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$200/week32 year old male

I was prompted to make a list about what makes me great to live with, but I’m just going to list exactly how it is and how I am. I am a respectful and sensible person at home and in general, I like to keep to myself. I am more than happy to socialise, however, and I am always courteous towards my housemates, even if we don't share similar interests or are of different personalities. I can tone it up or down when required, and I am patient and open minded within reason. I am a working professional who is presently laid off due to the coronavirus, but I am currently in a financial position where rental costs and bond will not be an issue. I am more often than not a night owl and due to work, the gym or my personal life, I can come home between the hours of 12am to 8am, but I am conscious about being quiet, mindful and respectful of others sleeping. I do not drink unless it’s a special occasion or circumstances, and I do not do drugs, smoke or bring any rift raft home. If you do any of that, I don’t care. This isn't my first rodeo, but even so, my party days are well and truly behind me, so I don’t wish to be around anyone who's too loose in their home life. I am a tidy and clean person and I tend to get along with people of all ages. I strive my best to make home life easy going for all parties, so I am quite conscious of my housemates personal space and room privacy. I enjoy cooking most nights and I am quite militant when it comes to cleaning up after myself. I like to live a minimalist lifestyle whereas I am low maintenance, very organised and I don't place a high importance on physical possessions. Despite the fact that I am quite laid back and non-judgmental, I am often told that I can be intimidating when first met. I treat people how they treat me and I am always polite and respectful until given a reason not to be, which I think is fair enough. Once someone gets a feel for me, they are comfortable with me. I do have a criminal record and past, but I have not been involved in anything illegal for the past three years and I am not on any sort of corrections order currently. I mind my own business and I pride myself on that. Personal space is big for me. In short, I’m not your average male and my lifestyle isn’t typical, but I’ll pay my rent on time, mind my own business and I won't be a pain in your ass. I just need a place to sleep, shower and eat when I’m not in the gym, working or visiting someone. Please hit me up if you feel I'm suitable.

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$240/week45 year old female

I am a kind, respectful, caring person, genuine and faithful. I am seeking looked minded good hearted people, or to live on my own in perhaps ideally a self contained studio apartment with priority for security and privacy, and of course mutual respect. I am a professional Librarian, having Ng carried out a Bachelor Degree in Business, Library & Information Management at R.M.I.T. and am also very creative with a passion to extend my training into other pathways such as creative design, community services, nature conservation & practical courses such as at Chisolm or online for example Project Management for fundraising for the needy..etc..:) I adore nature and living near the beach and trees, creeks, keeping fit, exercising, long walks and swimming, have a year of gym training organised and waiting for them to open again. I take a delight in caring for my space, making it excellent, lovely, delightful, minimal and clean. I cannot wait to see the new opportunities out there and possibly meet some truelly really great people, intelligent, mature and kind, always appreciating good character, humour, a good heart and a good laugh..and also a friendly chat but loving and respecting the quiet and peace of keeping to one's self and space to focus & achieve ones goals..and in an atmosphere and environment Basedow on real security, harmony, peace and trust... Looking forward to meeting you'd or finding my new lovely space ;) Catherine

Available 9 July 2020