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Early bird

$170/week44 year old male

Hi, I used to run a circus and event company pre covid and now work with a friends business selling gut health products, like Kombucha and Saurkraut at farmers markets. Lucky to have a role when my industry is down and I am living comfortably off that. My life revolves around self development, I love kind people who consider others in their thoughts and offer that in return. I've run many businesses and am quite efficient at things like budgeting. I like to listen and also share my day. I do spend a lot of time alone pottering away at things but happy to do that in a loungeroom with others too. I work very early on Sat and Sun so do get up, sometimes at 4:30am and shower. Apart from the shower I am quiet leaving at that time. I also go to sleep early on weekends so looking for a quiet house. I have 2 kayaks and a bunch of event equipment that I may put into storage, or ideally would love to store at home if there was a big garage or space. My past includes running restaurants, a phsychic healing business, and event company and other gems. I have a beautiful network of friends though often we aren't in the same state, It just plays out that way and I thrive in a considerate environment. I'd love to meet you, am considered friendly and I have healthy boundaries and like to feel expressed on household topics, then in return be an active listener, after which we all may shift a little and find that beautiful sweet spot that is available between people. I'd love to meet you and see how we connect.

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