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$325/week46 year old female

Hi, I'm Nicole, I’m studying my final year for my Masters of Music Therapy with Melbourne uni (as a blended learning student, online) so I study a fair bit and require my own private little nook to do it in, as it requires that I play guitar and sing online etc. I may need to practise on you at times ;) (at your permission of course) but generally, I’ll keep to myself a fair bit because of the amount of study and online contact hours. However, I am also pretty sociable; as a songwriter and professional musician/vocalist; I'm in numerous bands from jazz to funk to gypsy, and I gig around town a fair bit. I also work as part-time as a vocal coach (tho not at home, in community halls). I am a very open minded soul, who loves to hang out and chat over wine about eccentric topics. I love music (obviously) and food and BBQ’s. I eat meat btw, but am not judgemental about anyone’s choices, dietary or otherwise. I also love to curl up in a cosy corner or sunbeam and read, or, chill n’ watch a series or movies. I like going out to good restaurants, trying new cuisines and watching live bands, and I like to play board games and cards. Oh, and I LOVE to cook and I would like to tend a veggie patch. I have an affectionate 12yr young cat, Pixie, whom everyone adores. I’ve been living on my own (with Pixie) in a gorgeous little bungalow by the beach in Lauderdale for the past 4 years, but must sadly leave it as the owner wants to occupy it. I gig a lot in town though, s, it’s time I moved closer to sociability and ease of access to gigs again. So, I’m looking to share a classic Hobartian pad in town with 1 other person who's able not only to pay their share of rent, bond and bills, and respect equal rights around chores, but also with a sense of humour who can laugh and be sociable, yet also wants your own time and space. I am house proud, clean and tidy, and, I like to foster and maintain respectfully relaxed approaches when negotiating needs and boundaries in households. I’ve lived in a few share houses in my time, and am well “share-house trained”, so is Pixie. So we make for happy homely housemates and we always end up establishing great friendships, many that last a lifetime.

Available 29 March 2021

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$350/week44 year old female

CIRCUMTANCES CHANGED-Home needed asap for amazing Dog and her (YHWH) loving Human!! Prefer self-contained (but most smoke free homes considered). ME (HUMAN): extremely honest; fairly quiet; responsible; non-judgemental; respectful; Spiritual; usually positive; (mostly) vegan {I sometimes eat fish and very rarely other meat but often eat happily-raised chicken's eggs - no cage eggs, at all, anywhere, for any reason (except in the unlikely situation where there were absolutely nothing else to eat and I were extremely malnourished). I don't use dairy.} soon to be part-time student and also voluntary worker. I have a guaranteed income, a sense of humour and a God-given ability to get along with people of all ages, sexual preferences, abilities, nationalities, religions, views etc (but much prefer conversation with honest people). I try to buy locally made and recycle soft plastics and anything else I can recycle. I also like to reuse if possible. I love dance; learning (esp. languages); clay work; flower arranging; music with positive lyrics and/or vibes; pets; nature; children; and helping if able to - even if only in a small way (it makes me feel good). I like a clean kitchen, toilet + bathroom. COMPANION DOG is a 15 month old staffy who's: quiet; extremely friendly; sensitive; clean; affectionate; obedient (most of the time!); good with almost every human (even those scared of dogs); good with cats, ducks, chooks and almost all other animals (except small flying insects); and doesn't damage things or dig (except sometimes at the beach!). I am currently in the process of trying to get her officially registered as a companion animal. I have had her since she was 5w old - apart from 3-4 weeks in November 2019 (whilst I was in refuge accommodation) and in 2020, once 1½wks (BnB) and once 5wks in (due to visiting offspring on mainland and hotel quarantine on my return to Tas). Don't need fully-fenced yard as when outdoors she can be put on her chain (if need be) when not being walked. Previous dog-friendly B'n'B rental not available anymore due to border being reopened 😟.) I co-own a home in the northeast but need to be near the city for family and medical reasons (and to recommence study and voluntary work). We are currently sleeping in a tent whilst trying to find accommodation in the Hobart greater area.

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$250/week39 year old male

Hi, I'm Luke (39) and I work full time as a professional photographer looking for a new place to live in Hobart or its surrounds. I am a very relaxed and easygoing housemate, who is quiet, highly respectful and friendly. I work from home and also frequently travel for work. This means I'm usually home 50% of the time and completely away from home the other 50%. My landlord is selling the place I have called home for the past 3.5 years, which is very sad and I, unfortunately, need to move on. My current landlord will vouch that I always pay my rent, am a polite and respectful tenant that keeps to himself and enjoys peace and quiet. As my landlord intends to settle the sale in the future I can move between now and the end of May, which means I have time to find a place that is the right fit for me (and you). As I work from home I would need a little more space than the average housemate. Ideally, the room would be generous in size to allow for me to set up my desk and printer and provide some additional storage area for my equipment. Private entry/exit is definitely a bonus. I have a car and am happy to park it on the street if required as long as parking restrictions are not a nuisance. I like to live fairly self-contained and therefore my preference is to have my own/ensuite bathroom. I am happy to make concessions on this though for the right place. Thanks for spending the time to read my profile and feel free to get in touch if you feel my profile matches your listing!

Available 1 March 2021


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$250/week47 year old female

Hi :) I'm a super clean and tidy, clean-living and green-inclined homie with stable income seeking a similar sounding space to create as home. I'm generally quiet in my home lifestyle but very open and chatty when the space suits to be. 😁 My lifestyle tends to involve cooking, good local vegetarian/vegan food, markets, dance, community connections, drawing/life modeling, kirtan/meditations, gardening and other creative dreamings 😊. I desire a *smoke and drug-free* sunny space (not too chic, not too shabby - rustic aok) where I can contribute my energy and create deliciousness in the kitchen, store some stuffs, maybe write and create some stuffs, and grow my own veggies :) I'm also doing my best eco-consciously, for living zero waste. I rarely drink alcohol - but do make my own ferments 😁 Ideally, a calm, self-contained space or sharing with just 1-2 mature others would suit me best. I enjoy deep intelligent conversation and equally my own company 😊 Did I mention I like to cook and feed people? 😉 (I have worked and volunteered in community doing so) I adore all animals and am guardian to an absolute lovebug of a furry feline friend (rescued from a garbage bin over 3 years ago!) - in the most wildlife-protecting responsible way I can. For the love of fresh air, stars and energetic solitude, I crave a quiet, green space - preferably less than 30 mins to town - but am certainly open to options and ideas... I'm great to have around for security, garden maintenance, and pet feeding 😉😍😁 Please, let's talk 😊 Smiles, Sufiyo Rubyn

Available 15 March 2021