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Newport & Williamstown Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Port Melbourne, Albert Park, Williamstown, Maribyrnong, Newport, Kensington, Yarraville, Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Essendon

Hi I'm Bec and I'm looking for a new place to move in around end May / early June. I'm a clean, considerate and friendly housemate - I'm always mindful of keeping common areas tidy and I'm happy to share jobs / clean! I'm easy going and outgoing so I like spending time chatting with others over glass of wine but I also just as happy chilling out in my own space.. I work full time in city in Finance so am away 10-12 hrs on weekdays, in my downtime I like to go to gym, cook and just chill out in front of tv. I'm an outside smoker and would never disrespect a non smoking household (considerate of trash etc) I have lived with my current h/mate for 3 yrs with no issues and I'm sure she's happy to give references as to how awesome a housemate I am ;) Look forward to meeting new friends along the way and i am not into drugs or drama!

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Looking in: Williams Landing, Hoppers Crossing, Altona, Maribyrnong, Sunshine West, Williamstown, Seddon, North Melbourne, Newport, Spotswood, Yarraville, Maidstone, Footscray

Working full time Mon - Fri (shifts between 8am and 7pm) I'm quiet and friendly, keep to myself at home most of the time Up for a chat and a drink of course if you are :) I clean up after myself Non-smoker

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New | $120

Gabriela H

Looking in: Ardeer, Deer Park, Yarraville, Altona Meadows, West Footscray, Williamstown, Sydenham, Braybrook, Sunshine West, Footscray, Seddon

Hi everyone , I'm a full time student looking to rent out a private room in a female only share house, I'm a very clean and well organised person and tend to keep to myself. I am out majority of the time travelling places and visiting my fam/friends . I prefer to share with clean ,organised and non smoking or party people as I like my quiet time for my studies .

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New | $180


Looking in: Williamstown, Yarraville, Altona, Altona North

Im a young at heart 44yo non smoker. Just moved to Melbourne from Perth and looking for a sharehouse near work in Altona North. I am very tidy and respectful of others and very laid back, non judgemental and easy to get along with. I am a health ans fitness fanatic but I do enjoy a social drink on my days off. I love being outdoors and I love getting out on my SUP board, seeing live music and sharing good food and wine and good times. I will be working very long and varied hours and I spend a lot of time at the gym or out and about so I wont be a piece of the furniture at home but I'd still hope to be social with my housemate (s) where possible. Hoping to find some chilled out shiny happy people to live with. 😊

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Looking in: Newport, Yarraville, Brunswick, Moonee Ponds, Braybrook, Maidstone, Footscray

Hi, I'm Dennis and I'm looking for a place around Footscray Park that would take me at most 20 minutes to get there on a bike. I’ll be moving in in the beginning of July. Anywhere will do. I'm from Kenya and I'm quite social. I love playing video games, music, watching movies, reading comic books, novels and manga, meeting new people, learning different cultures and trying new stuff. I'll be happy to respect the privacy of potential housemates and I'll also need my own space once in a while. If possible, though, let’s do fun stuff like taking trips, cosplaying, starting a band, building planes, starting book clubs (haha), attending social events, etc. I can cook and clean. I'll be happy to help with housework if need be. I don't have pets, but I wouldn't mind living with them. I don't smoke, though, so I'd prefer housemates who either don't or do it in private.

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Updated | $250


Looking in: Altona, Seddon, Newport, Footscray, Reservoir, Thornbury, Preston, Abbotsford, Richmond

I'm 26 years old, work Full time Monday - Friday and am your standard clean, friendly, easy going and genuine housemate. I do however come with a lovable and adorable old Tabby cat who is more like a dog, she gets along exceptionally well with humans but not with other animals unfortunately. I like the occasional wine or bottle over dinner or catch ups as well as liking and respecting each others alone time. I love music, movies, Books and can't go without the morning Coffee. I do currently live on my own, so i do have a full one bedroom apartment worth of furniture for those who may want to team up to start a new place or if any furniture is needed in a current place.

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New | $200


Looking in: Northcote, Williamstown, Saint Kilda, Malvern, Melbourne, Carlton, Footscray, Parkville

I cook, I clean and I'm quiet. I really need to move out of my parent's house and move somewhere nearer to uni. I'm easy to get along with (I think) and I don't like confrontation. If I'm doing something you don't like TELL ME and I will stop straight away! Most of my spare time is spent at work or writing assignments!

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Updated | $350


Looking in: Williamstown, Brighton, Richmond, Brunswick, Altona

Hi! I am an American moving from Georgia, USA for a full-time job in advertising. I am outgoing, friendly, and very clean. I have had many roommates in college and come from a big family, so I'm pretty much a pro at the whole roomie situation. Always up for an adventure and a last-minute beach trip. I am an avid runner and can often be found meeting new people, going to the local market, or cooking. Looking for an all-female apartment with equally outgoing and clean roommates to be my first friends in Australia!

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New | $250


Looking in: North Melbourne, Seddon, Yarraville, Newport

Things that are important for me: Cleanliness, manners and a healthy lifestyle. I am an easy to approach laid back individual. I take great pleasure in demonstrating house sharing etiquette's. Ask away if you want to know more. Ta

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Looking in: Seddon, Yarraville, Footscray, Altona North, Williamstown, Newport

Hey I'm Danni! Ive recently moved to Melbourne to work full time as a paramedic. I am a very down to earth person who loves all things music and food related. I keep active with as many outdoor adventures that I can fit into my spare time. I love socialising but I also value my time to myself. I've had years of experience living in share houses and am very tidy and respectful of other peoples things. Im hoping to find a house on a quiet street so I can get some sleep before/after night shifts. It's also vital that it is possible to make my room dark during the day so that I can sleep at odd hours to work around my shifts. I am hoping to find housemates around a similar age to me (22) who would like to show me the best gig spots, brunch cafes and bars in Melbourne on my days off. Im also down to binge watch TV with some wine in my free time. I don't own any pets but I would love to move in with some!

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Updated | $220


Looking in: Williamstown North, Williamstown

I'm easy to live with, enjoy my own company but also love to share conversation and stories over a drink or a yummy meal✨ I love swimming in the ocean, reading, writing, swings, creativity, going to markets, bubble baths, dancing, horses, researching, plants and flowers🌿💐, op shopping, red wine, Italian food, playing piano, learning languages, cooking, yoga, essential oils, tea, gilmore girls, chocolate, anything organic🍃💕 I'm clean, organised & pay my bills on time!

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New | $200

Daniel & Nhu

Looking in: Melbourne, Richmond, Carlton, South Yarra, Brunswick, Newport, North Melbourne, Footscray

Hi we are a couple 21 and 22 yrs old. Our lease runs out and we are looking for a place to stay. we both work at Footscray and study in the CBD so we prefer to look for a furnished room in a sharehouse. We are sociable but can keep to ourselves, clean and respect privacy.

Couple21 - 22
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Updated | $210


Looking in: Fitzroy, Williamstown, Essendon, Southbank, Richmond, Melbourne

I'm a 27 year old Queenslander that is moving from Brisbane to Melbourne for work for 6months. I love a chat but happy to keep to myself, not a big drinker or partner and don't smoke. I'm social but love my own space and I'm very independent. I love food, coffee and intelligent conversation. I like to explore and meet new people and I don't really mind too much where I live, I'm up for a new adventure 😊

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Looking in: Newport, Yarraville, Altona, Brooklyn, Williamstown, Spotswood, Altona North

Hey there I'm Richard, 32, single, i work full time as a auto glazier replacing windscreens and glass in cars etc, just looking to move somewhere in the newport altona north area as i work out of Brooklyn. my interests include, socialising, going out for dinner, bbq, catching up with friends over a few beers, road trips and getting out and about, also like quiet nights at home and cooking a meal. When I'm not driving all over melb fixing peoples broken windows i play in a 90z heavy rock/grunge cover band and do the occasional gig. I'm Easy going, honest, reliable, clean and tidy and happy to help out when needed, i don't take myself serious and am always up for a laugh amd a few beers. hope to find someone/people to live with in the same boat, prefer to live 1 on 1 with someone or a smaller crew rather than like a 5 bedroom house. i have had plenty of share house experience and always pay bills on time etc, i do have 2 vehicles, my personal car, and a work vehicle, if you think you might have a place that would suit feel free to contact me, any questions flick me a message or call, cheers! Richard

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Looking in: Kensington, Altona, Yarraville, Williamstown North, Williamstown, Spotswood, Seddon, Newport

Male Late 30s Full time employed - work in the CBD Monday to Friday. Am looking to find a nice clean comfortable place to relax & hang out with fellow flat mates. I'm very quiet and keep to myself most of the time. I am very easy going and like to spend my time computer gaming , relaxing , watching sports & hanging with friends. Happy to work together with flatmates to keep place clean & tidy. Feel free to contact me

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Looking in: South Yarra, Williamstown, Footscray, Altona, Fitzroy, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda, Southbank, Melbourne

I enjoy meditating from time to time but also love to watch movies, TV shows, have drinks and have some fun. Comic movies and swimming is something else I greatly enjoy :). Don't hesitate to contact me. Cheers

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Looking in: Newport, Toorak, Carlton, Melbourne, Footscray

Hello, I am an African male age 35, and a professional Security officer working in the city near melbourne central station at John Holland Metrotunnel construction, six days a week from 7am - 7pm day shift or 6pm - 6am night shift. I have a degree in economic. I am a very social person and always ready to learn new things from others while respecting their privacy. Due to the nature of my work which demand quality sleep and rest, I expect the place to be quiet and not party house. I am willing to stay for long term if I find the place comfortable, because our contract is going for 5 years. I earn more than $2000 net fortnightly. If you believed I qualify to be your tenant, then call or text me to come any time for inspection. You will get a reference from my supervisor. Thank and have a good day. Jerry

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Looking in: Altona North, Altona Meadows, Seddon, Sunshine West, Sunshine, Braybrook, Seaholme, Altona, Tottenham, Brooklyn, Williamstown, Williamstown North, Spotswood, Newport, Maidstone, Yarraville, South Kingsville

Single guy, i'm relatively quiet, very polite and conscientious room mate. I do spend a good deal of my free time at the computer, keeping in touch with friends from all over the world but i do also get out and about, mostly on the weekends. Work 730-4ish but that could be changing in the near future. I come complete with fully stocked entertainment system and 3 seater recliner cinema style couch, and smoker BBQ

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Looking in: South Yarra, Hawthorn East, Hawthorn, Richmond, Melbourne, Caroline Springs, Newport, Spotswood, Altona Meadows, Altona, Laverton, Craigieburn, Greenvale

I am a Pacific islander born in NZ and spent sometime of my life growing up in brisbane and is now residing in Melbourne working full time :) I love to laugh, jam to my favourite songs & either spend time with my youth/church or just catch up on some sleep or kick back in the living room watching some comedy. I'm easy going and open minded. I am very reliable and always pay my rent on time. I give respect and expect it back! I'm clean and tidy and pretty much chilled :)

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Looking in: Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Newport, Spotswood, Coburg, Brunswick, Kensington

I'm a friendly full-time student looking to move closer to study. I am a clean and respectful person that also loves all sports!

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Lily & Thomas

Looking in: Saint Albans, Newport, Sunshine West, Yarraville, Altona, Williamstown, Spotswood, Melton

I am from a small country town in north west Victoria called Swan Hill; I grew up on a fruit farm and participated heavily within the community. Working since I was 14 and contributing to the community through travelling hip hop teams, council member organisations and working for a local bakery and on the farm. I am a very clean; easy going, well organised and caring person who loves to cook My partner Thomas was originally from Tasmania moved to Melbourne some time ago and is currently working as a Boiler maker, he is a very loyal hard working person who enjoys playing guitar, video games and building things We both love classic vintage styles; Music ( Fleetwood Mac, Beatles..), Working out, Cooking, Outdoor activities, occasional drinks, 420 friendly Looking for modern home, pet friendly would be a bonus

Couple19 - 23
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Looking in: Yarraville, Newport, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee, Williamstown, Altona, Saint Kilda, Brunswick, Prahran

I am 18 I am a photographer, more specifically bands, events and fine art. I love spontaneous adventures I am a barista I dropped out of school after I completed year 11 to pursue my photography. I am a musician I love going out and meeting people I have a boyfriend I was born and raised in Melbourne I am tidy and clean up after myself I can cook I always put rent before anything else I need to pay for.

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Looking in: Flemington, Maribyrnong, Kensington, Ascot Vale, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, South Melbourne, Newport, Seddon, Williamstown, Altona, Yarraville

im Brian,  I'm a mid 30's youth worker and studying counselling and community services, into cooking, swimming, natural medicine, being social. I also have a car and would need somewhere to park it. I'm clean considerate and tidy. No drugs, smoke free, non drinker. I would be interested in house trained people who are clean and tidy, ok with alone quiet time, mature minded, non smoking house, with no drugs or binge drinking. I prefer to make my own food, I'm a fussy eater. I have all of my own bedroom furniture. JJ is a 12 years old black cat, he doesn't scratch furnishings, he has a few scratching posts. He is more of a dog personality as he loves interacting and being friendly. He has toys an is very playful. I'm very flexible, clean and tidy with him. 6 month preferred length of stay possible to stay longer. Let me know if your interested.  Cheers, Brian

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Looking in: Seddon, Altona North, Altona, Newport, Yarraville, Williamstown

A fun mature creative person, with a background in consulting. I am clean and tidy house mate, looking to share with like minded people, enjoy a social drink and conversation, shared meals from time to time, not looking for a party house. I love the arts and most types of music and respect the need for space, privacy and quiet time. I have an 11 year old daughter who is the apple of my eye, she lives in Williamstown which is why i want to live close by.

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