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$200/week23 year old man

Howdy, I’m Sam. I'm originally from Castlemaine Victoria, but I've been living in Sydney for the past seven or so years. My friends describe me as “pretty chill”, “attentive”, “personable”, and “a bit goofy at times”. After living two-ish years in relative iso due to Covid, I’m keen to move out and share a place with some easy-going, sociable and fun people. In my free time, I like to get out and about with others or kick back at home reading a book, watching a movie, hitting the gym, or putting in some time to learn the basics of a language – as of now I’m trying out Ukrainian and Finnish. On weekends, you’d probably find me hanging out with friends, gaming, or maybe boogying at the occasional doof. I’m deferred as of now but aim to complete my final year of uni by the end of 2023. I’m a bit of a history/geo-political nerd and I’ve been known to rant on, so feel free to join in or tell me to can it whenever. My culinary skills are pretty average so don’t expect any grand feasts, however, if you’re sick or feeling under the weather I can make a mean sweet potato and/or miso soup. I'm a pretty social person, but I also value some alone time every now and then. I’d like our house to be a place where we can have people over, whilst also being a place we can kick back and forget about the outside world. I’m keen on housemates being open to hanging out together when free from work/study obligations for drinks, doofs, movies, sharing a meal, whatever really, I’m open to anything. My main request is to have a tidy, wheelchair-friendly house, with fun and reliable funky folk who don’t take themselves too seriously. ■ Important info: ● I put both Melb and Syd because I’m keen to move to either. Just depends on if we vibe well and job opportunities in the area – I low-key rather Melb but see how goes. ● If all goes well and if you are open to it I’m happy to bring my home gym equipment (e.g., bench, weights, battle rope, and more.) ● I’m currently on my L’s and plan to get my P’s by October. A place with a carport would be good. ● A wheelchair-friendly house is a must!!! I can deal with a single step/ledge but would prefer a place with no stairs or at least a bedroom on the ground floor for myself. ● LGBTQ+ friendly and Covid vaccinations are also a must. ● I’m 420 friendly but would appreciate if smoking is done outside and if any suspect water vases are not left in the open. ● I have a partner who may drop by every now and then. ● I’m pretty big on keeping the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas tidy. ● I’m pet friendly and have an energetic Cavapoo puppy called Pax. Depending on how well potty trained and tame he is by October I’d be open to bringing him at some point if there is general agreement. Shoot me a message if you think we’ll be a good fit 🤠

Available 8 October 2022