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Jess & Brian

Jess and Brian

Early bird

$400/week23-28 year old woman and man

Hey hey Fam, Brian and I are looking to move out from living with my family - sad fam story will be available if you ask - and needing to find a rental. Lowkey... rent is expensive in Tas so wanting to find a housemate or two that are pretty normal and not total total grubs. We are keen to try and find a place to rent with someone (or if you have a rental available we can move into). We have been attending a few rental inspections (hey Kurt and Jane if you're reading this, you might remember my dog from the house you viewed in Otago) over the last couple of weeks but keep getting pipped by people who want to rent for half their lifetime or don't have a boyf who is studying, or know the real estate agent etc. Own bathroom for Brian and I to share (we don't shower together, don't stress) is a must, I hate germs. We don't have furniture so looking for a new mate who is equipped with a couch and some plates or alternatively finding a place with you that is fully furnished. We have lived in house shares before - we tend to be the normal ones that clean up after others, not the clueless ones who leave the gas on (Ed). I have a dog. His name is Teddy. He won't be living with us but would absa love to have him stay a night or two if the landlords will let us. Teddy is a border collie, definitely likes me best in the fam but also loves everyone he meets. He does not bark, does cool tricks sometimes but only if you have a snack. Teddy loves long walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners. I work full time for the government. Not as exiting as it sounds but it pays well. I studied aviation (pilot and flight instructor) but don't fly at the moment - still have a super cool 110k debt though rip. Don't love pilots, spent a couple of years around them and they tend to be too in love with planes and think they're god when they do their first solo circuit (Sorry Alastair, not looking good for you buddy). I am not fit, a few life events, some heart surgeries and having my own money to buy snacks are all attributing factors. About to join the gym so I can keep a zap fob on my keys and never use it. Brian studied paramedics, finished that and is now doing medical research as a pathway to med. He's smart and has recently joined the gym. Probably won't bro out with you about gym life but would love to play a game of chess or smash some crash bandicoot with you if you're keen. We will cook you a meal, might be basic and might not be the best but we have good intentions and have learned how not to burn things. If you don't cook a meal for us though, we may get a bit soggy. Aiming for a 6 month-ish lease at the moment. Could go longer but I've applied for air traffic control in Melb and would prob start early 2023... if I get it. If not, definitely keen to go ham on a long lease (Brian has a good 20 business years before he's a doctor). If you want to get in touch and maybe team up or recruit us to fill a room in your place, send us a bit about yourself (Bradly's 'clean tidy' bio is exceptional). Don't rate smokers or people who don't understand that an inside voice is not optional for me. If you can reel off quotes from Step Brothers or The Internship, you're in. If you have grammatical errors in your bio, you're out. Cool. Jess and Brian

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