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$215/week27 year old female

Hi there. My name is Bre and I am 28 years old. I am originally from Perth, but I have been living in Melbourne for the past 3 and half years. I work full time in insurance (now at home- due to covid) and I freelance on the side working in Film and Television. I have a huge back ground in hospitality- so I am very good at making some quick and easy cocktails on the hot summer weekends. I have years of experience living in a share house, so I know how to live with others. I am neat and tidy and always clean up after myself in communal areas. I am very friendly and social -able person. I enjoy my own space but I also enjoy having a drink or sharing a meal with my housemates too- especially while watching movies or TV series. I come with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Stan- so we will always be covered in terms of cheap entertainment. I can also offer some board games too. I am coming out of living in a sharehouse where everyone got a long really well and when everyone was home we would all have drinks to celebrate and catch up. I also have a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit named Cooper. He is 8 years old- and is incredibly handsome. He is about 20cm long, 1.2 kilos and is light grey and such a little gentlemen. He is litter trained- and really just loves to lounge around- sleep under my bed, sunbaking outside when the weather is warm and loves getting treats such as kale, cucumber and strawberries. He has now learnt a few tricks- and loves nothing more than having some cuddles on the couch at night. In my spare time- I enjoy watching movies, reading and exploring new areas around me. In the winter I will be staying more indoors, but in Summer I like going on bike rides, walks through parks and beaches and enjoy finding new roof top bars to enjoy. I go to the gym a few times a week, and I love to cook- and I am happy to share. I am happy for friends to come and stay, or to host social drinks or dinner parties every so often, but I am not looking for someone who likes to live in a constant party house. I have an apartment full of furniture that I can also bring- if you are needing anything to be added to the house. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Available 28 October 2020



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$200/week39 year old male

Hi I'm Ravi, I'm easy going, respectful & always willing to help out when needed 😊 Ok I can be a bit of a geek but I do try to look cool in an attempt to hide my geeky ways lol So yeah i may appear like a someone who goes clubbing & has a massive social life but nope I kinda enjoy staying home This is ME: I'm totally a big time movie buff 🎥 who has a secret love for comic books/superheroes🦸 & a serious addiction to buying sneakers 👟 (it's a problem but c'mon who doesn't like pair of Jordans?) Also into sports especially the NBA & the AFL (Go Bombers!) 🏀🏉 Well I always seem to be that guy that people tell their problems to or want my opinion or advice....but heyyy I don't mind because I like trying to help others whenever I can and do my best to make em feel better 🤗 Ohhh im a big softy when it comes to animals but especially dogs 🐕 Hmmm I guess my personality is an introverted extrovert like I'm a mix of both depending on who I'm with... can be super talkative & hyper active with one person then be totally quiet & calm with another but generally I'm just a chilled out, laid back low key kinda dude who is super easy to get along with. To me it really doesn't matter how different we are, just as long as we respect each other's differences & don't impose negativity onto other's. I'm currently working part time and started studying online recently. I'm really looking forward to finding a place to call home and living with potential new friends

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