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$200/week29 year old male

Originally from Central Coast, NSW, I enjoy relaxing and chilling at the beach when there's no waves and then spending long hours or until my body starts to fail getting waves when there's something to offer. I also skate so if there is limited chances to go get waves or chill at the beach I'll spend my time at the skatepark or cruising around the streets looking for things to skate, you should expect me to come home in pain or have hurt myself as a result of skating. I try and look after myself by practicing yoga, meditation, and breathwork as I would like to keep fit and health for as long as possible so I can keep getting waves, skating and hurting myself. In the time when I'm not outside I enjoy drawing, illustration, design or just creating things. I love to cook and dance at the same time while enjoying a large glass of wine for inspiration. I'm always down for a chat with whoever I'm living with and their guests, sharing a bottle or 2 of wine to get the conversation relaxed and flowing but also understand people need their own space and alone time as I do need it myself. I'm down for house dinners (I'm not always cooking though) and creating our own small house community. I'm tidy and clean (growing up with a borderline OCD mother helped), respectful of other peoples space and property. Moving to Melbourne to study at La Trobe for the next 4-5 years, looking for open minded house mates in a location not far from university. A garden would be epic to spend summer days/evenings relaxing and enjoying the sun. Would love to have a video chat to get to know you better and for you to get to know me better.

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$200/week35 year old male

Hey there, Myself, my cat, my 6 chickens and 2 ducks are looking for a new place to roost. I am looking to move in late March/early April and require a property with room for us to free range and garden. Whether you have a space or want to team up, I'm keen. I'm a qualified horticulturist (Unimelb) that's between jobs due to COVID-19 and health complications, but am looking to find a place and get back out there ASAP. I've been volunteering with two separate young queer families with cooking and childcare during the pandemic, and love to share and show off my food. I'm going on 36, am queer (he/him/they), love to cook (vegetarian, and a comfort-baker), listen to music (and play records), Netflix and doze, play Dungeons n Dragons, and the odd video game. I'm passionate about the environment, sustainability, and am looking for a relaxed and considerate household where we team up occasionally, but also go about our own lives when things get busy. I'm pretty clear about my boundaries, am queer left, and like to talk things ythrough and resolve conflict be listening and negotiating. I'm neat and tidy around the house but not pedantic, and occasionally need a subtle nudge. My cat Pickle is 16 years old on March 30th, and while he's slowing down, he still a very good boy. Pickle is house trained, knows he has an indoor dinner curfew, and tends to stick to whoever has the heater on hottest in winter. He's a social cat and loves humans, but doesn't get along with other animals. The chickens and ducks and he have a sort of... truce/stalemate depending on mood. So far, the birds are winning. My current place I've been here 5 years, and prior to that I spent 7 years in a terrace in Carlton. I'm looking for a 6 to 12 month lease and to pay bond and sign on, and we can figure the rest out when the lease expires. I'm hoping to buy in the next 2 years, but definitely not within the next 12 months. Look forward to hearing from you!

Available 30 March 2021