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$400/week26 year old man

I'm a 26 year old kiwi, originally from Rotorua (that smelly place with the sulphur in case you were wondering). I've been living in Melbourne for about 6 years now, doing a bit of travelling here and there and working full-time in marketing as a CX Manager for an new automotive brand. I tend to travel a bit for work to attend to go to events etc, so won't always be hanging around like a bad smell. My office is in Port Melbourne, where I usually work from Tues-Thurs (depending on me mood), and work remote on Mon/Fri - coz who doesn't like an extended weekend, right? This has mainly been my schedule as I've been living solo for the past 18 months, surviving the glorious lockdowns with surprisingly not as much damage as I would've thought...jokes. That shit has been tough on everyone so I'm seeking likeminded souls who have done the work and come out the other side. Like everyone, I enjoy a good drink - but tend to keep pretty tame during the week by going to the gym, catching up with friends for dinner or just falling victim to the algorithms of streaming services. I've enrolled in a course commencing May 24th so I'm gonna be quite busy, looking for a place that is more a 'home', with a vibe that makes it coming back to a nice time. I'm a bit past the era of getting f***d up every single weekend, although I'm definitely not opposed to a good time. Love music - a lotttt. So gigs and the likes are up my alley. Whilst I have loved living alone, I'm keen to extend my circle with likeminded, easy-going, drama-free and chill people - and hopefully save some $$ in the meantime. I come with a f**k ton of plants. Like lots. Indoor/outdoor. I am also pretty set up with some classy furniture, but this isn't a deal-breaker if it can't come with me. Ideally looking for a modern place with big bedroom, ensuite and a good outdoor area. I'm all about good vibes and good times, so hit me up if I tickle your pickle

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