and definitely not the type to pick fights over little things. If something seems like a consistent issue I’ll just mention my observations in a completely non-judgmental way in private. I would appreciate a similar approach from others as we get to know each other 😇 The ideal place… * An unfurnished room in a house or apartment that has space for a queen size bed and a medium sized desk (other than that I won’t be bringing a lot of furniture or such with me). * Dishwasher is essential. * Ceiling fan in my room is also essential if not air-conditioned. * Built-in wardrobe, clothes dryer and private bathroom would all be well-regarded features but they are not totally necessary. * NBN internet with good speed is ideal. * I would prefer to live in a house with 4 or less people in total, including myself. * Ideally I would like to stay for at least 6 months, although I am happy to stay longer at the right place. * I am happy to live with anyone, male/female, couples, mature aged, LGB, neurodiverse, etc. If any of this strikes a chord with you please send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers.

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Torin & Aaron

Torin and Aaron

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$400/week24 year old woman and man

Hi future housemates/landlord 

My self (Torin), Partner (Aaron), and doggo (Glitch) Are on the hunt for somewhere to call home that’s safe and hygienic. We have lived in many share houses and know how important it is to keep shared living spaces clean and user-friendly.
 A little about us:

 Torin: Hi, my name is Torin I'm 24
 I am about to start part time study and will be on the hunt for a job when landed in a place, 
I have traveled around Australia for many years as a little kid.
I have lived predominantly lived with my mum. Where I also have lived in many share houses. I have learned quickly from my mothers nagging the importance of picking up after one's self and respecting common spaces and leaving them how you found them. These days it’s with great pride that I take care of my living space. I love to make my spaces feel homely.
I am a quiet lass who has left her party days behind her.
I'm level-headed I stand strong in my values.
I Like to have a chilled drink here and there. I’m also about to start studying so space that I can get into the study zone would be a plus.

 Hi, my name is Aaron I’m 24
I have a full-time job at Southside Toyota Mount Gravatt.
I have predominantly lived with my mum who has been sure to give me the knowledge of importance to be respectful of my living spaces and making sure it's user-friendly to other household members. I’m a quiet young man who enjoys spending the weekend fixing my cars, I enjoy a quiet drink here and there.
it would be awesome to have some shed space for one car.

Hi my name is Glitch I'm a 2yr old lab x kelpie I'm knee height.
I'm an outside dog who loves water and who also enjoys coming inside on occasions to chill in my parent's room if allowed.
I would really love a decent size yard to roam around while my parents are at work. I'm, not one to bark unless it is warranted.
I'm extremely excited to meet some new besties :)

 We are good at budgeting and value being respectful on time with bills.
We believe we will be an asset to any household.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Available 10 July 2022