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Bunny & Preya

Bunny and Preya

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$290/week24-26 year old gender diverse and woman

Hi Beautiful People🖐️ We are in search of two amazing female housemates (and friends) to lease a nice and modern 3-bedroom in the Carnegie area (or south eastern suburbs). I have inspected some wonderful houses with a rental budget of around 650-750$/week. We are looking for someone who can go on the lease ideally for 12 months and looking to create good memories and having a positive experience.😊 👉Bunny (26, He/She) I work full time from home most days. I run a social enterprise that I founded two years ago which is working toward creating better education to improve wellbeing and sustainability (bad habit of giving elevator pitches😂). I live a very healthy and active lifestyle, so you will be seeing me taking dogs for walks, running, doing yoga, swimming, and so on. I love a nice long drive or weekend outdoor adventures. I am also very interested in all forms of art so love going to galleries, orchestras, and all that scenes. I love cooking and can cook great food but Preya disagrees with that😂, I but always happy to host a nice meal for my housemates and have good banter. My girlfriends have identified me as something of a Diva😂, but I am a very humble and calm person as well. Always happy to share good skincare and wellness tips if you desire. 👉Preya (24, She/Her) Preya just graduated from Monash Law and is on her way to becoming a lawyer very soon. She is doing her Professional Legal Training and will be going to the city on weekdays from 9-5. She is originally from Mauritius and has lived in a few countries in her life. She speaks French, Spanish, English, and Hindi. She enjoys listening to music, reading, networking, and making new connections, board games, swimming, a good cuppa tea or coffee, and a good workout session. Preya also has somewhat of an obsession with candles and essential oils so our house is guaranteed to smell like a spa most days🤞. Preya loves to cook and bake and is actually passionate about it. She is more of a chef than me and she loves feeding people so if that's your thing, always be invited to our table. We both are nice and easy-going people. We have spent time in many countries and with people from all walks of life and cultures so always a pleasure to meet someone new and make friends. We love animals, especially doggies😁. We love a nice evening with good food and Netflix and also love going to new places and exploring everything Melbourne has to offer from dining experiences to nightlife and artistic venues. We understand the importance of balancing personal space and having good times and memories with our housemates. Our 2 adorable Doggos 👉Lola (3-year-old Siberian Husky x German Shephard Girl) I just rescued her five months ago. She is a very affectionate and playful girl who loves your attention. Always up for cuddles, kisses, and love. She would follow you to the end of the world once she gets close to you. 👉Blaze (1-year-old Siberian Husky Guy) He is still a puppy at heart and just turned one. Blaze loves going to the park and playing with dogs. He loves food so feed him treats and he is yours😂. He is the cutest thing with a full-on personality and talks to you sometimes. I love arguing with him. The baby loves attention and love and is always happy to meet new people. Our Ideal housemates will be women in their mid-20s or early 30s. It's a must that you are someone who loves dogs and has lived with dogs in the past as it will guarantee good times for everyone. Even better if you have a dog as well.

Available 12 August 2022