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Brunswick, Brunswick East, Carlton, Fitzroy, Melbourne & Southbank Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Saint Kilda, Richmond, Docklands, Fitzroy, South Yarra, Southbank

Hi! I am a hairstylist so I can give you cheap haircut! I'm super friendly, easy going, super tidy and respectful! My hobbies and interests are swimming, animals, music, movies and music. I love meeting new people and having a laugh! So hopefully will find the right flat mates!! Xx

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Looking in: Fitzroy North, Fitzroy, Carlton North, Carlton

Hi everyone , I'm Pamir, 24 . Now I'm a post-grad student at RMIT. I have been in Melbourne since november 2016. I'm looking for place that close to CBD to live plus 6 months. Now I'm living in Carlton but need to be out around 10 april . A bit about me, I m an easy going man and relaxed in most of my spare time am going out with friends and ocassionally skating and cycling. Usually at home I spend my time for study, chatting with my mates having a beer and chillin …. active at weekends. I know pretty well how communual life is. Currently I'm sharing space with mates so am always thoughtful , punctual about rent and bills and never lazy to do worries about cleaning. Cheers!

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Looking in: Fairfield, Brunswick, Reservoir, Northcote, Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick East, Thornbury, Preston

Hello future house mates, I'm Phil 29 from Sydney, I'm looking for a more permanent place to call home with some rad people! Things i enjoy.... boardgames/card games (backgammon), music>gigs, i play baseball here which keeps me pretty busy outside of work, bike rides, cooking and of course hanging out with friends. I'm well travelled and have lived out of home for a long time now, I'm super chilled and tidy! I'm pretty independent and i do have a sound group of friends in Melbourne, i just need somewhere to call home! would love to hear from you! :)

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Samantha Kerr & Sean

Looking in: North Melbourne, Docklands, Fitzroy, Carlton, Saint Kilda, Prahran, Richmond, Melbourne

Me and Sean are both professional chefs. Sean is also a personal trainer. We are from England and have come to Australia on a working holiday visa. We're planning to live and work in Melbourne for 6 months before exploring the rest of Australia. We are fun couple who love making new friends. We love seeing and doing new things and making amazing memories. As a couple of chefs, we live clean and tidy. Very punctual with paying bills and rent on time. We have jobs lined up but would prefer to make sure find a place to live and settle down before we start working. Can't wait to meet you!

Couple21 - 22
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Looking in: South Melbourne, Southbank, Fitzroy, Carlton, East Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne, Docklands, South Yarra

I am a fun and outgoing independent young adult who is moving over from New Zealand to start a full time job at Accenture. I enjoy going out, having a good time and socialising with friends. New to Australia I would love to explore my surroundings go out and enjoy what the city has to offer! I enjoy people's company and I would like to think (and hope) people enjoy mine too! I think I would make a great flatmate to live with! I like to live with clean surroundings, enjoy cooking and cleaning up after myself. My hobbies include playing sports such as tennis, badminton and cricket socially and I do like to stay fit by either playing these sports or going for runs/gym (gains).

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Anna & Hector

Looking in: Fitzroy, Byron Bay

Hi, people! we want to come to Australia for a few months. We need some place to stay from Dec 2017 to february 2018,. we re living in Berlin also we can change the house if u want it. thanks a lot huggs

Couple29 - 30
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Looking in: Abbotsford, Cremorne, South Melbourne, West Melbourne, Collingwood, Richmond, East Melbourne, Carlton, Fitzroy

I am friendly and outgoing. Clean and tidy. Like to keep fit and am usually out doing activities and catching up with friends. Moved here 2 years ago from NZ. Work in healthcare. Looking to live with like minded people.

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Looking in: Preston, Sunshine North, Brunswick, Bundoora, Yarraville

Im easy going, love a laugh, cooking is my fave, I like things tidy, social and outgoing. Studying design at rmit and love the environment !

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Looking in: Melbourne, South Yarra, Port Melbourne, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Prahran, Richmond, North Melbourne, Windsor, Carlton, Collingwood, Southbank, South Melbourne

Hello! Looking for somewhere to live in the inner suburbs with great people! I work in Banking 9-5. Usually out and about running, bike rides, hiking, bit of gym as well as nights out/gigs on my time off. Clean, considerate, not a great cook but don't burn toast... Flexible on move date. Keen to find the right place as soon as possible.

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Looking in: Fitzroy

Howdy! I'm Basil. I'm an editor, I work 3 days a week in the city and then I freelance a heap too. I work a lot and my hours are far from regular. If i'm around, I'll cook you up a storm and if I have a night off I'm up for D n M's over vino. I'm looking for a place for a couple of months before I head overseas for work.

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Looking in: Hawthorn, Southbank, Richmond, Melbourne

Hi anyone and everyone, I'm one of the great Danes (not the dog kind) and here doing my internship as a psychology research assistant at Swinburne, but not quite as tedious as my occupation might suggest, in my own completely unbiased opinion. I'm no cleaning maniac but do care about keeping tidy especially in the shared spaces. I appreciate wine or a good ale and wouldn't mind living in a place where we might get one together once in a while but ultimately I just need to not live on the streets for my three to four month stay so I'm not picky, my last Aussie place had vines growing into the kitchen so yeah.. Anyhow, I'm sociable but not pushy, relaxed, easy going and easily fooled. Shower singing is guaranteed, apologies in advance.

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Looking in: Melbourne, Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Brunswick East, Preston, Reservoir, Kingsbury, Bundoora

Hello! I am looking for a place to stay with like-minded people. I am from the Netherlands and came to Melbourne for a research project at RMIT and because I would like to grow some roots in the city. I like to have a flexible lifestyle which is equally divided in serious stuff and fun. I am a full-time student and do a bit of freelancing work, but make plenty of time available to socialize. I am spontaneous and like to make plans on a day-by-day basis. I love to meet and hangout with people. I live a healthy life and work out regularly. As a housemate I am clean and organized. I am upbeat, open-minded and I don't judge. I easily adapt to others and don't mind if people have friends over. I don't mind cooking and sharing meals with others. I hope to find some cool housemates to share good moments and to occasionally enjoy a pizza evening or whatever.

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Wolfe & Rachel

Looking in: Fairfield, Northcote, Thornbury, East Melbourne, Carlton North, Princes Hill, Carlton, Saint Kilda, Fitzroy, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Collingwood, Richmond

Hello! My friend Rachel and I are looking for 2 rooms in either Brunswick, Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood or Richmond (anywhere CBDish really) for May 1st, max $850/month. We are both artists from the North (I - Montreal, her - NYC), and we have left our igloos for your (apparently only slightly) warmer pastures. We are fun. Clean. Love to cook sweet meals and feed hungry flatmates. We are both on working holiday visas, currently completing an artist residency in the Blue Mountains. We are looking to live in Melbourne for at least three months. I was working at Messina in Sydney and will most probably be working at a Messina in Melbourne - you heard right, ICECREAM DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Rachel is a baby whisperer and gin enthusiast so will most likely be working as a nanny or bartender. Probably both.

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Looking in: Clifton Hill, East Melbourne, Richmond, Carlton North, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy North, Fitzroy

Hi There, My name is Yoshi Japanese guy 28 years old will be working as a barista at some cafe in Fitzroy area soon. I am looking at a place to stay in North side. I am pretty quiet, clean and respectful. I really like having a time at cafe, library, park. But i also keen to meet new people and have a chat with bit of drink too. Please let me know if still room available i would like to come visit. Regards, Yoshi

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Looking in: Carlton, Brunswick, Parkville, Travancore, Docklands, Melbourne

Hello,I am Sky,looking for a room between Brunswick and city,close to tram or train station. I work fulltime,love nature and outdoor sports,considerate for every flatmates as we share the home sweet home together! Would love to find a comfortable home where after one day work or study we can relax and enjoy life itself!

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Looking in: Melbourne

Im a 27 years old Argentinian male on a Working Holiday Visa just looking to work, save money, live a great year with my brother and sister in law who live here, meeting new people and once my 1 year long visa is over, travelling around the world as much as i can! Im tidy, respectful and easy going. Music lover, also love sports, healthy life with beer breaks, getting to know new people and new places and living adventures!

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Looking in: Brunswick West, Carlton North, Coburg, Richmond, Abbotsford, Brunswick East, Fitzroy North, Thornbury, Northcote, Collingwood, Carlton, Brunswick

Hey I'm m looking for a room from April 16 onwards, preferably on the North Side/furnished. I work as a makeup artist and I’m trying to break into the special effects scene so I spend a bit of my time pursuing that! I’m pretty social/ open minded and it’d be fun to find housemates who enjoy hanging out but have their own thing going on too I’m relocating from Sydney but I’ll be down at the end of next week for interviews/potential house viewings Shoot me a message if you have any questions /\ _

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Looking in: Windsor, Richmond, Fitzroy, Brunswick East, Carlton, Collingwood

Hey! I'm just a super chill girl from Melbourne looking for a change of scenery (: I'm a graphic designer currently working full-time at Zara. Looking for great hangs, neat place and dinner/beers once in a while

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Looking in: South Melbourne, Richmond, Malvern, Brunswick, Prahran, Saint Kilda, Melbourne

I have Netflix and would love to watch Netflix shows in a blanket on the couch with a glass of wine with someone. I've lived in the Bayside outer suburbs my whole life and I've needed a change of location since I finished school, I can't wait to find it! I have a boyfriend and tbh he'll probably end up moving in too at some point, but for now it's just me.

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Alex & Tom

Looking in: Melbourne, East Melbourne, Melbourne

Hi my name is Alex and my friend Tom we are from Birmingham (England) We're very tidy, clean and respectful and always willing to help when needed. just 2 easy going guys looking for a place that we can call home. We are currently staying in a horrible hostel and need out of it ASAP. Tom and I Just recently arrived in Melbourne after traveling around the East Coast. Now we are wanting to settle down and enjoy what Melbourne has for us. I work as a Sales Representative for a company called "HelloFresh!". and Tom works as a Labourer. so if your interested to be our future roomies, pop a message :)! Gods Speed Alex and Tom

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Looking in: Brunswick, Brunswick East, Thornbury, Northcote

Currently working full time, writing an album and painting on the side.

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Ilaria & Riccardo

Looking in: Elsternwick, South Yarra, Saint Kilda, Melbourne

Hello! We are Ilaria and Riccardo, a young couple, 23yo, from Italy just arrived in Melbourne. For us, it's a journey, to grow personally and professionally. We are very friendly, tidy and clean. We are concentrate on work and we also enjoy to share a laugh or a beer in company. I'm a massage therapist, animal lover, enjoy long walks aaand yep.. I could watch movies 24/7 :).. Riccardo is a bartender, loving videogames, lots of chatting.. Haha he loves company.. To Everyone that read this... A big CIAO!!!! :D

Couple23 - 23
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Looking in: Melbourne, Southbank, Docklands, Saint Kilda

I have recently moved from New Zealand and working full time in Financial Industry. Very laid back and social. Enjoy playing sports, trips to the beach, going out for dinner and catching up with friends. Definitely keen on the occasional chat/hang out and some shared cooking throughout the week but also respectful of personal space. I am reliable with payments and prefers the house clean. Look forward to meeting you.

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Looking in: South Yarra, Richmond, Melbourne

Hello beautiful people, I am an overseas student, who just graduated from Griffith uni. I moved to Melbourne from Gold Coast couple days ago and now I am looking for a private room. I am a positive, funny, tidy and friendly person. I am not a party girl, but I do enjoy a drink and socialising. Cheers.

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