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Early bird

$250/week27 year old female

Hey there future housemate! I've tried to be as open as I can to answer any questions you might have so please don't be creeped out by how extensive this. Saying that, please ask me if there are any other questions you may have. Herrreeee we go: ME - Mid 20s, study and work in architecture field -Easy going, reliable, pay bills, clean, decent human being etc. etc. -Indoor plant enthusiast (although they don’t always reciprocate) -Strongly believe that dressing gowns are underrated and often hang out in my pajamas -Love to go out for breakfast but rarely am awake enough to enjoy it -Not a ‘box ticker’ -Wants a comfy home with wonderful and friendly housemates I'd say that I am open minded, responsible, accepting and friendly. All of that stuff. I can be social and enjoy a good chat but I also understand others need for personal space. I am easy to live with and I have no problems with communal meals and chores etc. if need be. I am respectful of the culture and opinions of others. It does not matter to me what you identify as but as long as you are nice, open minded, responsible and respectful. Happy to share my time with all walks of life that fit into these categories. I have shared individual leases in four houses since I was a wee lass where I have paid rent and bills separately- always paid all on time. I can provide you rental references. I am really looking for long term with reliable people that can hold a decent conversation, respects privacy and is comfortable to be around. Ultimately, I am looking for a 'home' rather than just a house to crash. HOUSE/MATE/S (YOU) -Experience with sharing and considerate of other people/space/culture etc. -Up for a chat and occasional drink -Not a raging house. Or ‘clicky’ -USES MANNERS* not that much to ask guys - Hilarious (will settle for mildly humorous) -Wont push personal agenda (not arrogant) -Similar maturity -Understands the need for privacy -Lovely... just damn lovely BORING STUFF -Longterm lease -Walking distance to PT and public amenities etc. -No carpark required -Enough space to fit a desk and queen bed comfortably Let me know if you are interested in having me as your housemate! Please be honest with me, I will not take anything personally if am not what you are looking for :)

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