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Arana Hills, Gaythorne, Keperra & Mitchelton Housemates & Roommates

Updated | $175

Sofia, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Gaythorne, Newmarket, Lutwyche, Nundah, New Farm, Windsor, Coorparoo, Stafford

I am an easy to get along with uni student who is currently working part-time in admin. This will be my first time moving out so I am looking to live with someone who I can have a great first experience out of home with! I am quite independent but I would still enjoy being able to hang out with my roommate and have a wine or two together I'm looking to have the ensuite bathroom and am willing negotiate prices because of this My partner would be staying over couple of nights a week, or I would be staying at his, so I hope this would be ok with you! Please send me a message if you would like to know more :)

21 - 21yrs
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Updated | $220

Kieran, Male, 36yrs

Looking in: Sunnybank Hills, Taringa, New Farm, Sandgate, Deagon, Hamilton, Sunnybank, Auchenflower, Indooroopilly, Toowong, Fairfield, Sherwood, Oxley, Mitchelton, Toombul, Nundah

Hi! My name is Kieran. FIRST THINGS FIRST (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!): 1) This ad posting is VERY LONG and I've done that DELIBERATELY. I do this to "Weed out the Tyre Kickers" (as it's known/called in Online Marketing Circles). Of course the "Tyre Kickers" are bad flatmates! 2) This ad may cut-out for you (being so long). If so, simply send me me a brief message with your email and I will send you this as a word attachment for easy viewing. :) And Don't Worry I will NEVER spam you! 3) If you DON'T WANT TO READ THE WHOLE THING THEN JUST PLEASE UNDERSTAND MY TWO BASIC REQUIREMENTS BEFORE MESSAGING: a) I need air con (ideally in the bedroom), and b) I need reliable (without major dropouts) and fast internet connection. WHY READ IT IN FULL? (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!): - Well let's face it you never really know until you start "Sharing" with someone. We all know that!! - But why not take out some of the GUESS-WORK? Take out some of the RUSSIAN ROULETTE?? The Random DART THROWING at the Board??? - Reading my ad (or document) in full may bring you closer to finding the ideal flatmate :) - And the alternative? It's much closer to Russian Roulette in my opinion. You can go back to the next ad and ask the same old questions...It's all so COMMON...Are you clean and tidy? (who would admit to being not)...Are you social? (who would admit to being a hermit crab)... Are you easy to live with? (who would admit to being a/the next axe murderer!!). DON'T JUDGE ME (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!): - As a flatmate based off the writing style/tone of this post. - As explained (in this post/ad) I'm an extremely relaxed and calm individual. I'm VERY EASY to live with. - Being a Writer (for a living) I many different writing styles/tones and I have chosen to adapt this style (with this level of detail) in the hope of attracting the perfect place and flatmate! Let's Cut Straight to the Chase (which is what you want)... I'M NOT (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - In-your face type person. In fact I'm the complete opposite! I'm friendly and social but I tend to do "my own thing" in the main. This is just my personality. I AM (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Single/Straight/Mature/Non-smoking 36 year old Professional Working Male. - Looking to Share with one Other (unless you have a place that is very Special- hint hint) Professional Working Person (sorry no couples). - EXTREMELY reliable. Rent and bills will always be paid on time or in advance. I will supply you with references from my current landlord and previous landlords (if required). - 100% Without a Doubt Looking to Live somewhere for at Least the Next 12 months (probably Longer) and I am more than happy to Sign a/the Lease. - Calm, Relaxed and Laid-Back Individual. Yes that's right. I am the complete opposite of someone that is highly strung. That's what you want right? I seek likewise. And no that doesn't mean we can't hold an intelligent conversation ;) - Very Clean and Tidy but Definitely not Obsessive. "Obsession" is not a good trait to have in your life. It's what pushes bodybuilders to take's what forces people to count every single calorie (yeah I used to do this lol)'s why people with OCD count in their head. If the picture is not clear enough now I'll make it CRYSTAL. If you are "Obsessive" about anything (particularly cleaning) then this probably won't work. In regards to chores (like you no doubt) I restrict these to around the meal times. I have weekly chores I like to do each Friday afternoon (yes nice for some working from home lol) so that the flat/unit/property is nice and clean for the weekend! I also have monthly chores (but lets net go there and put you to sleep) ;) If you have or are open to getting a cleaner then I will consider that too. But I'm fine either way. - Moving from my Current Place in Sandgate because there is no Air-Con or Ceiling Fans! (I WILL NEED AIR CON - PLEASE READ FURTHER BELOW). - Writer (as mentioned earlier) and Online Marketer for a living. I have a VERY stable income and have been doing freelancing (writing/online marketing) work from home for the last 5 years (that's right, it's NOT new). Work references can easily be supplied. I work from home between the hours of 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday. I divide my time equally between writing and marketing. That's around 20 hours of writing a week and 20 hours of working on a large marketing project (which I'm not getting paid for yet - but my time will come lol). DO NOT WORRY I AM QUITE NOT LOUD if you home during house hours. I'm a writer (firstly) and a marketer (secondly). In Plain English: I'm not on the phone (or listening to music) really at all as my work is obviously writing based. It is only every now and then when I get a new Client. Look let's just be honest. The ideal scenario is that you would be at work (in the main) during the week between those rough hours :) I CAN (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Give your PETS attention (if you have them and are at work) during my working day (my breaks). I like animals and can do this :) - Mind your PETS (including walking) and look after your belongings if you are away on Business/Holiday/Weekend Breaks a lot! You might be in a bind right now but I could be the SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM. - Sign for your registered mail (during the week) and save you a lot of time lining up at the post office on Saturday Morning! I WILL (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Move in at WHATEVER date suits you! That's right. I want to move sooner rather than later but I'm in no rush. I'm not on a lease currently and can move whenever (and I mean the exact day/date that works for you). - ABSOLUTELY 100% WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT NEED AIR-CON!! Surely having either air-con or ceiling fans should be compulsory (like insulation) in Queensland! Yes, I'm not a Queenslander (originally) if you haven't guessed already. And No this does not mean I will use the air con all day and night! I will use it to be comfortable and in moderation. I'm more than happy to chip in for the extra electricity bill if I use it more (I would in fact over-compensate you 100%). - Consider a SPACIOUS GRANNY FLAT/SPACIOUS STUDIO (if you have one on offer) provided it has Air-Con and that I can get solid/reliable (without dropouts) internet connection. It would have to be of a decent size though as I work from home during the week. I WANT (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Place with decent size kitchen and living room but this is not high on my hit list! I would much rather have a bigger bedroom (as explained below). I'D LIKE (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Flatmate this is just very calm, relaxed and laid-back. Simple as that. A bit of intelligent conversation doesn't go astray either ;) - Ensuite or Separate Bathroom (but not essential). - Ceilings fans are always good (in addition to air con). I'D LOVE (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Place that is very open/bright. I lived/worked in London 5 years and know all about the cold, rain and the DARKNESS!! I'm definitely more productive/efficient/creative when operating in a bright/open space. I NEED (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Decent (and I mean DECENT) sized bedroom. This should fit a queen size bed (ideally) and standard size desk (definitely). There should be a bit of a room to move too! Remember guys this is not only my bedroom but my "Creative Working Space." I'm NOT part of the corporate working world now. I've considered renting office space but I can't justify the cost at this stage in my life. I'M NOT LOOKING FOR (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Place that is miles (more than 15 minutes walk for me) from PUBLIC TRANSPORT. I won't have a car for at least the next 3-6 months and so nothing further has to be said! - Place that is miles (more than 15 minutes walk for me) from any type of SHOPS (groceries etc). - Place that is miles from ANY GYM (more than 15 minutes walk for me). - Place with LOTS OF LAWN and GARDEN to be maintained. Unless you love doing this of course! A little bit might be OK. In summer the maintenance just becomes too much. - PARTY HOUSE or NOISY ONE. I need the peace and quiet most of the time. And no I don't mean "Church Quiet." I live in society too lol ;) I'M LOOKING FOR (PLEASE READ - ANSWERS YOUR MAIN QUESTIONS): - Place that is 12-15 minutes walk max to TRAIN STATION/SHOPS/GYM/S. Buses are good but prefer trains. With Shops I mean groceries. - AIR CONDITIONED place. Ideally in all main rooms. I understand it's expensive and I don't plan to use it much but I need it to be comfortable during the day and on briefly at night to get to sleep. Don't worry I will over-compensate you (when the bill comes in) for my usage. - RELIABLE (no dropouts in main) and FAST (doesn't have to be lightning!) INTERNET connection. My income depends on this. At my current property there has been problems with the connection at times which is a real negative. To summarise: I'm looking for RELIABILITY (UP-TIME) over speed (but of course the speed must be reasonable). - PARKING (either reliable street parking or even better lock up garage). I will get a car eventually!! - PARTLY FURNISHED (TV, Fridge/Freezer, Washing Machine at least). I don't mind chipping in for other stuff. For my bedroom I have a standard size desk and will buy a queen size bed if the room doesn't have one. That's all the furniture I have! All the rest is clothes. So if you are selling anything then I might be interested :) OPTIONAL READING - LEARN (NOT GUESS) MORE ABOUT YOUR TRUE FLATMATE Now for the Extremely Boring Nitty Gritty Minute Detail Part! Lol OK I'm joking about Nitty Gritty!! But Why the Detail? I ask you WHY NOT?? 1) Think of the hundreds (if not thousands of dollars) you may potentially have to spend if you choose the wrong flatmate based of: a) Putting a basic ad up and HOPING for the best. b) Just asking them a few STANDARD questions at the viewing. c) Going off their DEMEANOR and what they LOOK like. 2) And no I'm not just talking about absolute worst case scenarios like damage to your property. Yeah that can happen (but it's pretty rare - you have to assume most people are good people). a) I'm talking about advertising costs and just lost rental income. b) Not to mention your precious valuable time wasted! YOU CAN NEVER EVER PUT A DOLLAR FIGURE ON THIS!! OPTIONAL READING - LEARN (NOT GUESS) MORE ABOUT YOUR TRUE FLATMATE - I have recently done some exploring around Brisbane suburbs (without a car - as I don't have one now but will look to buy in next 6 months) and found that the "Listed Preferred Suburbs" best fit my requirements. - I will consider the areas of Nundah, Toombul, Sherwood, Oxley, Fairfield, Auchenflower, Taringa, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Mitchelton, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Bulimba (maybe wishful thinking) and Hamilton (most definitely wishful thinking). - These suburbs (depending on the location of the property) meet most of my criteria. Please give me a shout if you have something in those areas! - For other suburbs it would want to be SOMETHING SPECIAL!! - Everything comes down to the place and of course I want to be able to gel and live comfortably with you :) I'll just know straight away when I see the place and meet you. I'm very much an instinct person (like most of us). OPTIONAL READING - LEARN (NOT GUESS) MORE ABOUT YOUR TRUE FLATMATE - BIT ABOUT ME: - I like the gym (first thing in the morning), walks (near the water if I can), tennis (now and again), football (on TV), admiring nature (whenever I can), travelling (every so often) reading (daily for work and before bed), writing (for work and pleasure), self-improvement (generally), online marketing (work), restaurants (many), socialising (mainly on weekends) and coffee (in small doses). - I'm a social/friendly person but I'm definitely more on the quiet side. I'm not big on TV (in one place I didn't even own a TV lol) at all so don't expect me to join you on the couch watching it. I don't mind the news and a bit of sport though. I just find you learn more by reading. - I do all of my socialising with friends outside of the flat/property but I 100% don't mind if you have people over. I'm not one for dinner parties but go for it!! - I'm not a vegetarian. I cook my own meals as have my own diet I need to follow. Of course there may be a time where a meal or take-away could be shared. - I'm a clean and tidy person and expect likewise. - I'm straight and single currently. I'm too focused on my online business at the moment to pursue anything. - I'm open to living with people of all cultures and sexuality. - I have lived and worked in Sydney (4 years) London (5 years) and Melbourne (3 years) previously. OPTIONAL READING - LEARN (NOT GUESS) MORE ABOUT YOUR TRUE FLATMATE - MY WEEK DAY SCHEDULE: - I'm up each day at 5am (always) and go to bed at 9pm (98% of the time) in the evening. I shoot for eight but settle for around 7 hours sleep! - I'm extremely quiet when I get up at the time. I simply get up, have my morning coffee and head to the local gym. I find it sets up my whole day :) - Then I'll simply come home (from the gym) and have my breakfast and then do some morning chores (quietly if you are in bed). - By 8:00am (yeah I like to relax in the morning not rush) I'll go into my bedroom/office/creative space (whatever you want to call it lol) and do some pleasure/work reading or generally relax (depending on my work schedule for the day). - Then between the hours of 8:30am-5pm I'm working solidly (with breaks - yes including patting your dog or cat ;)). - 5pm-6pm: I will go for a wander/stroll/walk/jog/run (whatever I feel like). - 6:30pm-8pm: I will have dinner and watch a bit of TV (news or whatever is on - I'm not fussy). - 8pm-9pm: I ALWAYS (and I mean always) unplug/tune-out and minimise technology usage completely. Just read (mostly non-fiction). - 9pm: Bed!! Lol. All pretty structured right? Well these times are NOT ALWAYS STRICT. DON'T WORRY I'VE NEVER BEEN ONE FOR THE ARMY. I use them more as guidelines (but this will give you A GREAT idea as to who you would be living with and when you might see me etc etc). OPTIONAL READING - LEARN (NOT GUESS) MORE ABOUT YOUR TRUE FLATMATE - MY WEEKEND SCHEDULE: - Like Most of us I like to unwind and generally relax on weekends :) - I still get up early ( around 6am) but I do stay up later and don't have such a set/regimented/structured day planned! - I'm more a "go-with-the-flow" type of person when it comes to socialising on weekends. Yeah I keep a strict diary for my work but not for social engagements :) - I have a small group of friends in Brisbane (as still quite new to the city). - On weekends I like to get out where possible. For example gym on a Saturday. Lunch/Movie/Dinner with a friend. I might meet up with my youngest sister (I have 3) too. - I'm not the sort of person that will go out for a whole day though. It's generally for half a day or maybe 3/4 of the day (max). Lol I'm just telling this so you know that I will be around a bit on weekends. I'm working on a online marketing project (which I'm passionate about) and so I will spend some time in my room working on that. You might say why work on the wkend? Well for me it's not really work as I'm passionate about it. It's more fun :) I also have a plan and don't always plan to be doing this on wkends! STILL WITH ME??? - We are finished now Lol. FINALLY YOU SAY!! - But at least now you have a much BETTER IDEA as to the person you would be living with! - I'm sorry but I've never been a fan of just throwing a dart at the dartboard and hoping for the best. You need more precision than that if you want to attract the right flatmate (or anything else you want in life). Nothing in life is random despite lotto numbers (despite what you believe). TAKE THE NEXT STEP!!! 1) Please send me a brief (lol not this long) message or text if you have something that will fit my main criteria or if you have any questions for me. 2) I am very responsive to messages (outside of work hours - I do have time on my breaks though) and just to repeat I currently have a place where I can leave at any time. 3) Please avoid calling me (about your place) between the hours of 8:30am-5pm (my work hours). If you have to then please just leave a voicemail and I will get back to you. Calling outside these times is perfectly fine :) FINAL NOTE: - Messages (from property owners) that don't meet my basic requirements (i.e. no air con or not near public transport) will be ignored (it's a long post but seriously just skim read guys - you do it each and every day!). - No hard feelings if I don't respond :) Thanks for your time :) Kieran NOTE: I may be interested in Teaming-Up (and finding a place) but just with one other person (no couples) and you would need to have (or invest) in the majority of the furniture. Don't worry I'd be willing to chip in too :)

36 - 36yrs
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Updated | $350

Hollie, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Kedron, Zillmere, Kallangur, Teneriffe, Mitchelton, Brisbane City, New Farm, Griffin

Easygoing, bubbly personality, Clean and Tidy, Active, work shift-work which is 12 1/2hr nightshifts and dayshifts so looking for a room with aircon. new to the area.

26 - 26yrs
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Updated | $150

Shara, Female, 32yrs

Looking in: Mitchelton, Albany Creek, Petrie, Chermside, Bracken Ridge, Warner

I am looking for a room that is big enough to fit a queen bed and desk with a drawer set. i would prefer that rent included all utilities. I am currently studying full time, and have a small business as a makeup artist which is more of a hobby. i am a non smoker who has no pets or children. I always pay bills on time and am respectful of others. I would like the rent to include all bills if possible I have my own bedroom furniture and a desk so am hoping to find room enough for that I am references available if required, and also do not mind living with children. I do have a back injury, but that is easily worked around

32 - 32yrs
Early bird
New | $220

Maddie, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Stafford, South Brisbane, West End, Brisbane City, Mitchelton, Alderley, Newmarket, Gaythorne, Everton Park

I'm a 19 year female who works as a bartender in Fortitude Valley. I am super easy to live with, I'm a very tidy person who loves to socialise but I also like my own privacy.

19 - 19yrs
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New | $250

Jorma , Male, 22yrs

Looking in: Gordon Park, Lutwyche, Kedron, Everton Park, Mitchelton, Alderley

My name is Jorma Bushnell, I am a full time Primary School Teacher moving from the Gold Coast to Brisbane to work at Grovely State School. I am an easy going person, talkative and outgoing and like to keep my living space clean. Looking to live with someone of similar nature. Needing a place asap. Looking to move in by the end of this week.

22 - 22yrs
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Updated | $200

Ben, Male, 32yrs

Looking in: Corinda, Graceville, Kenmore, Yeronga, Clayfield, New Farm, Wooloowin, Alderley, Indooroopilly, Wilston, Mitchelton, Mount Gravatt

Hi I'm Ben, 32 years old and returning to study at uni this year, so looking for a room with access to public transport up to $200 per week including bills and will be looking to move around the 21st of Jan however this can be flexible. I am a mature, easy going, quiet but friendly and sociable guy who is a non-smoker and not a big drinker (although will never say no to a quiet beer or two) and just looking for somewhere reasonably quiet and relaxed to chill out and study, with clean and tidy, easy going and friendly housemates. I am an independent stable long term tenant (my last two share houses were two and five year stays) and always pay my rent on time and am respectful of everyone and more than willing to do my share to look after the place. I love to cook, love to travel, love the beach and looking to get into an active lifestyle again now I'll have more free time. If you have any questions or think I'd suit your place don't hesitate to get in touch.

32 - 32yrs
Early bird

Stephie, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Everton Hills, Gordon Park, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Springfield Lakes, Bowen Hills, Arana Hills, Camp Hill, Lutwyche, Kelvin Grove

Hey! :) I'm Steph, I'm 28, I work full time and study part time, I'm pretty neat and like a clean and tidy house (as long as the main areas like kitchen and lounge etc are tidy I don't care about your bedroom lol mine is usually pretty messy but that's why there's a door.. to close it and forget about it... haha) :) I'm looking to live either the Northside (Nundah, Aspley, Kelvin Grove, Bridgeman Downs etc) or on the Southside (Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights, Brookwater, Collingwood Park etc) BUT not until around April-ish. Ok... so I know a lot of people don't wanna live with a kid but honestly, its really no big deal at all. You can still have friends round etc, nothing would have to change i promise! lol :) My boy is almost 9, so he can pretty much look after himself lol He looooves playing xbox and would loooove to have an xbox buddy to play GTA with lol (also no baby daddy drama - not involved). We also have an indoor ragdoll cat named Alice. Shes like a dog and follows you around everywhere and waits at the door when u get home lol she actually loves dogs too, we used to have a beagle and theyd play fight and snuggle up together :) so cute! Anyhoo, I'm looking another person to get a house together, preferably a guy, for safety and i just tend to get along better with them. Obviously we will have to apply for houses so you'd clearly need to be approved on that to live there lol You also must be reliable and pay rent on time, respectful of privacy, the property and of other peoples things, work fulltime and have a stable income, funny, preferably single and around similar age. What is especially important is that you behave appropriately around my son. He needs a good male role model who knows how to respect women etc. I'd prefer a house rather than a unit. It'd be cool if it had a deck and nice yard and maybe even a pool !?! :D (u can be the pool boy lol) and undercover parking (lock up garage) would be ideal :) I have all the furniture already, big leather lounge, tv, dining table, fridge, washing machine, dryer, foxtel (priorities people!) lol and then plates cups blah blah blah :) you'd only need your bedroom stuff really :) I'd also be super keen for a few drinks on a friday or Saturday night to relax and unwind after a busy working week if you are :) I looooove cooking and literally make the best caramel tarts you'll ever eat (i have references for this lol), im pretty easy going, love a good laugh and have a very sarcastic sense of humour. So you'd definitely have to be funny, easy going, down to earth and be able to take a joke lol I love going to the drive in movies, bowling, to the park and the beach and would really love to get a puppy! So if you've already got a dog that's good with kids that'd be so awesome! Hope to hear from you soon :)

28 - 28yrs
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Sarra, Male, 21yrs

Looking in: Woolloongabba, New Farm, East Brisbane, Gaythorne, Brisbane City

Hey , im a full time student studying at QUT gardens point . I ameasy going and a tidy person . Im open to social interaction and respecting others . I love working out so hit me up ๐Ÿ‘

21 - 21yrs
Early bird

Liam, Male, 18yrs

Looking in: Newmarket, Barton, Mitchelton, Ashgrove, The Gap

Laid back and independent

18 - 18yrs
Early bird

Amy, Female, 20yrs

Looking in: Mango Hill, Dakabin, Arana Hills, Warner, Kallangur

20 years old, working part time going up to full time soon, easy to get along with, efficient, reliable, trust worthy, clean freak and enjoy a good chat :)