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Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Carlton, Clayton, Clayton South, Heidelberg & Northcote Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Carlton, South Yarra, Melbourne, Fitzroy, Richmond

Hi I'm Jess! I work full-time in a software solution company that is relocating me from Manhattan to Melbourne in mid-August for at least a year. I'm super excited for this move, and have visited Melbourne 3 times already! I've lived with flatmates since graduating college "uni," both girls and guys, and am pretty easy going. I love exploring new places, going out for drinks, sarcasm, and not taking myself too seriously, so writing this 'about me' is a little challenging. If you think people who only post selfies are ridiculous, enjoy a good meme, and like self-deprecating humor, we'll probably get along. Work usually keeps me busy during the week, but happy to chill with flatmates or solo after. Move in date is flexible once I arrive 14th August, but hoping to find a place sooner than later! P.S. I'm American, so obviously this is a flowery, unnecessarily wordy post, with too many "I" statements :)

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Looking in: East Melbourne, Abbotsford, Collingwood, Fitzroy North, Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Richmond, Brunswick, North Melbourne

Looking for a new place to stay during my exchange, starting around mid-august! About me: Small town French Canadian early retired sexologist 28-year-old gay law student based in Montreal. I’m responsible, organized, and respectful of people’s space. Having been a counselor for a while, I don’t shy away from real talks and good connections. I also like to go out and dance from time to time. Oh, and I like biking and volleyball. Kind of household: I am quite sociable and I hope to spend some time with my new roommates. However, I kinda like/need my sleep and privacy, so I don’t think a busy or party house would be the best fit. Animals = sure. People around my age = yas. Quick witted spirits = damn right. Gardening extraordinaires = yes please. Hit me up, Brenda!

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Looking in: Prahran, Saint Kilda, Malvern, South Yarra, Richmond, Brunswick East, Saint Kilda East, Brunswick

My name is Ruvé Burns, I'm an 18 year old student from Queensland studying a diploma of Hospitality and Management. Not currently employed but looking for work as a barista when I find a place to live. I'm habitually tidy and neat, I like to read in my room sometimes, I like to socialise other times, I love music and animals even though I don't have any of my own. I drink a lot of tea so the kettle may be boiling all the time...but the most annoying thing about me? I sing in the shower. Let's live together.

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Looking in: Carlton, Carlton, Fitzroy, Collingwood

heeyy, I'm easy going, like joking around and taking it easy at home when I'm not working! I work and study heaps so i'll be quite a low key flat mate but definitely keen on having late night chats or grab some eats/drinks ;) but other than that i pay bills on time, reliable and clean so if ya interested let me know!

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Looking in: Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Southbank, Docklands, North Melbourne

Hi, I'm an international student from Poland (but originally studying in London) staying in Melbourne for a year (I'm on an exchange programme). I will study at Melbourne Uni and looking for a nice place to spend a year. In general I am quiet but friendly and fun, I like having fun as much as I like a day-in. Not a crazy party goer, even after a night out I always come home quietly ;) I love pets, clean up after myself constantly (I have siblings so everyting that is left laying around is automatically lost). I can cook! I'm handy and creative. And most important - I'm always happy to make new friends :D

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Looking in: Preston, Coburg North, Coburg, Saint Kilda, Brunswick West, Richmond, Brunswick, Footscray, Fawkner, Maidstone

I'm relocating to Melbourne from Adelaide early August to look for better job. I'm a professional high school physics teacher and work should be easy. I'm a very tidy and clean person. mostly sociable but prefer to have my own space from time to time. I can cook good middle eastern food since I;m originally Egyptian. I might end up doing PhD in Education since I'm eligible for a scholarship. Please contact if you think I'm the right person to share accommodation with. Cheers Adam

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Looking in: Melbourne, Carlton, Albert Park

Hi,my name is Tomoko Japanese female. I am working for Medical/Health sector. I live clean and tidy,think always other person,and I am a considerate,warm and caring person. I have also a small car so if there is any space for parking it would be very nice although if not, I will find near there too. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you

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Looking in: Brunswick, Melbourne, Carlton, Parkville, Carlton North, North Melbourne

Hi everybody, I'm Luzie, 21 years old and an international student from Berlin. I'm going to study at Melbourne University for one semester. For that time I'm looking for a furnished room, especially in areas close to the university. I'm an easy going, friendly and independent person. In my free time I always enjoy meeting friends, going out, or having a nice evening at home. Besides that, I like doing sports (I've played tennis for a long time and thinking about starting that again; I also like going for a run or do spinning). And I enjoy food in all its variations. ;) I would love to live together with 1-3 other people. So, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to know more.

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Sal & Nathan

Looking in: Fitzroy North, Fitzroy, Brunswick East, Brunswick, South Melbourne, Southbank, Richmond

What up fine folks of Melbourne! My name's Sal, and i'm teaming up with my buddy Nathan to look for a 2-bedroom sort of long-term lease situation. I'm studying to finish a Master's degree at RMIT, and my weeks otherwise have me busy with part-time work as a Copywriter. Nathan is a fella who's likewise busy with work and his enterprise – so that pretty much makes the two of us busy urban types who are looking for a place we can look after, and call a home. If you're a home owner looking to fill a lease for a minimum of a year, or a current tenant with vacancy to fill 2 private rooms, we'd love to get in touch, get to know yas a little better, and arrange for an immediate viewing. Thanks for giving this a read – hope to hear from you soon!

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Looking in: Preston, Northcote, Kingsbury, Thornbury, Bundoora, Reservoir

I'm a fun loving student with a job looking for a home away from home after a series of disaster households I'm easy to live with, clean and respectful most importantly fun I'm happy to extend contracts if they work out! Let me know if I seem like your kind of Gal Steph ^_^

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Looking in: Abbotsford, Glen Huntly, Springvale, Caulfield, Clayton South, Noble Park, Oakleigh, Dandenong, Clifton Hill, Clayton, Hughesdale, Huntingdale, Murrumbeena, Carnegie, Collingwood

self-professed nerd and lover of all things electronics. I'm in the final semester of my Masters at uni and working part time as an Engineer.I could go on about my many fascinating qualities but here's the important bit, I'm a quite guy and mostly keep to myself,I clean up after using common areas and like to keep things tidy and most importantly I pay my bills on time. Contact me if you are interested. Live long and prosper :)

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Looking in: Brunswick

Hey, So I'm Lauren, 22 (23 in September) and currently live in Melbourne in the Brunswick area. Unfortunately my lease ends on the 3rd Oct, but I would love to stay in Brunswick/Brunswick area as I work as a bar and bistro attendant on Sydney Rd and study close by. Looking for a place that will allow me to stay at least a minimum of 9 months. And if need be I'm happy to be part of or sign a lease. In terms of me, I'm originally from Adelaide but moved over to Melbourne a little while ago to open up more career and study opportunities for me. I am a professional working actor (so if you like yoga and watching movies that would be a plus!) so I love all things to do with the arts and inspiring creativity. I also love cooking, netflix, animals of all sorts, reading, having a wine/beer or two with mates and a spot of gardening. I have been living in sharehouses both in Adelaide & Melbourne for a while now so I know the importance of being clean, tidy and respectable plus paying the rent & bills on time! If I sound like someone you'd think would fit into your household, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from some of you! Cheers, Lauren Krelshem

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Looking in: Fitzroy North, Abbotsford, Kensington, Melbourne, Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Flemington, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Collingwood, North Melbourne

Alex here. I'm writing my PhD in international relations and tutoring undergrads at Uni of Melbourne. I am from the UK/ NZ and have lived in Australia for 2 years. I've just returned to Melbourne from a big overseas research trip, and am looking for a long-term place to call home. Something 6 months+ in a Melbourne inner-city suburb is ideal. I'd like to be able to walk or bike ride to the university campus within 20-30 minutes. A bit about me: I like films/ cinema outings, reading, learning Arabic, hiking, camping, wine, beer, cheese... I enjoy conversations about politics/ IR, sociology, psychology, religion, science, films, books - most things, really! My schedule is kind of ridiculous - I work a lot - so I'm sadly not the best fit if you are wanting to create a super social house, but can still commit to 2-3 evenings a week for housie activities. I'd be happiest living with like-minded people who are politically progressive, working, and 25 years+. Bonus if you would be up for the ocassional cinema/gig/comedy outing or going hiking together! I'd be extremely happy to live with a dog. Admin-y things: I'm a non-smoker, financially secure, good with kids, very dog friendly but allergic to cats. I own bedroom furniture already, but I can sell it if absolutely necessary. I also travel interstate and overseas fairly regularly.

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Looking in: Melbourne, Carlton

I'm looking a share room close to the city. I'm industrial engineer, studying English and working part-time . I'm friendly, tidy and respectful.

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Looking in: Richmond, South Yarra, Carlton, Fitzroy

Hi there! My name is Lara, I'm moving to Melbourne from London late July and looking for a place to live. My Australian friend in London tells me Fitzroy and South Yarra are great places to be but am open to other area's as am a little in the dark having never actually been to Melbourne...! I'm 27, have been working in a start up business for the last 4 years but binning the corporate world for the time being and coming to Aus for a life and career change, to try something new and meet new people. I'm a really easygoing housemate, love to socialise but also very respectful of other peoples space and privacy. Would love to live with friendly people who are not just looking for a housemate but also someone they can chill with after work and have a G&T together. Looking forward to my Australian adventure and let me know if you think I could be a good fit in your home! :)

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Looking in: Clayton

postgrad student at monash clayton campus. tidy , athletic , easy going ,

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Looking in: Travancore, Collingwood, Flemington, Kensington, Carlton North, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Carlton, Melbourne, Parkville

Hey! I'm Adrian, 22, an international student from Mexico coming to study at the Melb Uni for 6 months. I'm a pretty chill, polite, and friendly dude looking for a good, tidy, and social place to live in my stay. I'm really excited to meet the Australian customs and live new experiences, so keep in touch!

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Lucie & Liam

Looking in: Preston, Ormond, Brighton, Elwood, Caulfield, South Melbourne, Saint Kilda, Malvern, Flemington, South Yarra, Brunswick

Hi there ! Liam and I have been dating for 3 years, we are a pretty fun couple. Liam is originally from Qld, he is a tradesman (very handy to have around ahah), working full time, he is a bit of a workaholic. He aslo spends a lot of time at the gym and loves playing around with tools/car/building stuff/fixing etc. I am a bartender working in the CBD. Originally from France, I moved to Australia 4y ago and now have permanent residency. I enjoy cooking, travelling, reading, but overall, I'm quite a lazy person. We are quiet, private people, but also very friendly and easy going. We are an honnest drama-free couple. We enjoy living in a clean and tidy environment and would like to find housemates on the same page. We are not party people but enjoy the occasionnal drinks. We love any outdoor activities and enjoy going away for the w-e quite often. We'd love to eventually be friends with our housemates. We have a quiet friendly little bunny living with us, and are planning on adopting a dog in a near future. We are experienced, responsible animal lovers. We are currently living in Southbank, but we would like to move out to a bigger place furtherer from the city center, and we would love to share the place with a nice, friendly person/couple. We've found a few places already, so we are now looking for housemates to team up with. We are only interested into places that have ensuites or several bathroom as we don't want to be sharing bathroom. We are looking into long-terme accomodation so would rather find housemates who wants to stay in Melbourne for a while. We are also very interested in existing sharehouses fitting our needs, so if you have a room for us and our furry friends, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions/ideas!! :)

Couple23 - 24
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Looking in: Preston, Coburg, Brunswick

Hi! My name is Annie, 30 year old female, work in finance in the CBD, have a little chilled out dog named Bam. I've lived in sharehouses before and am reliable and relaxed. I'm looking for place to live for 9 months to 1 year while I renovate/sell my old place and wait for my new apartment to be built. I am great at baking.

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Looking in: Northcote, Carlton, Parkville, Coburg, Ivanhoe, Clifton Hill, Flemington, Bundoora, Fitzroy, Saint Kilda, Richmond, Brunswick East, Melbourne

I am looking for a private , furnished, decent and modern property preferably en-suited with bathroom and kitchen . I am IT Professional , non-smoker , super clean and have no pet .

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Looking in: Saint Kilda, Docklands, Abbotsford, Southbank, Carlton, East Melbourne, Fitzroy, Richmond, Collingwood

Hey, my name is Simon but all my friends call me Chilli (so you can too) Im 29 and just moved to Melbourne from Brisbane and currently room sitting until the 8th August! So he's a little bit about me; Im currently working full time at Melbourne Central, I'm quite sociable, friendly and easy to talk to, love going out for a beer or 2 (or more haha) but also enjoy a night in with some takeout and movies. I usually make bad jokes from time to time but it all makes it funny in the end. Im clean and tidy and love to cook (so you'll get someone with amazing cooking skills as a roomie). I also produce electronic music and hoping to set up my little studio in the room. I'm hoping to get a rad place with even radder roommates (nawww). So if you're interested, swing me a message and we can chat some more - hope to hear from you soon! :)

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Looking in: Carlton, Southbank, Saint Kilda, Albert Park, Seddon, Flemington, South Yarra, Brunswick, North Melbourne, Yarraville

Hi everybody! I am a professional make up artist that has been living in Melbourne, California and Peru for the past several years. I am originally from Peru and an Australian PR. I am coming back to Melbourne for good and i am really excited to be back :) I enjoy a good conversation, a good meal, but most of all i enjoy dancing and travelling :) I am very organised and respectful and i hope to find people alike and make an easy going, friendly home.

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Looking in: Fairfield, Doncaster, Abbotsford, Clifton Hill, Brunswick

Hai! I work full time Monday to Friday 3pm-11pm, and absolutely adore my job. After work I'm at gym until about 4am, then home to sleep. When I'm home I'm tidy, quiet and pretty low key. My personality is bubbly, happy go lucky, but I'm not a party person by any means. I'm looking to find a place asap and would like rent to include either bills or own bathroom. I'd also like the house to be pretty modern. In regards to location.... I'd like to be pretty close to Brunswick or at least near the eastern freeway. Preferably not any further out than Doncaster though. I've lived with guys and girls, so I'm pretty crusiey with who I live with. Just all about good vibes and a positive living space. :) :)

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Looking in: Moonee Ponds, Carlton, Carlton North, Essendon, Flemington, Richmond, Pascoe Vale

Hello! I'm friendly and outgoing, at the same time love my quiet time at home too :)

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