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$380/week28 year old woman

Hi all, my name is Jennifer and I am originally from Sydney, i have been living in Canberra for the past 18 months. Pretty standard story, i work in government and will be relocating from Sydney to Canberra for work. I also have a cat, Oreo, who is the cutest and most loving kitty ever. Great with people and other cats, has been untested on dogs but I'm sure he would be fine. I have been living by myself since I arrived but am looking to save a bit more money and therefore would like to start looking into house sharing. I have house shared previously in Sydney and have had both good and bad experiences! Ideally I'm looking to team up with another person and get a fairly large place with an additional bedroom we could use as a study/guest bedroom. I would also love a place with a garage and fairly large kitchen so that I can cook up a storm. I am a pretty organised (I'm the organiser of my friend group) and tidy person and my hobbies include cooking and baking and taking care of my growing house plant collection. I'm a fairly hard worker so my weekdays usually consist of work and the gym, but on weekends I do like to socialize either going out in the city or going away for the weekend with friends and family. I would love to be part of a house that does the occasional board game night or social gathering. Although I'm also a quiet person who always respects the privacy of others. If you think we might be a good match please feel free to shoot me a message.

Available 1 February 2023