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$150/week50 year old man

Hi - I am Sky, peaceful and quiet hippie type guy who needs a place to live. Yes I am 50 now and Yes this is a recent photo of what I look like. I still have long blonde hair, no beer gut, no fat bum, I eat healthy food although I'm not complete vegetarian I love me some seafood Yummy. Would anyone like to team up to apply for some rental properties? It is an uncomfortable truth that nearly everyone sharing properties here in Flatmates are not interested in anyone over 50. I'm not a regular drinker (as you can see) although I enjoy the occasional drink with my housemates or while listening to some good live music at the Peregian Locals concerts in the park or similar. I can pay up to $150 per week for a room a nice share home or a safe waterproof shed. I would love to find a rental property or share house in the country or rural setting where I can enjoy the peace and quiet grow some vegies and develop my portable solar kit idea. I have some furniture in storage I am happy to share with you, a smart Android TV, some nice trendy shelves, stereo with Bluetooth to the TV for theatre surround sound movie YAY :) solar panels to make free power for my shed or to share with the house. Currently I live in my car which is both fun and cheap but its just a station wagon so no shower, dunny or fridge. Can be a bit hot in the sun and it sucks in the rain. Good grief i am sick of this crappy wet weather stuck in the back of my station wagon. Lucky I'm small enough to fit in it. I love animals and get on great with all of them, actually they love hanging out with me. At my previous rental, the dogs were always hanging out at the shed I rented even though they're not mine. I like to compost and recycle everything possible so there's only a few bags in the wheelie bin. I have everything I need for my bedroom. I have those plastic storage containers on wheels that stack up, they're good for keeping things sorted and easy to see what is in each box. I would really like to share with musical or artistic people who are creative and not going to trash every good idea I have. I need to be around people who are open to new ideas, supportive of solar power, recycling, organic vegies, healthy lifestyle, friendly people. I can't live with drunks, miserable, angry, condescending people. I hate listening to swearing or putting people down. Please, if you can help me I would really appreciate a nice place to live where I can feel safe and happy with compatible new friends. Thanks for your time 🙂 You are welcome to view my faceplant page to see my portable solar kit idea and my mobile computer repair business. There should be a link to faceplant somewhere on this page but if not just contact me and I'll share it with you or search for Portable Solar Kit to find my page, watch the videos so you can see what I'm doing, where I was living in Peregian Springs when I made the videos and if you would share a room in your place with me or consider teaming up and combining our resources to get a nice place that neither of us could afford by ourselves. Have another great day in paradise.

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$250/week23 year old man

Hi there! I am Camilo, I am currently studying a Diploma in project management in Brisbane City, Friday and Saturday, I have a full time job in landscaping, I first came to AU in 2018, I used to live in Melbourne City and I am moving to QLD because my company moved to QLD as well, really good job stability as you can tell, I would be more than happy to provide my job reference, I can help with several house tasks as gardening and landscaping, I used to live in a Airbnb in Melbourne central business district and I never missed a payment or changed location, I rather long term staying, I am from Colombia, definitely not a party guy, don’t do drugs, not alcohol more than a beer once in a while or a glass of wine, I am a hard working man so I won’t be at home a lot during the day and in my time off I rather staying at home and rest or go for something to eat outside, I love animals so if you have a dog or a cat (even a chicken) I would be more than glad to baby-talk to them in Spanish hahahah, I love cooking, explore new places, you can tell I am 14,397km away from home, so I like to treat where I am staying as it was my own home, I like meeting and listening stories from new people, I also studied to be a commercial airline pilot, I love traveling and the smell of the recycled air of an airplane, I have a car, I am straight, Single, Mid 20’s, I have no issues eating anything from vegetarian to meat no food restrictions, I love to share with my housemates a lot, but also I like my privacy, I am really easygoing, I am used to cohabitating with people from different countries, cultures and personalities from mine so I have a high sense of patience respect and comprehension, I am organized, tidy, and energy/water/gas conscious, I am fluent at English but as my second language I also like to practice it a lot, so correct me if I am saying something wrong, I am in holidays in Colombia at the moment and I will be moving to QLD on late August - early September, if you get to this part of my introduction and have further questions I will be more than happy to answer. Looking forward to hearing from you. Camilo.

Available 1 August 2022