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$220/week38 year old male

Looking to move between 20th Dec to Jan 10. Somewhere North Melbourne, to be closer to family and friends. Image is I, with my Covid hair. I only recently got myself a haircut. :) Clean and quiet (most of the time), I may get a tad talkative after a few drinks lol. I studied design, specifically multimedia & animation, so I am a bit of a computer nerd. Mostly into Rock'n'roll. I like heavy and light stuff, everything between Nine-Inch-Nails to John Lennon/ early 60's etc. That said, I like some music from every genre. I am not a shy person, and definitely social & talkative. Easy going, noise never bothers me, outgoing on weekends, or was before this whole Covid-19 thing. I tend to be quiet and do my own thing most of the time. This year I started working from home, and managed to get my own little e-business paying me a wage, so I am spending a lot of time on the computer working hard on that, in the hope of making it stable and permanent. What I am looking for --------------- I am looking for a room big enough to accommodate a semi large corner desk, a queen bed, and some other random stuff, with a nice window! Please do not message me if the room has no windows lol. So to clarify I am looking for a medium to large room with a decent sized window Must be reasonably close to public transport. Also, an outdoor area to plant a few things would be great, I would like to bring my plants, I have a lot, but I will not bring them all, unless I can? I do like someone I can talk too, have a drink or meal now and then., it would be great to have a friend and not just a flat-mate. Though, if you prefer to be left alone, that is fine too, I will certainly give you your space, I am not fussy there. Food and furniture ------------------------------------- I am not Vegetarian, happily eat anything. Happy to share food, or not share food, whatever you prefer and comfortable with. I have kitchen stuff, toaster, air fryer, pots etc. A few small tables, shelves, lamps, speakers, and other things. I do not mind getting rid of it all. I just want to keep the things in my room.

Available 10 January 2021