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$200/week20 year old female

Hi! I am moving from Melbourne to Brisbane, (don't worry I don't have Corona!), and I will be arriving around August 5th. Just wanting to put out a feeler for rooms: - Max $180 - $200/week including all bills - Parking access that won't be a pain - Dog friendly as I come with a lovable, clingy, well behaved and house trained 12-year-old Staffie - Easy-going housemates with similar interest and age as me (I'd love to make some new friends) - Furnished is preferable but not essential I'd like to be in my own place by the end of August :) About me: I am originally from Gold Coast but moved to Melbourne a year ago for work as a Flight Attendant and come from a strong hospitality/customer service background. I'm done here and want to come home. I am currently looking for work and hope to land something soon. I am super easy-going, polite, respectful of other people's things, and privacy and up for chat 9/10 times. Sometimes I like to chill out but Ill usually get bored of that pretty quick and end up doing something. I love staying active, such as run and I want to play sports this year if possible haha. I like a cheeky drink with good people and good music and wish to reside in Brisbane for about a year or 2. I come with an old soul of a Staffie who sleeps all day and is super clingy. His name is Bruiser and he is very well trained and behaved. Where I go, he goes so if you can't cater to a dog, thanks for your time. If you're looking for a social, respectful young gal for a housemate chuck me a message! Cheers :)

Available 5 August 2020


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$250/week35 year old male

ATTENTION Homeowners, Non-resident managers, Student Accomodation Houses, and Anyone with an empty a house they own/control. I am a prospective tennant, but also a prospective answer to your empty house problem. As a tennant, I can manage any and all aspects of your property. I am certified Property Manager, but now work as an electronic security technician, I am also a carpenter, landscaper and painter. Imagine have bulk $$ in your account every month, and not having to worry about tennants coming and going, paperwork, resolving issues, maintennce and repars, etc ... and also perhaps finding yourself with a much improved property in 12 months time. I am looking for at least a 12 months stay. In that time I can: -Manage any and all aspects of the property. -Tennants! - advertise for tennants, screen, interview, background check, act as agent - lease signing/ bond lodgements etc, if required. Plus manage any and all issues arising with or between tennants. - Curate and foster a household dynamic that is trouble free, low risk, secure, and conducive to log term stays with less big gaps between tennants. How? Good tennants that fit together and work together. By the time im finished people will be lining up to rent your place first. Houses have reputations, and word of mouth, community connections, means rooms in your sought after property are usually filled before they are vacated. - Manage - cleaning, mainetnance, repairs, contractors, issues etc. -Communicate effectively and efficiently to the extent and regularity you require. If needed: - Install electronic security /automation features, Do any carpetry works, small renos etc, Paint, Landscape, Gardeing, Fencing, at trade cost for materials/hardware, labour cheap done in my spare time between jobs, and done properly and with care - after all its my home too. - Install/Upgrade network infastructure, cabling, etc - want ethernet in every room? done. - Aquire / Upgrade furnishings, artwork, etc (industry connections, auction fanatic) - Mates rates plumbing, electrical services by my trade mates. -proffesional photograpy and videography of your property for future listing -anything else you can think of? If this or something like this is of interest, get in contact, all terms negotiable, and catered to your needs. ___________________________________________________________ Looking anywhere in Brisbane - preferably northside. I work from home - I need home where I can do music/video editing as well as craft projects. Room + Garage or Large Studio or Granny Flat. Etc .I am looking for a space where I can have room to live, and also to work on my projects. This doesnt mean a lot of noise - I wear headphones and when not - its only at normal tv/music listening volumes - But i often work late - and need to feel free to move about my home space and work space at all hours. I like my privacy and keep to myself for the most part. I am very clean, tidy and respectful and expect the same of my housemates. Would prefer to live with people who are intersted in the arts, share a creative drive, or at least understand the nature of creative process (unconvenional hours etc) I have a solid income stream and great references. Any questions, feel free to ask. nathan.tresfold at googlemail

Available 1 August 2020