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Elwood, Prahran, Saint Kilda, South Melbourne & South Yarra Housemates & Roommates

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Looking in: Melbourne, Fitzroy, Saint Kilda, Brunswick

I'm a student from Germany and I will be studying at ACU for one semester. During that time I would like to live in a flat with others in order to meet new people and have a great time in Melbourne! I'm considerate, friendly and clean. I'm a very respectful flatmate, so there should be no problems!

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Rosa & Oliver

Looking in: Footscray, Thornbury, Brunswick West, Flemington, Northcote, Alphington, Kensington, Coburg, Prahran, South Yarra, Windsor, Middle Park, Richmond, Fitzroy North, Fitzroy, Abbotsford, Carlton, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Collingwood

Hi! We're a couple who are new to Melbourne. We're hoping to find a room to share for 6-8 weeks while we get settled. I'm studying winemaking while also working in wine retail. Oliver is studying software engineering and is a bartender at a music venue. We've both lived in share houses for 9-10 years so we're very well house-trained. We're clean, tidy and never have any trouble paying bills on time. We're equally happy to hang out with housemates or do our own thing. We're not party animals - we're much more into enjoying good food and wine than getting rowdy. I have a lot of diverse interests - cooking, sport (especially cricket), cinema (especially foreign and independent films), music, camping and hiking, history, learning new languages, etc. I'm a bit of a trivia buff and will never say no to a pub trivia night. I'm also very open to meeting new people and trying new things. Oliver's into sports (particularly cricket and AFL), fitness, music, web dev and puppies.

Couple27 - 28
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Looking in: Elsternwick, Melbourne, Windsor, Saint Kilda, Brighton, Bentleigh, Balaclava

Hello :) I am currently looking for a room to rent in Melbourne (preferably city area/close to). I am a full time Head chef working in brighton and have just finished my degree in counseling. I am a very easy going person who is very tidy. My work hours are 7am-3pm but am always out doing something most of the time. I am looking for a like minded roomate who i can share a wine with and chill out when we are home. Not interested in sharing a room as i enjoy my own space.

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Looking in: Elwood, Carlton, Hampton, South Melbourne, Saint Kilda, Albert Park, South Yarra, North Melbourne, West Melbourne, Melbourne, Southbank, Brighton, Docklands

Im 24yrs old, Work from home doing admin . I work 6-7 days a week from home. When I do find time for myself outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, Exploring / sightseeing - taking long walks & my biggest obsession is learning about property investment. So lots of reading. Will be starting a course shortly. I'm pretty quiet for a 24yr old. I don't go clubbing or anything like that. I'm a bubbly friendly outgoing person. Iike meeting new people and always up for a chat.

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Looking in: Armadale, Melbourne, Windsor, Southbank, Prahran, Saint Kilda, South Yarra

I'm a french of 23 yo and I'm looking for a flat to share in Melbourne. I will arrive the 7th of september and I will work for at least 6 months near to the Highett station. Feel free to contact me Thanks, Guillaume GOT

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Looking in: Port Melbourne, Elwood, Oakleigh, Saint Kilda, Malvern, Carnegie

I am am easy going guy working in IT support for a small company in Port Melbourne. Apart from anything tech, my passion is basketball. I am a basketball referee and referee supervisor which I do as a part time job. I enjoy the occasional night out or drinks with friends but am by no means a social butterfly. I enjoy hanging out with people but am also just as happy to do my own thing at times. I am a clean, respectful person and would love to live with like minded people.

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Looking in: Melbourne, Carlton, Caulfield, Saint Kilda, Richmond, South Yarra

I am reliable and considerate, quiet and cooperative. I enjoy the company of others, at the same time I like my personal space. I am easy going and Iighthearted. I appreciate a nice walk or a good conversation. I am not wasteful but I do not leave waste around the house. I turn on the fan when I cook so food odours do not linger on our clothes and bedding. I make sure electrical applicances are turned off before I leave the house to prevent a fire hazard. I respect our shared space by keeping it clean and tidy. If and when you have any concerns or problems, I appreciate you talking to me about them to eliminate any misunderstanding and work things out so we can live happily and comfortably. I want to come home to relax and feel like it is home.

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Liz & Davide

Looking in: Elwood, Melbourne, Saint Kilda

Hi we are Liz and Davide. Im Aussie and Davide is Italian. Just returned from living in London. We are a relaxed, chilled, and approachable couple. Love cooking, beer, wine, sleeping and travel. All the good things in life really! Davide is a chef and I'm in sales. We think we are good to live with. :) Hit us up!

Couple26 - 28
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Looking in: Port Melbourne, Melbourne, Carlton, South Melbourne, Richmond, South Yarra, Docklands, Brunswick, North Melbourne, West Melbourne

My name is Ivan. I am a spanish student in Melbourne. I,m studying a certificate in Travel Agencies at mornings, and working as a cleaner at afternoons. I have been living in Melbourne since november, and I will be here until june of next year. I think I,m a friendly person, funny and respectful (and a clean person, very very clean). I like talk, go out some weekends, soccer,... I,m not very good cooking, so maybe you can give me some advises 🙂 Aaahh, and I love travelling. Thank you!

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Alfredo Eduardo Job & Sofia Espinoza

Looking in: Abbotsford, Cremorne, Armadale, Carlton, Hawthorn, Caulfield, Fitzroy, Coburg, Southbank, Saint Kilda, Thornbury, Malvern, Camberwell, Richmond, South Yarra, Glen Iris, Brunswick, Collingwood, North Melbourne, Altona

We have been living in Melbourne for the last year. At the moment I work part time and I am an RMIT Masters student. We plan to stay until the end of the year and probably extend if possible. We are extremely clean and quiet, this is the reason why we are looking for our own place.

Couple29 - 29
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Looking in: Melbourne, Carlton, South Yarra, Richmond

25 year old Brit looking to make the move to Melbourne. Will be working full time in Melbourne CBD. I have no mates (in Australia!) so a 'mature' (not too mature) social environment would be great. If you feel I would be a suitable fit for your house/flat please feel free to message or give me a call. Will be available for viewings this coming weekend (29th July) and ready to move in immediately.

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New | $180


Looking in: South Melbourne, Prahran, South Yarra, Yarraville

Hi there my name is Veronica. I'm looking for a long term home. I'm single clean and essy to live with.

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Looking in: Elsternwick, Carlton, Hawthorn, Fitzroy, Southbank, Malvern, Richmond, Balaclava, Mulgrave, Preston, Coburg, Prahran, Saint Kilda, South Yarra, Brunswick, Kensington, Fawkner

Hi, my name is Nuno, I’m currently living in Melbourne for studying and I’m also a full time worker. I'm 38yo photographer, easy going and a relaxed person, tidy and organized. I like to meet new people and different cultures, listen to music and play it as well, watch a good movie and I love to cook and have nice dinner with friends, sharing experiences and have a good chat while drink some beers or enjoy a good wine, relax and have a good time whenever it´s possible. I like to have fun and I love action sports, which is my main work (as a photographer). Love the beach and the great outdoors and anything related, camping, trekking, 4wd off road trips, mountain biking, travel and explore are my main hobbies. I also love gardening (also do it as a side job) and I'm ok with pets if it matters, love wildlife, animals and don't mind to share a sofa with a dog or a cat.

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New | $230

Alejandra & Martin

Looking in: Fitzroy, Prahran, Saint Kilda, Richmond, South Yarra, Collingwood, Southbank

Im a 20 years old colombian girl. Im moving to Molbourne the first week of August, so I need to find a place to live with another Colombian friend who is already living Melbourne. We are looking for a furnished apartment for the two of us with tow bedrooms.

Friends20 - 22
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Looking in: Carlton, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda, Northcote, Richmond, Brunswick East, Brunswick, Collingwood

Seeing all that this great city has to offer! Interests include cycling, rock climbing, gigs, beer, wine & cheese. Grew up in Canada & lived in California for a bit before moving to Melbourne.

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Looking in: Cremorne, Carlton, Fitzroy, Richmond, Collingwood, Southbank, Abbotsford, Hawthorn, Saint Kilda, Malvern, South Yarra, Toorak

I'm a Southern Californian native born and raised, have the greenest of thumbs, and the literal definition of a jack of all trades. Ain't nothin I can't do! Got my BA in Radio, TV, and Film, owned my own business for a while before moving to Japan for 4 years to teach English. I love-love-LOVE languages. Aspiring to be a true polyglot. I'm currently a bartender and I LOVE it (my one cool trick is pouring rainbow shots, so heeeeey), and I'm on a work and holiday visa for the foreseeable year (get into Melbourne on August 10th). Looking to find someplace to call home, not do the backpacker thing. I'd love to stay long term somewhere, just put in 3 months to give me wiggle room for snatching up a job. I'm no stranger to the city, spent a few weeks there in the summer about 3 years ago. LOVE it. As a Californian, I know all about fire season and droughts, so no worry about being Eco-conscious here! I'm clean, organized, and very self-aware. I highly respect quiet and alone time, but love a few beers and a night out, or sharing a home-cooked meal (I like to bake...I hope you like to eat). My go-go dancing days in Osaka might be behind me but I still know how to have fun, whether in a group dynamic or by myself. If you wanna settle in for a movie night or board games I'm SO there! I've just learned how to make a mean egg foo young, and my butt has a costco card so heeeeeey ya'll live-in bartender with perks here! :D **My one caveat for full-disclosure: I haven't entered the country yet so I'll be coming in without a job (obviously, though I'm working on that on this end) but I'm bringing enough cash with me to give me wiggle room while I look (we're fine and dandy for a while folks!) but I'm hoping to find full-time employment either bartending... or just anywhere to make a wage! :D I -am- concerned about signing longer leases (just planning for the worst) in case it's impossible to find employment and I have to credit-card a plane ticket back home like a failure-face. Though if I hit the pavement running then that shouldn't be a problem! Just wanted to get that out there, I don't feel cool not disclosing that :) Ideally I'd like to spend my entire visa year in one place to call home :) -Need a place with internet -Private, furnished room -Short stay (~4 weeks) with room to increase stay (I shouldn't sign a longer lease if I can't find employment first, right? :D Hell if you know a place hiring then I'm down to sign a year lease!) I've been around, held all kinds of jobs, have all kinds of hobbies, and love all kinds of people. I'm animal-friendly and super easy-going; also open to more places than those general suburbs I've listed, and willing to pay more on rent if bills and internet are included, just an FYI. :) If you think we'd get along then I'd love to be your housemate! :) Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm an open book :)

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Looking in: South Melbourne, Southbank

Hi there! BACKGROUND STORY : My name is Laura and I'm a 27 years old Work & Holiday Visa holder from Indonesia. I'm currently living in Darwin, Australia, been living here for four months, planned to stay for another three months to save up before I move to the down south at the end of the year, but I got a sudden call for a job interview in Melbourne two days ago and I decided to just resign from all of my jobs here, pack all my belongings and go.. I know my move sounds stupid, but for a dream job, you got to do what you got to do right? :) Long story short, I'll be arriving in Melbourne on August 1st, which is just a week away.. So.. Here I am, nervously looking for a place to stay.. ME OVERALL AS A HOUSE/FLATMATE : I was not a super tidy person, but I'm really concern about keeping things clean.. Here in Darwin, I live with two super untidy and super unclean person, and it makes me somehow became a super clean and tidier person right now.. And I got quite traumatized living in the same room with another person, especially when she's messy, so I'd love to have a private room for myself from now on.. A clean and tidy flatmates would suits me best, it's just respecting others who lives together with you and creating an enjoyable environment for all of us, quite a common sense right? WHAT I WAS DOING, WHAT I'M DOING NOW & WHAT I WANT TO DO NEXT : I was a content creator back in Indonesia, I make social media content like Blog, Instagram and also YouTube, but here in Australia, I'm currently working mostly as a Barista and a F&B Attendant.. I will be there in Melbourne to pursue my coffee making dream, and also create more content for my social media platform.. I would mostly working at a day time, but it's most likely possible that I'd be working on a night time as well.. I have a dream to catch, and quite a lot of money to save up, so I got to work so hard for it.. :) MY PERSONALITY & WHAT I LOVE DOING IN MY SPARE TIME : I'm truly an ambivert kind of person, I love to hang out, meet new people, drinking, having fun, and do crazy stuff with friends, but on some days I would appreciate being just in a small companion, do some work stuff on my laptop, or chillin' out in my room all by myself and being an antisocial.. So in short, for the housemates : You'll most likely not going to see me that much when I start working a lot, but I'd love to chill out with you when we have a free time at the same time :) I would most likely enjoy eating out, drinking, or visiting nice touristy places.. I'm quite adventurous too, road trip every once in a while would be super nice.. THE PLACE THAT I'D LOVE TO CALL HOME WOULD BE : A room that has a lot of natural sunlight coming in, I love white minimalistic theme, a queen sized bed, and a built in wardrobe with a huge mirror are a huge plus! I have a dream to decorate my room to be as cozy as possible, if I'm allowed to do that (of course I won't ruin anything) it would be so great and having a view of the city from the room would be awesome too.. Well, these are not a must, but if there's such place like that (without having to rip me off), oh that would be my happy place for sure.. I don't mind sharing bathroom as long as the people that shares it with me are considerate about the cleanliness of that sacred area.. Having a cleaning system in the house for everyone would be the best to suit me personally.. Internet plays a huge part in my life, despite all of the offline works that I do, I'm still a social media content creator, so I'll be on my phone and my laptop mainly most of the time at home, so having a fast internet connection is a must.. My dream job is located in the south Melbourne, but I'm okay to live around the city.. Probably not in the suburb, even though they have such a nice home with a lower cost, but it takes too long to get to the city.. :( OVERALL AND HOW MUCH I CAN AFFORD : I could guarantee you that I'm a good flatmate, and I'll stay for quite a long time too, hopefully there's a good offer for me.. I'd love to stay in a place that costs around $300/week, they are all awesome, but that's just too expensive for now.. Unless if you want to lower the price around $250/week all in because you realize that I'm just that awesome, hahaha.. I'll keep looking around, I hope I get the best place to stay, and you'll get the best house/flatmate too :) Cheers!!

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Looking in: South Melbourne, Prahran, Saint Kilda, Fitzroy, Saint Kilda East, Camberwell

Heya, looking for a room. Having a career break atm so working less, I'm easy going, enjoy my down time and love to read. I'm clean and tidy, like to cook so please if I have food there just eat it, I don't sweat the small stuff either and love a good laugh l

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Looking in: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Saint Kilda, South Yarra

Hi! I am a 27 year old from the US here to work and explore this beautiful country. I enjoy staying in shape and eating healthy (with occasional binges) and love to explore new places. I would like to stay in Melbourne for at least 6 months and would like to find a laid back, clean, and active flatmate(s) who is interested in hanging out occasionally but still values alone/down time as much as I do. If any of this interests you please feel free to send a message. Cheers :)

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Looking in: Fitzroy North, Elwood, Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Carlton, Carlton North, Fitzroy, Coburg, Saint Kilda, Saint Kilda East, Seddon, Flemington, Brunswick West, Brunswick East, Saint Kilda West, Brunswick, Footscray, North Melbourne, Yarraville

Hey there, I just moved to Melbourne from Austria and I am looking for a place to call home for a while. I will be starting my PhD studies at RMIT in August, which means I am working full time and have a steady income. I am a quiet person in general who looks after himself and keeps things things tidy and clean. However, I do enjoy chats and get-togethers for meals or whatever. I respect the privacy of others if they want to keep to themselves. However, I would like to call people I live with day-in and day-out friends at some point and not just strangers you live with. Since I am still new to Melbourne, I like to explore the city and surroundings if time permits. Other activities I enjoy are watching some TV shows or the occasional movie. Although I've only listed a few suburbs it doesn't really matter to me where exactly I'll be settling down as long as CBD can be reached within reasonable time. Also the length of 6 months is more or less irrelevant. If it feels right I am open to stay for longer. If you feel like I would fit in with your current household, I'd be happy to receive a message from you. Cheers.

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Looking in: East Melbourne, Windsor, South Melbourne, Prahran, Saint Kilda East, Richmond, South Yarra, Toorak

Hi there, I am seeking a new home! I work 9-5 during the week in HR. Usually have pretty low key weekdays, yoga/ gym or dinner with friends. I like exploring coastal tracks on the weekend, the odd event, party or a couple of drinks out and about in Melbourne. Originally from Perth, have been in Melbourne 2.5 years now. I am easy to live with, social, non-smoker and very clean.

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Looking in: South Melbourne, Fitzroy, Parkville, Docklands, Melbourne, Southbank, North Melbourne

*Please read - Need accommodation from August 28th onward only. Need a car space or free on street parking and my own bathroom* I am moving to Melbourne from Perth on the 31st July for a new full-time job which starts early August, however have accommodation until August 28th. I want to find a room with an ensuite, with enough space for clothes etc.. I am easy-going, respectful and have lived in a share house for the past 2.5 years. I enjoy relaxing after work and keeping fit and active as much as possible. I am tidy and not a big party person, however don't mind going out occasionally for dinner & drinks with friends. I don't have any pets, though do love animals.

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Looking in: Hawthorn East, Malvern, Hawthorn, Prahran, Balaclava, Armadale, Richmond, Toorak

Hey guys! I'm studying Architecture in monash Caulfield and working part time, clean and quiet. music lover & easygoing and will always up for a chat :)

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Looking in: Elwood, Fitzroy North, Kew, Northcote, Clifton Hill

Hey all, I'm currently just looking for a temporary place to live from 5th august, so a room Will be fine, but from October I'd be interested in team ups, I've got loads of household stuff in storage in Sydney that I'd like to ship down, fridge, dryer, dining table, kitchen stuff, tv, and a cat that's staying with my parents. (I need a couch, washing machine, if you've got those WINNING!) I'm a non smoker and would rather not live with smokers as It sets me off a bit.. I work full time in Northcote at a vet clinic. I like an occasional shared meal, sneaky trip to the local, but am happy making my own way too. Send me through any questions you have.:) its just me at this stage, the dogs in the photo are not mine.

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