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$180/week25 year old male

Thanks for checking me out. I'm an Entertainment host/performer/General all-rounder at a resort in the GC, but until they're up and running again I do freelance work online- Just looking to find somewhere that won't make it such a long drive to work when it re-opens! Currently and on top of my returning job above I work from home as part of a YouTube channel 'Emkay' doing narration. Odd job I know but the pay is consistent, I literally can't qualify for Centrelink because of it. So don't worry about not getting rent on time! (just to note I'm looking for minimum 2 months, as that's when my GC job is open again.) I clean up after myself, eat from my own containers (I bulk cook) to save issues with bowls. At home I tend to keep to myself but not as a hermit, I'm social but not gonna constantly pry into you, so it won't feel like you're living with a distant stranger with me around! Outside of home I'm at the gym, dance or occasionally practice my saxophone (like once a year lol) or singing/acting, but I like to make sure if I do those things at home to be sure it's not during a time where my housemates require a bit of peace and quiet. Always open to communicate with, because if you're not feeling at home then I'm not either. I do bulk cook, in which I may need to use the kitchen for an entire hour or two during a day of the week. Ideally looking for a place that can enable me space to have a sort of 'office' set up regarding the narration stuff but depending on the size of the room's available I can always make do! I'm not vegan/vegetarian but have massive respect for the practice. I'll do my best to avoid cooking meats with you around or get rid of the smell if it's a genuine concern of yours. I have a basic interest in really every avenue of life. Obviously stuff with the creative arts are my forte. But I don't exactly parade about it. My main requirement is just that you're someone who pays their share, otherwise you can be as weird and wonderful as you want (honestly you can introduce me to your pet cactus ill be open to it) 👍 Any other requirements or curiosities just ask!

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$250/week31 year old male

Hi. Designer . Latino. Love gym. Sweet, and open minded. Looking for a place focusing on well being and tranquility, that does not mean there is no space for fun and banter sometimes. No shared rooms. Aiming for a balanced comfort to step up into my project of a cool adult place. We share a flat, we have private rooms to rest and we share the place. I love Southbank, West End and Kangaroo. I was planning to live in GC before the crisis hit so I am opened for that too. Basically I love Brisbane so as long as I can ride my bike or walk home from places, its good. I prefer sharing with the dudes, the males. Girls are cool but I prefer masculine setting. Even thought I am into guys I am a particular type lil' bit like the bro type and the gosh I am an adult now, and for some mysterious funny reason I weld super well as flatmates with hetero laid back dudes that tend to be alphas and are funny but calm. I mean! Not to be into you at all, just that it happens always and it ends up being super balanced. So that's probably the best scenario. If it rings your bell you know what I mean. My priority is an aired, well lit, spacious place to rest and feel chilled and creative, and have your man toys (bike, rollers, cool stuff, plants, dunno, whatever). I'd choose to live in an empty warehouse with a comfy good looking mattress and no more, over a place crowded with old collectibles or granny furniture, just not my type. Into calm and safe environment that you can feel home with a little bit of comfort. Not a party animal. Sometimes I like to go out and have some fun, beers mostly but more into rollerblading actually. I am a latino so I do tend to shag a lot. I am a little bit like a cat. Into sports and I love outdoorsy stuff.

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