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Barton & Kingston Housemates & Roommates

New | $300


Looking in: Belconnen, Acton, Manuka, Griffith, Lyneham, Ainslie, Braddon, Deakin, Dickson, Turner, O'Connor, Kingston

Moved to Canberra from Sydney for public service work. I am independent, tidy, and considerate of others, having lived in shared accommodation my whole adult life. I like having a good convo or sharing a laugh or listening to music. I also look to keep fit, and enjoy being a foodie. I don't usually cook ate home, but sometimes can try my hand at it. Ideally, looking at 2-bed places. If you have a place in a house, or want to team up to get one to share, let me know.

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New | $200


Looking in: Griffith, Kingston, Forrest, Barton

I'm a 20 year old male, just did my 1st year living away from home in shared accommodation in Deakin which is a little crowded for me now. I'm with the AFP and am work focused, I love my sports and fitness. I am very social and love meeting new people, have a tight group of colleagues that I hang with, so I am occasionally away on weekends. Looking for a long term residence near Barton on the door step of my workplace, as I walk everywhere mostly as my car is interstate with the parents in Queensland.

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New | $250


Looking in: Turner, Belconnen, Braddon, Fyshwick, Kingston

Frenzy, quiet, happy to around with good peoplešŸ˜Š

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New | $230


Looking in: Reid, Lyneham, Ainslie, Campbell, Braddon, O'Connor, Kingston

Hey there! I'm Georgie. I love film, design, reading, cooking and general gallavanting :-)

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Updated | $250


Looking in: Woden, Reid, Griffith, Acton, Barton, Lyneham, Ainslie, Campbell, Belconnen, Braddon, Dickson, O'Connor, Kingston

Hello, I am a tidy and quiet person, and I enjoy chatting with people. I am a professional structural engineer. I like watching movies and documentaries, playing computer games and do exercise. I'm looking for a flatshare and have a budget of $250 per week. If you are interested in my profile, please get in touch. Thank you

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New | $300


Looking in: Braddon, Kingston

I currently live in Braddon but my housemate is moving out shortly. Looking to either renew the lease (2 bedroom apartment on Lonsdale Street) or finding somewhere new. I'm 25, employed and very easy going. I travel quite a bit for work so I'm not always home however when I am I like to go out for drinks, dinner etc I also have a Golden Retriever, Gus, but he is not always with me - he is an amazing dog :)

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Looking in: Acton, Braddon, Kingston, Barton

Clean and reliable professional

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Looking in: Reid, Hackett, Acton, Macquarie, Ainslie, Campbell, Bruce, Aranda, Watson, Deakin, Dickson, Downer, Fyshwick, Kingston, Forrest, Turner, Lyneham, Belconnen, Braddon, O'Connor

Hey there, I am Thomas. I grew up in Paris and studied Earth Sciences in both Paris and ZĆ¼rich (five months). For the next three to four years I will be studying at the Research School of Earth Sciences of the ANU as a PhD candidate. I am definitely easy-going, love listening to music, enjoy meeting up and partying with friends as well as watching movies or playing games. Not the best cook, expect me to try, but success is not always there ! Most importantly I would say, always paying attention to others and ready to give a hand !

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Looking in: Turner, Braddon, Barton, Forrest, Griffith, Kingston

I'm a 27 year old full-time public servant looking for a new place to live. I'm very easy to live with, just as happy to have a chat/watch TV with housemates as I am to entertain myself with a movie or a book.

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Greg Brown

Looking in: Manuka, Ainslie, Braddon, Kingston

Hi there, I'm moving to Canberra for work as a journalist. I am originally from Sydney but have been living in Melbourne for two years. Work is going to be pretty full on for me so I won't be around all that much. I love to chill out to a drink or head out for a few at a pub on a Friday or Saturday night. Sports fan, mostly NRL and cricket but my time in Melbourne taught me a thing or two about AFL. Overall I'm really chilled and easygoing to live with and just looking for people who clean up after themselves. Hope to hear from you. Greg

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Looking in: Turner, Griffith, Lyneham, Ainslie, Bruce, Belconnen, Dickson, O'Connor, Kingston

Hi, I'm Gillian! I've been in Canberra for 6 months, originally from Melbourne and working full-time in the APS. I'm very easy to live with, clean and respectful. Happy to have the odd drink or meal with housemates, but equally happy doing my own thing. Food (or perhaps eating) is my calling - I love finding new places to eat, enjoy reading in my spare time, attempting to grow plants and spending the odd pyjama day on the couch binging on trashy tv. Ideally I'd like to live with someone like minded, but am pretty flexible in who that or they may be. I don't have much furniture wise (other than for my room), but have plenty of handy bits and pieces for around the house.

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Looking in: Reid, Griffith, Campbell, Narrabundah, Red Hill, Deakin, Downer, Yarralumla, Parkes, Russell, Kingston, Barton

Hey, I am a student completing my hospitality internship at The Hotel Kurrajong. Therefore, would be working part time. I am very easy going and fairly adjustable. I like to socialize but at the same time do my own thing. Really love to cook, play a few sports (cricket, football) and learning to play the guitar (New hobby :p). Would preferably look for an accommodation in south Canberra or city center as I do not have a vehicle or near a public transport stop for easy access. Cheers, Arvind

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Looking in: Narrabundah, Acton, Manuka, Barton, Campbell, Braddon, Kingston

Hey everyone, I am an Architect from India and have recently moved to Australia. I am an easy going, fun loving guy. I like to socialise and listening to music in my free time. I intend to move to Canberra to look for a job there, will be needing the room for a couple of months.

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Looking in: Kingston, Tuggeranong, Greenway, Reid, Acton, Braddon

Hi all, I'm looking for a share house in Canberra City or nearby. A little about myself: I previously studied my undergraduate degree in Canberra for four years, before more recently working abroad for the past few years. I am moving back to Canberra for full-time work in the public service and I'm also studying a grad program part-time. I've lived in a variety of different share houses, as well as independently over the past seven years... and according to Air Bnb reviews from hosts I've stayed with, I'm "respectful" and a "great conversationalist". If you'd like to know anything more about me, feel free to ask! Cheers, Charlene

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Looking in: Tuggeranong, Mawson, Kingston, Monash, Greenway, Chifley

Hi, my name is Fiona and I am relocating to Canberra from Sydney in less than 2 weeks to start a 12 month contract position. A little about me. I am a quiet, clean and tidy room mate who enjoys cooking, watching Netflix and just generally hanging out . Although I do enjoy being on my own, I will also be happy to share a meal and a wine or two. I am ideally looking for a place that is furnished or partially furnished, and even though I have no pets would be happy if you do. I am open to living in areas other than those I have mentioned, however as I don't drive need to be close to public transport and want to keep my commute to less than 45 minutes.

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Looking in: Reid, Campbell, Pialligo, Kingston

I'm in my 20s and relocating from Sydney to Canberra for work commitment. I have slightly flexible of move in dates, i'll get to Canberra by 16th of July, and depending on how soon I can find the suitable accommodation, I'm happy to move in anytime from then :) I've always lived in a shared apartments with few flatmates from various nationality and backgrounds. With that being said I have full understanding regarding the importance of one's privacy, but also know well how to socialise and get along with others. I could be quite a neat freak and I always like to have a nice, clean and comfortable place to go back to after work, so yes I am a tidy person. I have lived in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and now taking my time to explore what the capital city has to offer :) I may work a lot, but on my leisure time I do enjoy good movies, good foods and occasionally bake (when I really have all the time on hand!) and ofc enjoy good chats and hanging out from time to time, we are all human afterall :) I'm non-smokers and have no pets. Would prefer place that's also smoke free and no pets too.

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Jane & Peter

Looking in: Narrabundah, Garran, Curtin, Campbell, Hughes, Deakin, Pialligo, Yarralumla, Russell, Lyons, Fyshwick, Kingston, Forrest

I'm a 23-year-old soon to be public health grad from Melbourne who will be working full-time from March 2018. I'm looking for housemates/share-house close to Forrest so I can cycle/walk/take public transport. Peter is 24, an audiologist who will be working on Northbourne Avenue. You can expect us to keep our area tidy and clean, contribute to our fair share of the housework and pay rent and bills on time. I love going to musicals, concerts, visiting art galleries and planning future holiday trips. I also enjoy visiting the cinema, exploring the bush/going on road trips whenever I can and spending quality time with friends and family. I plan to visit home often on weekends.

Couple23 - 23
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Looking in: Fyshwick, Kingston

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Looking in: Deakin, Red Hill, Weston Creek, Bruce, Belconnen, Gungahlin, Woden, Hughes, Phillip, Dickson, Kingston, Braddon

Hey Everyone! I am Allira originally from Sunny Queensland but came down to Canberra for a government job. I am young turning 21 this year but pretty mature for my age, as I am young I'm still learning as we all are. I am outgoing and fun and always try to see the positive in things. I go to the gym and play sports a lot especially touch and netball. I am a big sports fanatic so I do like to just chill and watch sports, big Rugby League fan and just a cool person in general (well I think haha). If you need personal space I am not an annoying person, I like my personal space too and won't annoy you a lot, the one thing I just don't like is awkwardness. Oh and also I don't mind an alcoholic beverage either. I follow the motto always put things back to where they belong and if it's not yours don't touch it or ask first. I am clean although I do like a specific day to clean because I do have a full time job and I either play sports during the week so I am generally tired throughout the week. As well as all that I also study at the moment. And thats me :)

Early bird

Prajali Dangol

Looking in: Amaroo, Acton, Barton, Ainslie, Campbell, Bruce, Belconnen, Kambah, Braddon, Aranda, Yarralumla, Calwell, MacGregor

Young, bubbly professional working in healthcare and statistics. Looking for a place to call home. Originally from Sydney, currently in Bruce. Preference is for a clean place with my own room (not shared), fun and friendly professionals/students that also know when to give personal space. I usually keep myself busy with work, reading or soccer and also like to go out on the weekends to meet with friends/nature.

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Looking in: Braddon, Reid, Turner, Red Hill, Acton, Manuka, Deakin, Yarralumla, Kingston, Forrest

Hi everyone! My name is Ylva and I'm moving to Canberra for six months, as I will be working as an intern at the Norwegian Embassy. Therefore, I'm on the look out for an place to stay during this periode. I'm looking for a house that is friendly and has a good ambiance. I'm an easy going person who enjoys socialising and hanging out with my flatmates, but I also appreciate quite time and respect others privacy and wishes. I like to live in a tidy apartment and will do my part to keep it that way. I have previously lived in Belgium (worked as a volunteer), France (studied French) and Hong Kong (exchange), so I'm both used to and very much enjoy living with people from all around the world. I love to eat and try new food, and will happily take you on a journey into the Norwegian cuisine. Furthermore, I'm a curious person who enjoys getting to know new people and learning about new cultures. I like to read (when I find a good book) and I also appreciate pilates and the nature, so I'm looking forward to see what the Australian wilderness has to offer. Please message me if you would like to get in contact. Looking forward to hearing from you! Ā 

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Rasmus & Rikke

Looking in: Deakin, Reid, Turner, Acton, Barton, Campbell, Yarralumla, Kingston, Forrest, Braddon

Working at the Royal Danish Embassy.

Couple26 - 27
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Looking in: Manuka, Braddon, Dickson, Kingston

Hi! I'm an Automotive Event Manager relocating to Canberra from Sydney for work. I am away a fair bit with work, especially in Spring/Summer and i love my job. Clean, tidy and not too bad a cook. I would like to think I'm pretty hilarious as well. I enjoy a good meal and a glass or wine (or two). Ultimately i'm looking for a home (fully furnished if possible) and an opportunity to make friends as i know only a handful of people in the ACT.

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Looking in: Narrabundah, Garran, Turner, Manuka, Barton, Lyneham, Ainslie, Braddon, Deakin, Dickson, Downer, Yarralumla, O'Connor, Kingston

Im a 23 year old non-smoker; I'm moving down to Canberra from Sydney for a job and I am looking for a fun and relaxed share house to move into. I've lived in share houses before and love it; I have always ended up great friends with the people i lived with. I'm friendly and easy going and enjoy being social, love having a drink or two with housemates and friends. But am also respectful of peoples space and always clean up after myself. I finished my degree last year in Political Science and Economics and now am attempting to learn arabic just for fun. I dont have any pets but I love animals so I'm happy to live with them.

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