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Jacqui & Peter

Jacqui and Peter

Early bird

$250/week32-39 year old woman and man

We are a couple who have been together for 5years. We are seeking shared accomodation, because we have been in the private rental market searching for a long amount of time. We are trying all other options. We are 7.5months pregnant with our first born child. We currently live with our parents which was only a short term option while we searched for our own home. Because of the high demand in rentals currently, we have had no luck as of yet. We also have one small pet dog. She is a Maltese x shitzhu. She is 10 years old. She is trained. And very well behaved. Preferably we would prefer her to be the only pet. Depending on the circumstances as she can be quiet territorial, and provoke other dogs to snap if they aren't mellow enough to ignore her. Jacqui is a chef. And up until recently she worked full time. However given the circumstances of her being 7.5 months pregnant, she has now temporarily seized employment until after the baby is born, she will then return back to part time employment. Peter works full time for a company called Structural Restoration Services located in Lonsdale. We can provide positive references if needed or required for your peace of mind.We are an easy going couple. Who enjoy our own space and live a quiet low key life style. We are desperate for a house to move into with our new born who is on the way, where Jacqui can relax and be the mum she needs to be in a comfortable and safe environment. We are a very respectful And understanding young couple. We are very grounded. We are searching for a place to call home, and continue saving for our house deposit in the mean time. If you are willing to accept us both and our new born baby this would be such a good opportunity for us all. Please take us into consideration. We are a down to earth couple, we like to keep to ourselves, we like our personal space, and to have our privacy respected. We are a quiet living type couple, who like to do the usual things, of being active, excersise, taking the dog for walks etc. We are happy to interact with our house mates, with the option of having alone time and personal space together as a couple. We are free to move anytime from now, preferably in late September. We prefer to have our own food. As oppose to shared as we have dietary requirements we like to stick to due to our fitness and training. Please consider us as your new house friends/family. We won't be any trouble. We are clean, tidy, and friendly. We are just looking for someone to give us all a chance. Please help us from ending up at a homeless shelter, as our time with the parents is coming to an end. And this is our last option.

Available 28 September 2022



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$200/week19 year old woman

I’m 18 about to turn 19 on the 21st of April, I’m currently a casual at bws working 25-30 hours a week, I am also a casual bartender at Atlantis bar and lounge in the Adelaide CBD from Friday -Sunday (nights). I am enrolled at flinders university in the hopes to become a paramedic. I am currently living in angle vale so the drive for studying full time and trying to work is just unrealistic. I am a busy girl with work, study and spend most of my spare time with my partner ( he lives in Norwood and is studying Batchelor of science sociology (I think that’s what is it, he’s super smart and most of what he says goes over my head) at the university of Adelaide full time and he also works two jobs, I stay at his house a lot as it’s super close to work and study for him. If you had any questions for me feel free to chuck me a message on 0407 909 803 I am quite young but if you ask anyone I’m well beyond my years, I bought my first brand new car at the end of last year, have always worked two jobs, I pay my own bills and have been my own guardian since I was 14. I am not afraid of confrontation I want my house mates to feel comfortable to tell me when something is bothering them or if there’s something they would like me to be doing house/chore wise (but I do find cleaning very calming and enjoy a tidy space so I don’t believe that’ll be a problem) I’m exited to make new friends and start this next chapter of my life! 🙂

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