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Brompton, Devon Park, Dudley Park, Ovingham, Prospect & Renown Park Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Glenside, Collinswood, Keswick, Brompton, Goodwood, Thebarton, Parkside, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Kent Town

My name is Whitney and I am from the States, more specifically, Colorado. I am 28 and headed to Uni of Adelaide to finish up the last few courses for my Masters degree. I love spending time outside hiking, biking, camping... I like it all! While I do enjoy a good social sesh every once in a while, a glass of wine and a movie night always hits the spot. I am certainly not a late night party type anymore except on the rare occasion. I am very tidy and enjoy socializing with housemates but also enjoy some solitude after a hard day of school/work. I am just leaving a full time job so I understand and respect the necessity of getting a good nights sleep before work or school. Also, I absolutely love to cook and bake! Ideally I am looking for a place that is furnished or semi-furnished. I would prefer living with other females but am not opposed to living with any males if our personalities work. If you think my time frame and some of the details about myself would fit in well with you let's talk! Thanks :)

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Looking in: Norwood, Adelaide, North Adelaide, West Croydon, Brompton, Hyde Park

Chilled out and easy going, always up for a good chat! Understand the need for personal space.

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Shannon & Josh

Looking in: Mawson Lakes, Prospect

We're very quiet homebodies. We're both originally from Canada. I study full time at Adelaide Uni, and he works full time as an engineer. In our off time we like to hit the gym, then veg out watching hockey or Netflix. We don't smoke, and rarely drink. We prefer to move in around mid-June, but are open to moving in sooner than that. The lease length is also negotiable. We prefer somewhere furnished.

Couple23 - 24
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Looking in: Richmond, Thebarton, Parkside, Dulwich, Stepney, Brompton

I'm 24, and have been renting in Adelaide for 7 years (I grew up on a farm a few hours out of Adelaide and moved up after finishing school) I work full time at a medical practice in the city. Im a big home cooker, quite easy going and social but also like my downtime too. I spend my spare time hanging out with friends and family (i have a very gorgeous 5 month old nephew) and attempting to keep fit.. but then also like my fair share of netflix bingeing and reading. let me know if you have any other questions :)

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Looking in: Richmond, Modbury, Elizabeth, Findon, North Adelaide, Woodville, Glenelg, Port Adelaide, Salisbury, Marion, Seaton, Edwardstown, Mitcham, Prospect, Adelaide

Hello my name is Jade and I'm studying to be an Aged Care Personal Carer. I love my course and I'm looking forward to making a difference in people's lives by giving people assistance to support their independence in life which is totally close to my heart. Currently I work casual/part time as an Admin contractor however this will be changing once I graduate from my course in July and I begin my new career as a Carer. As a housemate, I'm kind, responsible, respectful and I'm wonderfully housetrained lol. I pay my rent and bills on time and I live a quiet lifestyle. I'm happy to chat to my housemates when we catch up and I'm happy going about my day independently fulfilling what I need to do to make a positive difference in life. My hobbies include, reading, Netflix, gardening, walking, Apple puzzle games and many more hobbies. Ideally I'm looking for a home with housemates who genuinely love life and have past the partying stage of their life. People who have followed their heart or want to make a difference in life. For example in their career or hobby or in their dreams in life or are in the beginning stages of bringing about this type of change in their life. For example, a person who followed their heart to become a singer so they could one day create a choir for people who have a disability to bring enjoyment to their lives or a person who dreamed of becoming lawyer so he could change the legal system to help those who are less fortunate have an equal voice/opportunity as those who are greatly fortunate for example or those who love their job in a Charity Store doing all from their heart to find new ways of selling donated goods so that more and more people will have the funds to prevent them living on the streets for example and many, many more examples a person has chosen to create or change or make a difference in life.

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Looking in: Thebarton, Mile End, Grange, Adelaide, Saint Clair, Brompton

I am very friendly, fun and most importantly clean and very tidy. I work Monday-Friday on a rotating roster on the afternoon shift at a pharmaceutical warehouse in Thebarton so I am looking for a place nearby work, I also work saturday nights at a club and generally go out during the day on weekends. I keep to myself and do my own thing, I enjoy my private space and will not annoy anyone. I also have a car and motorbike so will require 1 space off street parking ( my car and bike usually fit in one space) I would require a private bathroom or ensuite as I have way too many beauty products and appliances.

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Looking in: Glenelg North, Norwood, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Magill, Brompton, Brighton, Croydon, Prospect, Kensington

Hi potential-future housemate! The important stuff; I'm reliable on bills, clean and chill. What I have to contribute; an awesome record collection, a nice TV, and a washing machine if you need one. What I do; I'm an Education and Arts student, while working part-time at a property development consultancy firm. I'm also a practicing Street Artist. What I'm like; I'm pretty social and extroverted, though just as happy staying in with Netflix, doing some design work, writing a song, whatever. Not a big drinker, don't smoke, allergic to pets though. What I would like in a housemate; someone who is fitness/health orientated (I'm trying to get on the bandwagon!), someone who is fun, chill and kind. If you're a creative like me, even better. Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. Hopefully we catch up for a coffee to discuss my suitability.

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Looking in: Torrensville, Norwood, Adelaide, Brompton, Regency Park, Thebarton, Prospect

I am someone that is very easy to get along with, i usually keep to myself but won't hesitate to join in on group activities. I enjoy playing games and own a quite a few sadly haha. I am currently looking to move out to live closer to my place of study so it is easier for me to travel and so i can further myself in life. I wish to become a psychologist and i believe living around motivated people will also help me become more motivated myself and help me complete this goal.

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Laura & Clare

Looking in: Hindmarsh, Woodville, West Croydon, Brompton, Croydon, Thebarton, Welland, Bowden

Looking for 2 bedrooms/ whole house, are interested in team ups with a third person. Laura- I'm 19 years old and am in my first year of studying Human Movement, love to meet new people and enjoy going out and having fun. Like to cook and am more than happy to cook meals for the house. I am clean and respectful of others' cleanliness. Looking for housemates who like to socialise and are open to hanging out, but who are respectful of my personal space. Clare- I'm a 28 year old teacher who is also studying my Masters in Edu. I enjoy good banter and like meeting new people and being social-yet enjoy me time too. I have lived overseas, absolutely LOVE to travel, and have lived in many shared houses before so understand the respect and balance of living with others :). I really would like to find a place that's comfortable, 'homey' and enjoy a balance between 'me' time and socialising with my house mate/s. I really would like to spend movie night/hangs/friendly banter etc. with person/people I live with when I am at home! My girlfriend stays over occasionally. Clare owns basically a whole house worth of furniture eg. couch, washing machine, fridge. So unfurnished houses would be best.

Friends19 - 28
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Looking in: Stepney, Klemzig, Hilton, Windsor Gardens, Brompton, Maylands, Mile End, Walkerville, Marden

A little about me, I am 25 years old professional works in the city full-time. Apart from work, I am also studying towards my CPA. Looking for a place near the city. So, it will be easy for me to commute to work.

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Looking in: Prospect, Croydon, Richmond, Stepney, Mile End, Brompton, Bowden, Thebarton

Hello! I'm Imogen, I'm 19 and I am a full time student and part time worker looking for a snug place close to the city. I study Law and Arts and I'm always down for a coffee/beer and a chat! I love watching rom coms (ha ha) and weird art films with subtitles, having a quiet catch up with friends, relaxing and spending time with my family. I'm quiet, I always pitch in with chores and spend most of my daytime out of the house either studying or working. I don't have a specific date of moving yet but would be interested in anything from June onwards! If you think we'd get along feel free to message me! :) Imogen

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Looking in: Medindie, Nailsworth, Fitzroy, Goodwood, Prospect, Adelaide, Kurralta Park, Glandore, Keswick, Mile End, Brompton, Unley

Howdy! PhD student studying forensic toxicology (with Flinders Uni but lab is in the city) looking for place (current landlord is selling!). I have furniture so would prefer to be able to move it in but this is not an essential. Looking for a house with housemates that are preferably students as well. Professionals also alright. Not party animals... Other than study: music, piano (have a digital piano with headphones) and gym. Autumn and spring: hikes. During winter, I'm introverted (but sociable) and am home often (love music, but am respectful of volume and have excellent earphones if the walls are thin). During summer: beach, beach, tennis?, beach and walks. Recently getting into board games too.

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Looking in: Mawson Lakes, Clearview, Parafield Gardens, Prospect

i keep to myself, i'm a very tidy person hate mess. i do like having social drinks either having mates over or going out. currently living at home still but ready to move out asap.

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Looking in: Hillcrest, Norwood, Unley, Northfield, Kilburn, Oakden, Walkerville, Goodwood, Kurralta Park, Enfield, Collinswood, Prospect

I am a Software Engineer, who knows how to develop Mobile and Web Applications. I am a peace lover, which is also a requirement for my work. I love to make friends and be of help.

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Looking in: Prospect, Torrens Park, Mitcham, Norwood, Adelaide

Hello! I'm Imogen, 25, currently working casually within the hospitality industry and studying a BA full time at Flinders Uni, majoring in History. I'm looking for a place to move into ASAP, hopefully with some really relaxed people and preferably for a minimum of 12 months. I am quite easy going but also rather introverted, when I'm not at uni I spend a lot of time at home, I am just as happy spending time by myself as I am with other people. I find joy from watching movies/television series. I understand fully the need/want for personal space within a shared environment but am also happy to spend time hanging out from time to time. Please feel free to contact me regarding a room!

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Looking in: Norwood, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Thebarton, Prospect, Kensington, Walkerville

Hi. I'm in throes of planning a move to Adelaide and looking for a place to live. I currently live in Canberra and will start a new job at Adelaide Uni in August. I love travelling and do a bit of it of for work, so you'll have the place to yourself every now and again. I have done the whole sharehouse thing for about 5 years. Good with paying bills and helping out around the house. I am tidy, considerate and very easygoing. I love good food, good beer, wine and whiskey... basically anything that's on hand. I come with a netflix and stan subscription :) I don't have any pets but if you have one then great! Anyway, if you have a room or you're looking to team up, let me know.

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Looking in: Brompton, Dudley Park, Kent Town, Felixstow, Blair Athol, Regency Park, Thebarton, Bowden, Norwood, Walkerville, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Cavan, Prospect

I love to shout mad pizza and beer to my housemates , and I love to have fun and joke around. I'm really clean and I know when to give people space.

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Looking in: Glenelg, Kurralta Park, Findon, Campbelltown, Brighton, Prospect

I'm a full time student of Nutrition, so I'm quietly studying 20+ hours per week. I enjoy yoga, fitness, reading, gardening and being outdoors. I am very conscious about cleanliness and noise, as I know how bad it can be living with dirty and noisy housemates. Looking for a place with enough room for a double bed, desk, drawers, 40 small pot plants, food and some small kitchen appliances. (Also a wardrobe, if there isn't a built in one). Also, close to public transport to the city. Thank you

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Looking in: Stepney, Flinders Park, Richmond, Torrensville, Glenside, Norwood, Parkside, Adelaide, North Adelaide, Hilton, Malvern, Keswick, Underdale, Goodwood, Thebarton, Kent Town, Beverley, Dulwich, Prospect, Bowden

Hi everyone! My name is Devin. I’m looking to rent a room for 5 to 6 months around the Adelaide area, not too far from the City Centre. I’m staying in Australia from July 11 to December 28. I’m a law student from the University of Montreal in Canada, and I’ll be studying at the University of Adelaide as an exchange student. About myself, I’m a fairly independent person. I’m very clean and organised, I cook well and often, I eat a pescatarian diet, I do my chores (clothes, dishes), and I’m sociable and open minded (especially when I travel), though at home I prefer a quieter environment. I enjoy cooking, reading, playing guitar, swimming, fencing and martial arts. Unfortunately, I can’t meet in person because I’m still in Canada, but I can certainly talk on Skype. Thank you and have a great day!

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Looking in: Adelaide, North Adelaide, Brompton, Prospect, Mile End, Walkerville

My name is David I'm 57 years old I work as a cleaner I get along with most people I'm trustworthy honest reliable I like all sorts of music and keep fit I like socially with other but also like quite times as well I also have references

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Kun & Zee

Looking in: Adelaide, North Adelaide, Brompton, Thebarton, Bowden

We are a very friendly Asian couple and like to live in a neat and tidy place. I work full time and my partner is a student. We always clean up our own mess and respect others personal space very much. We are quite most of the time but always willing to socialise and talk :)

Couple25 - 25
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Looking in: Glenside, Mawson Lakes, Goodwood, Tea Tree Gully, Brompton, Golden Grove, North Adelaide, Collinswood, Hawthorn, Redwood Park, Woodville, Adelaide

Looking to make the move back to Adelaide from the Yorke Peninsula region for both work and study. I am very quiet Friendly and easy going,a bit about myself,i love writing music and expressing myself through lyrics but have only just started writing again after finding my passion again. A sports fan yes i am.. Afl football (go the cat's) and cricket and any competitive game.I am very respectful to people and Always up for a chat and a laugh. Enjoy my own time sometimes and also respect people's personal space. Must be clean. Happy and a laugh.

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Looking in: Enfield, Prospect, North Adelaide, Norwood, Adelaide

A Professional in my late 20s, looking to get a place closer to work and just the Adelaide CBD in general. I'm more of a quiet individual, and not so much into partying anymore! I'm into gaming, and am also a musician (not a drummer, so there's no excessive noise!) and enjoy seeing the occasional gig out in town. Would prefer somewhere north of the CBD.

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Looking in: Norwood, Prospect, Adelaide, North Adelaide

I am currently enrolled for the masters programs at university of South Australia. I respect others privacy and am very helpful too. Love to make friends so don't worry getting bored, will be happy to provide company. Cheers.

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