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Early bird

$155/week35 year old non-binary

Hey 🙂 I'm looking for a room or granny flat to rent in a share house/apartment with one or two other people at the most and somekind of a backyard as I have a dog. She is 4 yrs old, her name's Indi. We go out a lot (most days, for hours at a time) exploring down the beach or river & walking for exercise/enjoyment. She is my rock basically, and I am hers, so it's very important for me to find a suitable housing situation for her, too. She is not always great with other female dogs but gets along with the male species fine and has lived with cats before with no issues. She loves most people and can become quite protective of her human friends and their/our territory. She is pretty chilled most of the time and when she isn't following me around she just lays around and sleeps a lot. I'm not currently working, but as soon as I find some more stability & somewhere suitable for us to settle into I will be applying for jobs straight away and feel confident that I will find some work, in a reasonable amount of time. I love to work and or keep myself busy by exercise & walking with Indi. I'm also very tidy and considerate of other housemates, having lived in shared situations quite a few times in the past. I will always clean up after Indi, and myself obviously. I like to keep to myself mostly, enjoying my own space and time a lot but I'm also very chilled & easy going person.. I don't mind a chat now and then and sharing a meal or listening & learning from others. When I'm at home I love to read, I also enjoy writing and drawing sometimes, aswel as the occasional movie and tv downtime. I like to cook and learn new recipes (love a good feed) don't mind cooking for others also. I'm generally a very calm and friendly person, as is my dog. If you feel that we would fit in ok or somewhere that you know of please don't hesitate to msg me. Thanks for taking the time to read this and all the best. Kind regards, Ames.

Available 21 July 2022



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$150/week17 year old gender diverse

Hello! - First off, please don't judge me by numbers, read on before making a decision! :) I'm Avery and i'm looking for a chilled out and relaxed place where I can live comfortably with my dog, Ashes and my lizard. I am currently living between friends houses in and around Salisbury. Despite my age, I have a lot of independent living skills to share. I am very clean and am always happy to contribute my share of the household chores. I have a part-time cleaning job which I have recently started, I receive a regular Centrelink income and am responsible and reliable with my money, so you can rest assured my rent will be paid on time :). I am currently studying year 12 at Northern Flexi at Elizabeth TAFE as well as doing 2 different courses to build on my life skills which is Duke of Ed and Certificate III in Active Volunteering. I also regularly volunteer with the Salisbury Council, Twelve25 and Safe Pets Safe Families. I love playing video games, studying insects and the outdoors, I also love going for walks with my dog at sunset. I am looking for a safe place in the Northern suburbs or nearby the City, preferably close to Elizabeth and Salisbury but anywhere North is fine! No preference on gender but id prefer to be with people under 30 Rest assured, I am not looking for a party house. I'm not too worried if its furnished or not but I'd prefer Wi-Fi for studying which I am happy to help pay for and a back yard for my dog. Ashes is an 9 year old female American Staffy, she is well behaved, relaxed and quiet. She loves cuddles but does take a bit of time to get used to other animals. Ashes is also an emotional support dog for me as we both have anxiety around yelling and violence. My lizard is a Blue Tongue Shingleback lizard who is in a medium sized enclosure which can fit basically anywhere and is cleaned regularly. I also keep a range of insects and spiders as pets to learn more about them. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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