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$250/week24 year old woman

Hey this is Meredith, a current psychology student at the University of Adelaide who drives so doesn't worry too much about the house location as long as it's not crazy far from the ct! First of all, I'm an organised people who respect others' boundary and personal space. I cook a lot (basically a chef, a title that my roommates gave me), and I am happy to share my food if you're keen too! I used to work as a part-time Bartender (happy to fix you drinks from now and then), but I wish to focus wholeheartedly on my study for the last semester as I plan to apply for the honours program next year (and too much drama at my workplace), I have quit my job and will stay home a lot. I do the house cleaning weekly, and always clean up the public area after I used them. I maintained a great relationship with my roommates (soon-to-be ex-roommates) and we had so much fun living together, the only reason that I'm looking for a new house is that the landlord plan to sell the house and we got expelled. Secondly, I wish to find a pet-friendly household as I have two cute cats who are both desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and well-trained. They both live an indoor life and they never cause any trouble. Living with them, there will only be laughter and "AWW so cute" in the house. They will sleep in my room at night, and just chill out in the house during the daytime. I wish to rent the house/room for at least 5-6 months because I'm considering moving to Melbourne next year for my honours, but nothing is for sure at the moment. Feel free to ask any questions!

Available 24 August 2022