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Advancetown, Clagiraba, Highland Park, Lower Beechmont & 4 others – Housemates & Roommates

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$250/week29 year old woman

Hey everyone! My name is Jorja, pronounced just like Georgia :) I’m currently looking to move out of my current home as my housemate has decided to downsize and live alone and downsize as her daughter has just started school. We all get along well and are never in each others way, plus i’m great with kids (and pets)! I’ve been renting 11-12 years now and have never missed a payment or had any issues. I'm clean, quiet and respectful. Have everything needed to furnish a 1 bedroom apartment so I could either team up and furnish the place or store it and rent an unfurnished bedroom :) Looking to move anytime within the next month. Preferably unfurnished with at least some storage space, internet and safe parking. Despite liking a tidy space and naturally cleaning up after myself wherever I go, I am very down to earth, open and understanding of all walks of life. I am not rude or strict but I don’t want to live in a party house or have mess in the way all the time, bugs etc. I have had housemates in the past who don’t respect their home or who they are living with and i’m looking to avoid that and any drama as I get older :) I would love a place we can become friends but also live our own lives and respect each others space and privacy! I love animals and being outdoors so any pets/yards are heavily welcomed! I love food/cooking, coffee, going out for a meal, visiting gardens, japan and everything about it, going to the beach/swimming/being in the sun and sometimes enjoy a lil margarita or espresso martini. I’m learning to rollerskate and knit, I just completed my Cert 3 in Community Services and will be up-skilling to art therapy while working. I also do freelance work online and enjoy exploring film photography, cinema, music, art and our country in my free time. Serious enquiries only Thank you :)

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