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$180/week44 year old male

Hi, I am Dom. I need a place with a, 1)Lockup garage(at least half of it if a double garage) to store my tools/hardware. A sizable lockup shed will serve the same purpose if there is no lockup garage. 2)Ability to keep a well trained elderly, litter trained, docile, non-scratching cat inside the room. (The cat will stay in the room all the time unless permission given otherwise. She is a very quiet cat). I am very happy to make a long term commitment(12 months or more etc) if the above necessities are met. I sleep normal hours. Sleep at night around 10pm. Get up at 5 or 6 am. I am very clean(but no OCD). I regularly clean the bathroom, toilet and vacuum the room at least twice a week.(I brush the bathroom/shower every time I use it.) Usually quiet.(Introverted extrovert if that makes any sense). Don't drink regularly or smoke, but no issues with others doing it. I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine when I am not on a strict regime. I'm looking for a place with less than $200 a week(including all bills) as I'm working on saving money for myself as well as the prospective landlord by either not using resources like heating, cooling, water or using very little of it comparing to an average share house tenant. I'm highly skilled in budgeting by using the best deals out there as well as my handyman skills(with many hardware/electronic/electrical/computer tools to go by). I'm happy to volunteer those skills to the prospective landlord to reduce the utility and other costs of the property. I also have a certain resource to reduce the water bill quite significantly. I arrange my own food. Mostly vegan diet(except once in a while fish). I have some furniture that should easily fit into a small room. I have a 15 year old very docile, indoor, litter trained cat that does NOT scratch anything other than the scratch post I have given her. If possible, I am looking for a house with no other cats or dogs as my cat is old. She is basically my kid. I'm also looking for a place with a lockup garage or good size shed where I can leave my tools as well as work on my timber craft hobbies and other hobbies.

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