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Early bird

$200/week26 year old female

I like to think of myself as semi social most days, but also someone who will just go home, go to their room, and relax for the night without having to interact more than ‘hey’. We can have the best of both worlds, right? I like to keep to myself mostly when I'm not at work, but won't say no if you need to vent about your day or wanna have a chat. I'm really clean and tidy; aka, I'll always clean up after myself, keep my personal areas clean, as well as any common areas when I use them. But I won't get mad if the dishes aren't done the same night and you've left them in the sink until the next day; no one's perfect and we all have busy lives. I don't mind socialising, but honestly after a long day at work, most nights I'm just ready to put on netflix and relax. But on the weekend/days off I'm free game. I am an animal lover and cat lady at heart, with none of my own, so if you have any animals at home you can be sure I will give them all the love and attention. I am looking for something semi permanent until I go and get a house of my own/with my partner in the next few years. Doesn't have to be in the one place, but if it works out, that would be preferable. I work full time just outside the city, don't party, smoke, or excessively drink. My partner may occasionally come over for a couple of nights a week if that, but not very often as I prefer to head out to his place. If he does come over, he will 100% cook for us (and clean the dishes!); so a win there. I have my own car, and basic furniture (bed/table/dresser) which I plan to bring with me. I am looking to move before end of the year, preferably before end of November. If there's anything else you want to know, please ask. :)

Available 1 November 2020



Early bird

$200/week20 year old female

Hey! I’m looking for a room after leaving Adelaide around the start of March to live in Brissy but then.... well we all know what happened. I put my move in date in February because while I’d ideally like to move already, my birthdays in feb and I want to save some money for that. If the listing really peaks my interest or mine yours I’m open to moving sooner though, just has to be a good match Because of covid I haven’t had a huge chance to make heaps of friends so I’m looking for housemates that are down to chill and hang out but also respects privacy and space. I’m a laidback and non judgmental person. I like things kept clean but am not a neat freak. Im casually employed but can work anywhere between 20 and 40 hours a week only the north side so locations still important. Im 20, 21 in feb so it would be great to make friends I could celebrate that with. I’m a big movie fan and can be convinced on a good tv show. I really enjoy cooking for others as well as myself so a dinner night with the house sounds good to me. Ideally I’m looking for housemates that I can hang out with if we are bored but I don’t expect to hang out constantly, like we both/some of us have a night off and we decide to do a group thing like cooking or drinking or group board games (it’s more fun than it sounds I swear). Looking for people that is going to be similar to me in the sense of being fairly laidback and non-judgemental, I can’t stand people that care about petty drama but I won’t lie, I enjoy hearing about it if it doesn’t evolve me, I prefer just honesty. I like to have a good time and I’m often down to have a sesh or party and it’s hard for me to not get along with someone so hopefully it can all work out. I want to live with people who I could call friends not just live with some people because the rents cheaper. Ideally I would like to live with three other people making me the fourth but if it’s couples I can handle that, I just want to be able to get along with everyone. While I work days, I’ve worked nightshift before so that doesn’t bother me to much if people are coming home quite late, as long as it’s respectful enough but occasionally even I’m down for kickons. Would love some people that’ll show me what there is to offer in brissy and hopefully make some cool new friends in the process ☺️ I have quite large furniture so I am looking for a bigger room mainly because my bed frame extends. Sorry if this is a a bit all over the places, I had some wine and tried to write this so I hope it makes sense.

Available 15 February 2021