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$190/week28 year old woman

Hey 😊 I am currently looking for a new longterm home, I am very flexible with the location! I need somewhere with a large backyard or property that is fully funced. I have a 8 month year old puppy. He is a bullmastiff x boxer so he will be a big boy. He is fully house trained, he spends most of his time in bed with me while I work. He is also already an excellent gaurd dog but a friendly family pet. He loves other dogs, we would prefer to move in with someone that has a dog so he doesnt get lonely. I am currently starting up a new business. I am a visual artist, so I will need some space to be able to paint outside. I will also need some sort of space outside to be able to smoke. I will be working from home, so expect to see me around a lot, or always having someone at home in their room. I am highly empathetic and respectful of all individuals and their circumstances. I am seeking others around the same age that also respect in this way. I am looking for a well kept home, I plan to stay for as long as I can, as I don't wish to move often. I am good at keeping houses tidy, so long as everyone pulls their weight and helps out with their own mess. I can also cook well, I used to love cooking meals for fellow house mates! I will be home a lot, so if you want a home cooked meal each day, thats something we can organise if its mutually beneficial. I would like to do a casual interview with the people I potentially move in with and also a catch up at the home to get a feel of things 😊✌️✌️

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