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$200/week50 year old male

I am Sky, peaceful and quiet 50's guy who needs a place to live while I save up the money I need to get my own rental property again. I am very independent, can keep myself amused for hours without bothering anyone. I enjoy playing my acoustic guitar and singing, you are welcome to join in 🙂 I work part time as a computer tech on call, I also receive financial assistance from Centrelink and prefer to setup automatic rent payments thru my bank to make things nice and easy. I would love to find a rental property or share house in the country or rural setting where I can enjoy the peace and quiet of the bush where I can work from home fixing computers. I am a computer tech with a mobile computer repair business (I drive to my client's home and fix their computer at home so they don't have to unplug everything and then plug it together again). I am also developing small scale solar kits to help people reduce their electric bills. My kits are 'free standing' and do not require attachment to the building. They are perfect for apartments, mobile homes, caravans, boats, and I currently use solar panels to charge batteries that I use at night to save on my electric bill. If you have a property where I can setup my solar kit and use it to save money (or at least do my best to be independent of the power mongers) that would be perfect. I'm not a regular drinker but I enjoy a social drink now and then with my housemates or friends. I don't smoke fags but don't mind if you do, just not right in my face please. I love animals and get on great with all of them, actually they seem to like hanging out with me. I like to compost and recycle everything possible so there's only a few bags in the wheelie bin. I am very happy to help around the house, I prefer a clean place to live in so I'm happy to keep it clean, ride the vacuum or lawn mower (I own both), kitchen and bathroom always clean. I have been sharing houses my entire life so am familiar with being clean, respect other's property and space, peace and quiet. I usually rent a place and then advertise for share tenants but this time I'm asking for your help as I can't afford the entire cost of a new property right now. I am a keen electronics enthusiast and love to tinker with gadgets. I'm always happy to help with any computer problems. I do everything I can to save electricity. I'm developing some small scale solar ideas and use my solar panels to power my computer workshop. I also love watching the stars and planets, photography, markets, fresh fruit n veg, the beach of course, and good live music. I work part time, on call, fixing computers. Other than that I'll be out drumming up business or tinkering with computers to get them fixed so I can sell them cheap to the needy. I don't make any mess or noise fixing computers, my only tool is a screwdriver. Likewise my solar kits make no mess or noise. I can't afford a shop front so I can only work from home. I like my home to be quiet and peaceful just like you do. I am very quiet around the house. I can always amuse myself without bothering you. I would like to find a nice place with friendly co tenants who like to share meals sometimes, enjoy a social drink at home or out at the local, maybe someone who plays the guitar or any instrument, sings (everyone can sing) I like to grow some nice vegies in the yard so we can all have some fresh food from the garden. I need some space to store my stuff if you have a garage or shed or I can rent a storage shed in one of those storage places, I can fit everything into a single car garage or under the house out of the way. I have everything I need, queen bed, computer desk, shelves for my computer stuff to keep it organized and neat. I have those plastic storage containers on wheels that stack up, they're good for keeping things sorted and easy to see what is in each box. I would really like to share with musical or artistic people who are creative and not going to trash every good idea I have. Some of my ideas have turned into a business that made me a good income. I need to be around people who are open to new ideas, supportive of solar power, recycling, organic vegies, healthy lifestyle, friendly people. I can't live with drunks, miserable, angry, condescending people. I hate listening to swearing or putting people down. Please, if you can help me I would really appreciate a nice place to live where I can feel safe and happy with compatible new friends. Thanks for your time 🙂

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Early bird

$250/week48 year old male

Very tidy and clean Respectful of others privacy and quiet living. Pushing 50 and not looking for a fast paced grooving party house. Preferably I would like to team up and find a larger house for a new lease with other reliable people in the same age group but i'm open to ideas and suggestions. I would be interested in teaming up to share purchase of a property to build a standalone tiny-home or kit home or relocatable dwelling. I am a little eccentric, I am an introvert, I am not religious or fanatical and will not be taking on a religion or extreme belief system. Conscientious with food and kitchen hygiene and energy use. Considerate and willing to input toward household chores and maintenance. I enjoy tinkering and fixing things and am willing to do odd jobs to keep home maintained. I have quite a few tools with storage shelving and only a few small furnishings, i would ideally like a workshop space. I'm a keen gardener, this is my hobby and outlet, I come equipped with a lawnmower, pole-saw, trimmer and other garden tools etc. I have a lot of potted plants, mostly in large pots that are pleasant to look at, mostly these are ornamental, herbs, cacti. succulent and citrus. I am generally quiet and enjoy my own study and alone time. I do enjoy moderate, occasional socializing but will mostly keep to myself. I enjoy music, generally listen on headphones but I like having background music of varied genres. I don't smoke or drink, I have a zero tolerance for licit drug use, DV and alcoholics, however I do appreciate and respect other peoples desire to drink with moderation and respect for the substance. I don't have pets anymore but I am a dog lover and appreciate having them around and love caring for them. I'm Not looking to have friends and acquaintances stay over. I am seeking a moderately quite and safe place with trustworthy flatmates for a long term property share so as to save for home. Definitely not looking for a relationship, casual partner or FWB. Monthly budget is flexible

Available 1 May 2021