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Niclas L O E  Lundgren

Niclas L O E Lundgren

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$250/week41 year old man

International.  Speak fluent English and Swedish.  Lived in 4 nations (Australia (~50%), Sweden (11 years), Indonesia, Luxembourg) and traveled to over a dozen more; including JP, RU, Seoul, Thailand, Malaysia, SG, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong and USA.  So, a bit extroverted and smart, not afraid of foreign cultures/people.  Cool guy.  Complex story.  --- Mostly intellectual reading lots of books and watching videos, however intending to take a break from that now in Q4 '23 / Q1 '24 to be more social and sporty/treadmill.  In Sydney worked at Service NSW, then the pharmaceutical company AbbVie, then The Deparment of Communities & Justice NSW.  Right now just finished that job at Justice NSW, and aiming for finance, banking, startup companies, pro and esteemed sales (for example advertising space sales, which I've done before), and at some point in the future politics which is where I've invested major time and study. ※ Btw I respect other people's accomplishments, happy to listen to your success story or lift the story higher... I'm not out to slash down achievements, or spray graffiti on people... I'm sort of empathy oriented.  --- Looking forward to finding a suitable studio or share apartment in Sydney. --- I have Instagram which I can send via DM or share later. --- I have police checks, international police checks, and 2 passports (Swedish & Australian) for screening / vetting that I'm 100% green with no shady background. =)  --- Also pescetarian (only eat fish).  Drink alcohol a bit (zero addiction), mostly for social purposes.  Let's go to the bar get a whiskey.  I have no pets, no ex-wife, so just an independent solo flyer with social etiquette and customs. --- Btw regarding "pokemon or hello kitty cute stuff Asia time" nah, I study the darker Asian movies such as Battle Royale.  I'm not the "pokemon culture" I study the deep and/or dark.  Also read a lot of legal books.  As a flatmate not noisy, not slamming doors or running the juicer at 6 A.M.  ---

Available 17 December 2023