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Sumant Agera

Sumant Agera

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$200/week31 year old man

Hello there I am a 31 year old Male working as a meter reader so my job involves lot of traveling to regional place. I'm looking for a place which is quite and peaceful so I can come back from my job and get some good sleep. I am a very tidy and clean person with persistent daily habits, I love to enjoy life and generally, I can be both sociable and secluded dependent on the mood of those around me - If you wish to be alone I will surely respect that and hope for the same in return. I basically try to adapt to whomever I live with making the experience smooth for us all. I love making food or the occasional social interaction we humans so desperately need and I work part-time, so whenever I find time I try to utilize it. I love to discuss matters of reality, approaching it with radical open-mindedness, that be philosophy, science, spirituality, psychology, nature or existence itself. So be prepared when opening Pandora's Box. I incorporate a pragmatic approach to the information I experience and love to increase efficiency in most aspects of life, I basically just make life as fun as I possibly can while maintaining a progressive personal development. Beyond that I would be as bold to state myself as a very chill person to hang out with, really, I have my thing and its a bit crazy but I always maintain a chill attitude on the matter in regards to others. The stick is definitively not up my ass ;) If you love a pragmatic lifestyle with focus on personal development, I would love a team-up as we could potentiate each other, or if you simply want a freakishly energetic dude in your flat **with the ability to be equally chilled out**- hit me up. I look forward to hearing from you!

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