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$250/week69 year old man

Comfortable, confident, spiritual person, Murwillumbah to Ballina not religious. Understand the mechanisms & psychology of the processes we use to determine the paths we take in life. Healing is a psychological process, our body has the capacity to heal any condition. Cancer, heart attacks, lung, kidney, bone problems are all curable by our minds if u have the will power to be introspective? Improve your self worth = stronger charisma = become more attractive. If u suffer from stress than ask your self who are you trying to please? Obviously not you. Attracting money into your life is simple, not magic. I believe that all people are technically bisexual, this does not mean sexual activity. Have all these skills & more also understand the workings of share houses hence can make a share house more cohesive & a lot of fun. Excellent references. Have always got on well with other share house mates including landlords . Contribute to the household. Love order. Clean up after myself. Like to leave spaces how I found them. Happy to help with meals - though am NOT a cook. ;-) Nutrition aware and healthy. Respectful, honest, reliable; punctual with rent. Spiritually grounded. Approachable. Enjoy nature, quiet, space, gardens, quality conversation. History of adventure sports, exercise. Practise yoga. Diet: flexitarian vego. Love humour & clever lateral logic. B.Sc. Quit my successful business 35yrs ago to start a spiritual journey. Not keen on pets. Generally not fazed by other people’s peccadilloes. Welcome feedback. Curious? Love to hear from u.

Available 12 August 2022

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