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$275/week30 year old woman

Hello! I'm moving to Canberra for a career change into the public service, so I'm ideally looking for a place to call home and some folks to call mates :) The job starts in February and I'm currently working from home, so can be super flexible with moving dates post-Sydney lockdown. - Reviews - "She is funny and thoughtful and just so nice to live with." - Adam, housemate of four years. "Always pays her rent on time. Heroically fixed the plumbing that one time the house smelled really bad. Makes lentils not taste like dirt." - Ed, housemate of 3 years. "Is honestly not very good at Age but is a huge value-add in Valheim." - Ben, housemate of ten years. - About Me - I've worked in communications, compliance, filmmaking and financial services for the last decade, and have completed degrees in neuroscience and criminal justice. I like hitting the gym for weights, boxing, pilates, or yoga, and like physical puzzle exercises like pole, lyra, bouldering and BJJ. I've been a keen gardener since childhood and a keen cook since COVID. I like keeping busy and typically study while working. I'm also deeply evangelical about Promising Young Woman, Money Heist, Ted Lasso, and the Fast and Furious franchise. - Practical Stuff - Having lived in sharehouses of at least four people since I was a teenager, I come with a relaxed and adaptable attitude when it comes to living in shared spaces. I pay my rent on time, wash my pans, and am available for both a quiet night in or to plan a Halloween party. I've mostly lived with gymbros and gamers so can speak Steam and creatine fluently. I also have a conversational understanding of Jane Austin and why knowing your Hogwarts house matters. While I have positive feelings towards many cats, I am a bit allergic so would need to live mostly separately from any feline friends. I have lived very happily with other folks' dogs and birds before and would happily do it again. I won't be competing for a parking space as I don't have a car. I do however own most of my house's furniture, crockery, etc so can either contribute to my new house or am happy to leave most of it with my current housemates. - Not Need to Haves, but Very Nice to Haves - * Bedroom that has a lot of light, or housemates who don't mind me putting my plant buddies on a balcony or in a well-lit living space. * Houses of three or more people, or a solo housemate that has their partner/friends/family around a fair bit. * Houses into personal responsibility and looking after communal spaces without a roster. I can and have lived the roster life but it's always been a nicer vibe when folks just like to clean up after themselves or do chores together. * Houses where folks buy their own food but are happy to share or cook a meal for each other once in a while. I'm a vegetarian and I like to snack so I prefer to buy my own stuff rather than others having to pay for my faux-meat experiments/bodyweight in Skittles.

Available 15 January 2022

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