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Claremont, Cottesloe, Daglish, Floreat, Mosman Park, Shenton Park, Subiaco & Wembley Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: East Perth, North Perth, Wembley, Mount Hawthorn, West Perth, Leederville, South Perth, Subiaco, Perth

Hi! I'm an easy going and friendly girl who loves to meet new people. I work and study part time. I'm currently house sharing with two girls and I'm looking for a new place to house share. I'm reliable, tidy and will clean up after myself. I'm also sociable and don't mind a casual drink with the flat mates on the weekends. If you think I'd make a good fit in your house send me a message!

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Looking in: Nedlands, East Perth, Subiaco, Perth

I'm a 23 yo Swedish girl. I enjoy a active lifestyle and trying new activities. I plan on hanging out at the beach alot and would preferably live close by. I enjoy a beer or two once in a while and never say no to a BBQ with friends. I'm a postgrad student in computer engineering at UWA (exchange student) and I'm staying for at least spring semester but might stay up to a year if I enioy it. I'm very easy going and can be as tidy or untidy as you like. I'm humorous and open to meeting new people and I consider myself easy to live with.

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Looking in: Innaloo, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Trigg, Scarborough, City Beach

G'day everyone, My name is Joshua and I'm a professional firefighter and rescue officer working FIFO and I've decided to relocate from the east coast to Perth to minimise the travelling time and maximise my days off. I'm passionate about health and fitness, enjoy a few drinks listening to live music, the beach, outdoors and meeting new people are also interests of mine. I'm someone who is responsible and respectful, positive and self motivated, clean and organised, easy going and fun to be around. I'm somewhat excited to be making this move to the west and it can't come quick enough. I'm looking for a fully furnished room with an ensuite or even a furnished studio or granny flat. I'm not fussed whether I'm sharing with a male or female for I get along with anyone. Eventually I'd be looking to find my own unit or house to call home, but for the immediate period this is what I need to do. So there you go, I look forward to seeing what's out there and available. Happy days one and all, Joshua

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Looking in: Trigg, Wembley, Scarborough, Shenton Park, City Beach, Mount Lawley, Leederville

Hi all I’m Alex and I’m an easy-going, friendly, chilled 31 year old human. I’m a former high school teacher, now working full-time in Subi in a job that pays the bills without the stress… I’m looking to move into a new place in late September / early October. I’m happy to move into an existing place or team-up with someone for a new lease. Min 6 months - longer term. My budget is around $200-250ish a week. I can furnish my own room. I have kitchen gear, plus I can bring a fridge, 2 x sweet couches, and TV cabinet if need be. Preference is for my own bathroom. I’m looking for a place that’s either close to the beach or within 20-30 mins drive. I especially like city beach and scarbs, so any suburbs in that general area are a win. As I work in Subi I’d be keen to stay within about 20-30 mins drive of there as well. So any of those inner-city suburbs will work. A place with a backyard would be ideal as I’d love to grow some food (or even just herbs would be a plus). When I’m not working I like to practice yoga, walk/jog in nature (parks, lakes, ovals etc), swim at the beach (in summer…), hang out with my mates on the weekends: going to live music gigs, kicking the footy around, couple of drinks, that kind of thing. I am a clean and social housemate: I’m into cooking (and cleaning after), chilling, watching movies (I don’t really watch any TV… besides GOT). I like the occasional drink but don’t party like the old days very often. And I do take time to myself to read, write, stretch and meditate as well. Please get in touch if you reckon we are a fit. I’m more than happy to meet up and chat.

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Lea & Megumu

Looking in: Fremantle, East Perth, Scarborough, Subiaco, Perth

Hi there, I'm English and my girlfriend is Japanese and we both work in hospitality. We are clean, friendly and sociable and also like our own personal space. We enjoy walking, hiking and rock climbing and we are big foodies and love a good film. We have been traveling for a while and now we are looking for somewhere to stop and work and live comfortably.

Couple24 - 26
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Looking in: Floreat, Wembley, Subiaco

Very honest, clean and considerate. Non obtrusive with a fresh personality and respective of others personal space. I am partnered with a lovely very elderly dog (16 years ) who is a non barking sleepyhead!! Sinse I am unemployed at the moment I am very happy to do all / most housekeeping / cleaning for the right accommodation Have my own furniture but can put in storage if necessary

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Looking in: West Leederville, Leederville, South Perth, Subiaco, Northbridge, Como, Fremantle, Cottesloe

Hi, I'm a 23 year old Social Worker from Northern Ireland recently moved to Perth. I'm working full time (permanent) 20 minutes south of the CBD and am looking for somewhere not too far to where I'll be working but also close to the beach (freo cottslow) or near the CBD. Im currently living in a temporary house which ends mid August however it's possible for me to move out a week or so before this. I've moved out to Perth and don't really know anyone out here so I'm looking to hopefully live with some lovely people who aren't huge partiers but do enjoy socialising at the weekend or a bit of Netflix binge watching. I also enjoy time on my own and respect that other people do too. I'm a clean and considerate housemate and looking for much the same, I drive so parking is a must. I also do smoke but only outside. Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing from you! I would prefer bills included and a furnished room, I'm open to other areas but would like to be nearish to the beach or for the property to have a pool but mostly I just want to live with some nice people! Would also Buddy up with the right people if this suits to go house/flat hunting together! Claire

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Looking in: Nedlands, Cottesloe, Subiaco

Hi I'm Aaron a chinese student doing a master degree at UWA, I'm easy going, considerate and had been sharing houses in London for the past 2 years. I respect others' privacy and not a party person. Most of the time I'm quiet but would enjoy conversations with other people too. I need to Skype with people in the UK regularly so I usually sleep in and get up early. I love animals (except insects) and would like to learn an instrument. I like going to the gym too.

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Looking in: Fremantle, Cottesloe, Mosman Park

I'm very clean and love being in a nice fresh space! I live a clean and healthy lifestyle and super easy going!

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Looking in: Fremantle, City Beach, Cottesloe, Wembley Downs

PhD qualified professional Psychologist working 2 and 2 week FIFO job. Reasonably well off, none smoker and quiet family man. Want a quiet and easy life to spend time with my teenage daughters on days off. Only require accommodation for me as my kids live in the family home with Mum.

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Looking in: Leederville, Subiaco, Crawley, East Perth, South Perth, Northbridge, Perth

Social, clean, on student exchange programme, fun but respect your privacy ;-)

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Looking in: South Fremantle, Cottesloe, East Perth, Scarborough, North Fremantle, City Beach, Perth

Just finished 2 years fifo to move full time into the head office in the city. Been in South Fremantle for that time whichever I enjoy buy happy to look anywhere along the beaches or even the river around the city. Young 40, relaxed, clean not a big drinker, would prefer someone with an active lifestyle ie good influence :) or fifo.

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Looking in: Claremont, Nedlands, Cottesloe, Dalkeith, Crawley

26 year old Swedish guy that just arrived in Australia. I'm an easygoing exchange student at UWA and looking for a place to live in for at least this semester, maybe longer. I am looking for a shared house within easy reach of the UWA. I take my studies seriously but I also like to have fun so I would preferably like a house with at least some social atmosphere. I will enjoy hanging out, sharing some beers and going to the beach sometimes etc. Back in Sweden I have lived three years at a student accommodation with shared kitchen so I am used to live in a shared household, and I really enjoyed it. I am responsible and I like it clean.

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Looking in: Nedlands, Highgate, North Perth, West Perth, Leederville, Victoria Park, Subiaco, Perth, Belmont, Claremont, Cottesloe

Hello! I'm 19, working just out of the city. I'm clean, quiet and rarely home because I'm either at work, at the gym or out with friends/family! I am moving to London in November so I am looking for a cheap place till I leave.

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Looking in: Cottesloe, Trigg, Scarborough, Woodlands

27 year old male doing FIFO, been living I. Perth for a year now. I'm kean to move in to a place that's social and has a good vibe. Party house's are all good too but so are the chilled ones. Kean to keep it by the beach so I can surf and live it up in summer. I'm an out going sort of dude but respectful too Hit me up 👌👌

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Looking in: Cottesloe, Subiaco, South Perth, Perth, Claremont, Shenton Park, Crawley

Hi I am a 25 year old woman from Denmark. I am studying for a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School, but I am now beginning a semester at UWA. Therefore, I am looking for a room in Perth from now until the end of November. I have always preferred to live together with other people, but I also like to take time for myself sometimes. I have lived in Copenhagen for some years, but before that I lived in England and Norway for a while. I am very tidy and a non-smoker. As a person, I am very social and I like to spend time with friends and family as well as meeting new people and exploring new countries and cultures. I spend a lot of time doing sports – in Denmark mostly badminton and running. Here in Australia I am looking forward to trying out some of the many outdoor sports. I have just arrived in Perth, so I would like to come by and see the room as soon as possible. Best regards Line Thøgersen

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Alex & Peri

Looking in: North Perth, Wembley, West Leederville, Leederville

Hey we are looking to find a 3rd person to live with us and hopefully find a place or who already has one ! We are fun loving social friends who enjoy a wine or two ! I'm studying but working part time and peri is working full time ! Would love to get to know :)

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Looking in: Manning, Cannington, Victoria Park, Subiaco, Bentley, Como, East Victoria Park

Hello there, my name is Heenay and i moved to Perth at the start of the year. Studying engineering at Curtin. I am very clean, tidy and organised. So similar people would be great. Outgoing. Easy to get along with. Very friendly and understanding. Love the occasional drink and going to parties. Love exploring Perth and going on adventures. Preferably looking for an en suite or sharing a bathroom with only 1 other person.

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Looking in: East Perth, Subiaco, South Perth, Perth

I am looking for a room to rent in a furnished unit in a unit complex or house with my own bathroom. I do 2/1 FIFO so I'm not home very often, and when I am home I'm often travelling overseas. So I pay your rent and you get the house to yourself most of the time! I'm very friendly, I clean up after myself, I'm respectful of others and their property. I can be social but also like my downtime as I'm a shift worker. I am looking for a housemate that is trustworthy, respectful of me and my property also, someone who cleans up after themselves and doesent mind a chat when I am home. I'm also open to sharing with another FIFO back to back.

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Looking in: West Leederville, Subiaco, Subiaco East

HI, Pretty chilled and laid back person. I work away and do FIFO in an office role. Also like to travel time to time so will be away over half the time. Like different activities like getting out in nature, rock climbing and a bit of cycling. Looking for a nice place to live with great people, has storage in a garage or somewhere to sort through boxes and things I've had in storage. Off street car parking would also be ideal.

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Looking in: North Perth, West Leederville, Leederville, Subiaco

I'm easy going, friendly, responsible and tidy. I'm a personal trainer so I like taking care of myself and helping others do the same. I'm originally from Perth, for the last 10 years I've been living in Spain and I got back a few months ago. I'm looking to share a house or flat with sociable, tidy, positive and healthy people.

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Looking in: Scarborough, City Beach, Subiaco

Hi my name is Jack, 22 photographer working full time, looking for fully furnished room with own bathroom (including ensure) I travel a lot between Sydney and Perth due to my work. I am a social friendly reliable person, love to go out with friends on the weekends. I am very clean tiny which I want to live with someone is the same. 2x2 apartment would be the best choice for me, currently only looking for nice peaceful suburb to settle down, not interested in living in busy cityarea, subiaco is my first choice to live in, or anywhere along freo metro line is fine. Last but not the least, I am only looking for the modern/newly built house/apartment, not fancy old furnished house, not over 2 roommates, Cheers.

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Looking in: East Perth, North Perth, Shenton Park, Crawley

Hey I am an exchange student who will stay in Perth until December. I am an easy-going, clean person looking for roommates I can hang out with and have a beer with in the evening ;)

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Looking in: Jolimont, Daglish, Floreat, Wembley, Leederville, Highgate, West Perth, Mount Lawley, Subiaco

Hello there I'm Federica, a 29yo worker/student italian girl moved down under three years ago. I'm a very positive and happy person focus on a very active and healthy lifestyle Looking for a long term place where to live and friendly housemates to share good vibes with. Weight training and healthy food addicted Looking forward to find the right place to call home Namaste 🙏

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