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Brompton Housemates & Roommates

New | $200


Looking in: Richmond, Brompton, Prospect

I am friendly & out going 22 year old Gal. I am looking for a new place to call home. I am a shift worker so i come and go a lot. I love to read and I am trying my hand at writing. I love art and i am a huge tree hugger. Cleanliness is very important to me and i would love to move into a house where everyone chips in with cleaning duties. I am looking to move in with females only. I'm in a long term relationship & my partner generally stays over one weekend night a week. I have a small dog and a cat. My dog is mostly outside but needs shelter at night, so puting her bed in the laundry at night is ideal. I need to have a place by the 24th of July but I am happy to move before then.

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New | $170


Looking in: Klemzig, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Wayville, Brompton, Croydon, Prospect, Bowden, Marden

Hey guys, Im 23 and working full time in the city. Im a very tidy person, I will always clean up after myself, Im reliable, honest and respectful. As I work during the week, I like to keep things quiet and relaxed, On the weekends I don't mind having a few sneaky wines and being social, getting out and hitting up a few local places. Iv been living out of home for the last 3 years and am very self reliant, you won't need to remind me to do anything like cleaning up or taking bins out, I'm pretty good thing those kind of things :) Im a very easy going girl and find it easy to get along with everyone :) Please don't hesitate to message me if you think I might be the right person to move in with!

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Updated | $200

Kun & Zee

Looking in: Adelaide, North Adelaide, Brompton, Thebarton, Bowden

We are a very friendly couple and like to live in a neat and tidy place. I work full time and my partner is doing his masters degree. We always clean up our own mess and respect others personal space very much. We are quite most of the time but always willing to socialise and talk :) We like to watch movies and read novels during our spare time.

Couple25 - 25
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Looking in: Enfield, Payneham, Brompton, Norwood, Prospect, Adelaide

Hi everyone! So I am looking to move into a new place, as the lease for my current place is running out in July. I would prefer to stay somewhere that has a lease of at least 12 months, but am okay with a 6 month lease. I would also prefer to live in an all female house, as this is just what I am used to. I work part time as a youth counsellor, and have graduated from Psychology, Social Work and Addictions Counselling degrees at university. I also tutor university students when I get the time in between my counselling job. I am a bright and bubbly person, who is easy to get along with. I enjoy talking to housemates and catching up at the end of the day, but I do like to have my own space as well. I like going out partying every now and then, but not all the time. I enjoy reading, tv shows, music (I have a record player, love to collect records) and I am obsessed with cooking, so can certainly whip up some yummy meals to share! Love a good wine and cheese movie night. I love animals, so would be more than happy to move into a home with pets. I also love gardens, so a place with a garden would be awesome!! I am looking to move somewhere not too far from the city, and with easy access to public transport, as I do not have a car at the moment.

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Looking in: Adelaide, Brompton

I am a 19 year old student from Perth studying psychology and criminology. I am easy going, clean, respectful and don't mind having a chat. I work 2 jobs so I'm usually out and about so some weeks you will hardly know I'm there. :)

Early bird


Looking in: Mile End, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Hilton, Wayville, Brompton, Goodwood, Thebarton, Bowden

My name is Maighan, I'm 20 and studying International Development at Adelaide Uni, as well as commencing an internship with SA Parliament (how do I adult??) I enjoy going to markets, hanging out, exploring adelaide, taking videos and photos, being creative, meditating and brunching. I'm from Tassie so I go home when I can to catch up with friends and family, but I've also got a really stable and fab group of friends in Adelaide. I want a social share house, somewhere with 0 drama and supportive and friendly people. Feeling safe and accepted is really important to me and it's my main requirement for a share house. If you're looking for someone to share cups of tea with (I have a crazy collection of T2) and who is regularly down to go for a walk, get coffee or a beer then I am ya gal! I'm generally clean and my floordrobe always stays within the premises of my room ;) Excited to hear from you :)

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Looking in: Brompton, West Hindmarsh, Bowden, Flinders Park, Findon, Unley, Semaphore, Thebarton

I am moving to Adelaide to finish my PhD @ the University of South Australia. I am very warm and friendly, easy going, neat and tidy, quiet and have a good sense of humour. I respect others and their privacy. I have a small dog called Minty, she is quiet, well trained and very loving - we make a great pair & hope to fit in well with someone's share house ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Looking in: North Adelaide, Plympton, Black Forest, Camden Park, Wayville, Glandore, Brompton, Ridleyton, Croydon, Goodwood, Glenelg, Adelaide, Henley Beach, Glenelg East

Hi I'm Tobi from Stuttgart, Germany. I'm Currently studying International Business undergraduate. I decided to study 2 semesters abroad at UniSA, starting in the end of July, and am now looking for a place to stay during this time. I plan to work part-time, to earn some travel money. I'm an easy going, tidy, helpful person and hope to find a place with flatmates that share these characteristics. Ideally they also like to hang out together from time to time. I don't mind pets, smokers or some house duties. What I'm looking for here: - Furnished room - Unlimited internet - All bills included - Near public transport - Well sized room - Min. 3 bedrooms house - Ideally with Smart TV in the room If you have questions, hit me up. Greetings Tobi

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Looking in: Henley Beach, Port Adelaide, North Adelaide, Glenelg, Unley, Adelaide, Brompton

I am a single 34 year old male, I work full time and also studying. I am easy going, fun, happy and laid back.Looking to move in Feb 2017.

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Looking in: Parkside, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Brompton, Kent Town, Bowden

Hello, potential roomy! :) With the lease on my apartment coming to a close, I've decided it's time to move on rather than renew - so now I'm looking for a nice place to call home. A little about me... I'm a friendly, easy-going guy that works in the media. I know the value in keeping home nicely organised and having lived in a share arrangement here in Adelaide and Sydney, I'm no stranger to living with others and know how to respect each others space and belongings. I'm the type of person that will pour you a glass of wine and ask how you're day has been after work, so hopefully, you like the occasional chat :) What I'm looking for... I'd love to find a place where people like to keep a high standard of living - preferably with other working professional/s - and really want to make a house a home. I'm definitely not looking for a uni house arrangement as I'm past the idea of raging house parties and stacks of dishes. A place located close to the CBD would be ideal, and as I don't have a car, I don't need any space for one so that's a bonus (hello Uber). I have all the furniture to populate a bedroom (and most of a house if needed), but if the place is turnkey ready, I'm happy to make arrangements and bring only what's needed! If you think I'd be the right fit for the sort of person you'd like to live with, it'd be great to hear from you. Happy housemate hunting :)

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Looking in: Mile End, Brompton, Marden, Klemzig, Walkerville, North Adelaide, Prospect

I am a sociable male in mid 30s who is working full time as a professional. I have lived in share houses for 10 years plus and appreciate and respect a clean and tidy environment. I am respectful of others and their needs in a sharing environment. I am not looking for a party house but maybe a place where we can have a chat over a coffee or beer! Looking for a place till the end of October mainly due to my employment situation and not knowing where I will be beyond that. Non smoker and no pets!

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Looking in: Hindmarsh, North Adelaide, West Croydon, Brompton, Thebarton, Renown Park, Bowden

Looking for a team up with a third person. Laura- I'm 19 years old and am in my first year of studying Human Movement, love to meet new people and enjoy going out and having fun. Like to cook and am more than happy to cook meals for the house. I am clean and respectful of others' cleanliness. Looking for housemates who like to socialise and are open to hanging out, but who are respectful of my personal space. Clare- I'm a 28 year old teacher who is also studying my Masters in Edu. I enjoy good banter and like meeting new people and being social-yet enjoy me time too. I have lived overseas, absolutely LOVE to travel, and have lived in many shared houses before so understand the respect and balance of living with others :). I really would like to find a place that's comfortable, 'homey' and enjoy a balance between 'me' time and socialising with my house mate/s. I really would like to spend movie night/hangs/friendly banter etc. with person/people I live with when I am at home! My girlfriend stays over occasionally. Clare owns basically a whole house worth of furniture eg. couch, washing machine, fridge. Moving to the west side of Adelaide.

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Looking in: Norwood, North Adelaide, Brompton, Bowden, Vale Park, Walkerville

24 year old Electrical engineer working full-time. Originally from Melbourne, I've been working in Adelaide for a year now. Looking to share with other young professionals.

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Looking in: Henley Beach, Brompton, Glenelg, Adelaide, Unley, Seacliff, Seaton, Brighton, Croydon, Eden Hills, Bowden

Senior consultant in asbestos management. i am English neat and tidy and very jovial easy going person.

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Looking in: Brompton, Bowden

Hi, I'm 27, have lived both with people (guys and girls) and by myself. I work full time and study part time. My current lease ends in August so I am after a place to share or am happy to team up with another person or two around my age and look for a place together at Bowden/Brompton area. I own a car so will need a carport to park it. Also I would like my own bathroom and am willing to pay extra for carport and bathroom. I'm clean and respect personal space. I'm always down for some good social banter/netflix but also I like to study in my room. I'm not into constant partying anymore and prefer to have quiet nights with only a few friends over. If you are looking for a person or want to team up and find a place together then send me a message!

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Looking in: Adelaide, Woodville, Ferryden Park, Saint Clair, Brompton, Croydon, Prospect, Bowden

I am a friendly, tidy and quiet person and also really a clean and respectful man who appreciate living in a clean and tidy place. I came from Melbourne and have been in Adelaide since last week and starting my new job as a BIM Modeller and working full-time. I am non-smoker and quiet person and like cooking. I am a well-mannered and mature person who knows how to respect your privacy. I am also a swimming instructor.

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Looking in: North Adelaide, Brompton, Norwood

28 year old English doctor, moving to Adelaide in August to work for a year. I love music, food, wine, TV/films, football, eating out, cycling, walking/hiking, exploring and generally trying new things! Ideally looking to be living with a like-minded person.

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Looking in: Brompton

I'm clean and tidy, quiet, respectful

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Claudia & Pohsuan

Looking in: Norwood, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Hilton, Brompton, Prospect

Hi you all! I was born in the Netherlands and lived in Italy for 13 years; my friend Pohsuan is Taiwanese. Currently, we study Business at the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands. We will go to Adelaide for our exchange semester abroad, starting in July and ending in December.So we are looking for a place for 4-5 months. We are tidy, we love to cook, we are social and like to hang out with new people that could show us around. We are looking for a place to live, our budget consists of $175 a week each! Since we live in the Netherlands, we will not be able to have a face-to-face viewing, but we can start to get to know each other thanks to technology :):) Looking forward to hear from you! Claudia & Pohsuan

Friends20 - 22
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Looking in: Brompton, Bowden, Walkerville, Norwood, Adelaide, Kent Town, North Adelaide

Hi! My name is Irma and I'm a 22-year old Dutch Student. I'm majoring in Communication and Multimedia Design and I'll be going on an internship at a Digital Agency in North Adelaide from mid August till the beginning of January. I'm an outgoing and open-minded person who loves to cook, explore and share random facts. Did you know the Romans used urine to whiten their teeth? I haven't tried. I'm a clean and in contrary to the urine-fact I just shared, fairly mature person. While I love going outside to hike, go to the beach and just wander around the city, I also really appreciate having some quiet time inside. It would be great to find some roommates I can engage with, like having dinner together or perhaps even going on occasional trips on the weekends. It's also worth mentioning that I'm planning on buying a bike and getting around on that. I could tell you that's because I'm a healthy and fit person, but I'm just too cheap for public transport. Ideally I'd be as close as possible to North Adelaide, have a furnished room and at least two roommates, but I'll consider all. If you want to know more, feel free to hit me up!

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Looking in: West Croydon, Brompton, Ridleyton, Croydon, Prospect

Hey there! I am a pretty quiet, but friendly university student who likes to keep to myself but I am always up for a chat! I will always respect your space, and am quite neat and tidy. I look forward to speaking with you :)

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Looking in: Brompton, Ridleyton, Bowden

I'm bubbly, friendly, and a bit of a geek... With a mild streak of sarcasm thrown in for fun. I enjoy going out with friends and staying home for movie marathons, and love dogs. I like to cook, but will order in when I don't feel like dealing with lots of dishes. I work in a call centre so my start and finish times vary from week to week.

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Looking in: Norwood, Adelaide, Unley, North Adelaide, Hilton, Hackney, Medindie, Ovingham, Nailsworth, Brompton, Fitzroy, Thebarton, Kent Town, Dulwich, Saint Peters, Bowden, Mile End

My name is Catherine and I am looking for a room to rent as close to Adelaide CBD as possible, available to move immediately. Originally from Russia, I am a Permanent resident in Australia since the end of 2015 and planning to become a citizen. Starting my new job at Women's and Children's Hospital, will be working rotating shifts. Have been doing nanny work before, and my background before coming to Australia is in HR -- I am planning to get back to it once I settle down here and sort out additional training and other things. I don't have a car, pets, don't smoke or drink, don't party, clean after myself, and don't have any furniture except for a queen mattress (+quilt and pillows). I am pretty quiet, like to have my privacy and don't bother others, but happy to chat, cook together or hang out in the outdoor areas. I am usually the tidiest person in the household (at least that was the case in all sharehouses I lived in), and every once in while will get in the mood to bake pies and cookies to share with everyone.

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Looking in: Thebarton, Mile End, Grange, Adelaide, Saint Clair, Brompton

I am very friendly, fun and most importantly clean and very tidy. I work Monday-Friday on a rotating roster on the afternoon shift at a pharmaceutical warehouse in Thebarton so I am looking for a place nearby work, I also work saturday nights at a club and generally go out during the day on weekends. I keep to myself and do my own thing, I enjoy my private space and will not annoy anyone. I also have a car and motorbike so will require 1 space off street parking ( my car and bike usually fit in one space) I would require a private bathroom or ensuite as I have way too many beauty products and appliances.

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