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$300/week38 year old woman

Hey there 👋, I'm not long back from a couple years in rural SA, back to the city to be closer and have better access to more health facility's/facilitys, study etc. I'm am looking for a place of my own then getting someone in firstly, but I'm keeping my options open at this point. It's just me and Alice (my four yr old Indoor Ragdoll) who yes is my bebee... She's VERY well trained/groomed/taken care of better than many people 😳😆 There would probably be a little adjustment period for her (but I see that as my responsibility as her mom) and basically, if you like like her, show affection, she will be putty in you're hands. You are of COURSE welcome to your space and merely tolerate we can make sure we communicate and set things up that's good for everyone but she's my ride or die and it's important that she fits in (Am open to pet bonds, have previous references for her and other info to help share details that would give anyone peace of mind in the pet area). I'm just starting my part-time course in (accredited Auslan) as well as a WEA course. Im not currently working though between my studies, physical therapies and other things to keep me moving forward I'm probably out of the house approx part-time. I do have my needed downtime though, I'm not living a bum-around kind of life... I'm very tidy, clean and motivated. Re: my chronic illness sometimes you will know sometimes you wouldn't (when you do it's because my lifestyle slows down for a "spell", bit quieter need to rest and recover) Otherwise you may not even know. So being very mindful about my environment i don't think it would be an issue if we communicate and set boundaries sent up fair routines etc. Aways away from my "work"/study routine (I'm also out Sundays) I'll spend a time hanging out, pottering about, crafts/music. I do like cooking and growing some veggies (gardening that is and when I'm up for big cook up's/meal prepping) I try to eat clean but I do love some nice cheeky takeout as well... I'm also very keen (not a deal-breaker) but am up for the occasional shared meals/chats maybe some telly a little interaction with boundaries would be great. But not necessary. I don't have any expectations if you want to keep to yourself I respect that, if you want to interact that's cool too. Oh, and Alice is harnessed trained so we go outdoors together daily. I think communication is key to living well with people. Feel I've shared a lot lol very transparent, meeting and seeing if we get on is important so no big surprises lol. Look forward to hearing from you ☺

Available 31 August 2022