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$250/week29 year old female

Hi! I am a 29 years young full-time architectural professional, who's relocating to Hobart for work. I'm excited and nervous about this move, as I've never been to Tasmania, so in my mind it's weird and wonderful uncharted territory. Many people have told me that I'm really lucky to have a job that takes me to Hobart as they would love to live there. So I've only heard good things! I am a self-identified ambivert (I can hear the eye rolls). I love to chat and hang out on evenings and weekends. Everything from political/philosophical chats to emotional heart to hearts. I also like to just get silly, do some bad karaoke, play some board games (think Scrabble and Taboo, not DnD), and just have some laughs. But I also need significant time with myself, reading, binge-watching, painting etc to recover. Apart from special occasions like New Years and birthdays, I'm not one for regular parties (too old for that) and am more comfortable one-on-one or in small groups. I try my best to keep fit in order to balance my love for cooking and baking (and yes I will bake for you). I don't really see myself in a gym, but I go on runs, do home workouts and like to join dance classes. And I envision my new Hobart self as being an avid outdoors-woman, hiking and camping on the reg. I love pets, and eventually want to get myself a cat. However, if you have pets (any kind, I am an equal opportunity animal lover), bonus points, and I am happy to defer adopting. I promise to love and care for my step-fur babies as if they're my own. I am going to wait till I'm settled in my living situation before making any decisions about pets. I am looking for a share house that operates like a family, and not a rooming house of strangers who keep to themselves. Especially because I am moving to a place where I don't know anyone, I would love to move in with welcoming people who can see themselves being friends with me and showing me the ropes of being a Hobartian. (Will recompense with baked goods) Over the years of living in share houses, I have accumulated a tribe of ex-housemates that have become really close friends. If you think you'd like to be part of this tribe, or have any further questions, send me a message!

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$200/week22 year old male

I've just started studying a Bachelor of Music (Songwriting) at UTAS, and am very passionate about music and genuine friendships, and have a love for most things creative. I like to keep my space clean and uncomplicated. I'm an introvert usually, but can be a bubbly extravert if I get along with someone well enough. I keep to myself sometimes, buuuut if I get along with someone, I value spending time with that person immensely, even if that time is spent as simply as coffee or tea, a light Netflix binge (and, yes, there is such a thing), or a spontaneous trip to Cold Rock (because daaaaaamn that shizzle is tasty!), but I also strongly value quality time of all forms, and loooove deep and meaningful conversation. I'm Christian, but adore genuine connection with anyone, regardless of their beliefs. In my spare time, I love to connect with people, write music, or just hang out and have fun with someone close. I don't have pets, I'm not a smoker, I'm not one to party hard, and really the only noise you'll hear from me will be my teary reaction to Uncle Iroh singing 'Leaves From the Vine' ('s okay to cry). Once in a while I'll also be recording my music, but that will be scarce and as quiet as I can make it. We'll get along absolutely swimmingly if you're creative, enjoy connecting, and are just a little weird like yours truly. And, don't worry, if you think you're not a little weird, you're just in denial. (Available to move in as soon as possible!)

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