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$300/week35 year old male

How to describe little old me.... Well firstly I'd say I'm more medium sized then little. I'm hardly a 6ft wall of shredded muscle struggling to fit through a doorway, but apparently, I'm 'too big' to play on bouncy castles anymore. Not true. Secondly, at 35 years young, despite the ever-increasing number of stylish grey hairs I seem to be sporting, I would argue that I have the youthfulness and exuberance of a (mature) individual in their mid-20s. Fun and excitement balanced perfectly with the growing burden of adulthood. It would seem that this is the section to profess my love of ‘relaxing with a glass of red’ and that I’m ‘sociable but respect boundaries’ and am always ‘clean and tidy’. Indeed. But am I really...? Probably much like you, I’ve been house sharing for some time. I’ve lived with the full spectrum of housemates over the years, so I’ll try and give you a real picture of me without sounding too cliché. I am genuinely a relaxed and considerate guy with a fun and friendly personality (and a good sense of humour). I do enjoy engaging and interacting with my housemates, (a pub night or shared dinner are enjoyable), but life usually keeps me pretty busy outside of the house. I love the ocean, I’m a pretty keen scuba diver and tend to spend my weekends diving, or if I can manage it camping somewhere outside of Sydney. I work in Finance and during the week I stick to pretty standard office hours and try to fit a run in before or after work. I’m not the housemate constantly on the couch in front of the tv when you arrive home, but I also don’t disappear into my bedroom never to be seen or heard from, day or night. I am, actually, very clean. I empty the bin, keep the sink free of dishes and have an aversion to mouldy bathrooms. I try to keep things neat and tidy and clean when its needed. I generally cook dinner at home but not every night. I’ve been living in a 3-bed terrace in Glebe for eight years and have decided its time for a change, so I’m looking to find a nice comfortable place with just one or two housemates to share with. A relaxed, happy, tidy home with a friendly housemate or two is the dream, so if you think I’d fit in well, shoot me a message. Chris

Available 29 January 2021


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$300/week29 year old female

Hey! I'm Belinda. Looking for a place to call home long-term (3 - 6 months initially), surrounded by positive, like-minded people who share similar values and goals in life :) ABOUT ME: Career: I am a life coach, certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and energy healer, currently developing my life coaching business. Lifestyle: I am a people-person and also enjoy lots of quiet time. Favourite hobbies include going for brunch at cafes, walks in nature, music, reading, yoga, dancing, and catching up with friends and family. Values: respect, kindness, positivity, health, personal development and many more. I am also well-travelled and appreciate those with similar values and life experiences. IDEAL HOME: • Peaceful sanctuary with positive vibes • Quiet house and neighbourhood • Comfortable home and furnishings • Super clean, minimalistic space • Natural light and nature surrounding • Reliable wi-fi is essential HOUSEMATES: • Harmonious, positive, very clean, easy-going and peaceful • Similar personality to me: respectful, holistically healthy, happy, mature, responsible, balanced, friendly, considerate, easy-going, self-aware • Career: you receive joy and inspiration from your work! • We share similar hobbies and interests. Would be fun to hang out, go to cafes and do yoga every now and then! • You enjoy a quiet, peaceful, relaxed home environment • Enjoy watching a quality DVD, but rarely watch TV. • Positive communication style • Non-smokers and rarely have parties at home Based on all of the above, if you think we’d make great housemates I’d love to hear from you! - Belinda

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