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Early bird

$300/week49 year old woman

Hello, I am looking to find a new home to live. I will be ready to move around the end of June (I can be a little bit flexible with dates) as sadly, the house I have rented in Cairns for the past 18 years is in the process of being sold. I have until early August to move out. I am looking for some like minded people to live with who are respectful, clean and quiet and enjoy some good company, but also like to have their own space. I can provide references upon request. Ideally I am looking for a home that is clean and I can feel comfortable in. I added in the information that I would be interested in 6 months, but if it works out I would certainly be interested in staying long term. I have a small digital imaging business and freelance. Though I will be working full-time for the next several months. I enjoy nature and try to get out walking and exploring several times a week and will go away for several days to somewhere in the region, either camping or staying somewhere in a cabin, to get away from everything maybe once every one or two months, with a few friends. I also work out on the reef and do expeditions, so I can be away for a week or more at a time. And may have a new project coming up that will have me working at sea for several weeks. I don't have any pets (Though I really like other peoples pets), I don't smoke. I will drink occasionally at home. I enjoy a good coffee in the morning and like to cook occasionally with housemates if they enjoy that. If you think I sound like someone who could be suitable for what you are looking for, please send me a message. I will consider options of sharing with several people or just one other. In a house, apartment, studio apartment, granny flat. I look forward to hearing about your place. Jules

Available 28 June 2022

Kellie & Lindsay

Kellie and Lindsay

Early bird

$120/week27-32 year old woman and man

Hiya we are Kellie and Lindsay :) We love to chill and chat, and work on fun excited projects both art and syntropic. We are down to earth and friendly :) A little about me, I love all the arts 🙂 I am a drama and visual arts teacher but have decided to study holistic arts therapy course, because I believe art could heal the world and yeah I just love it . I’m a bit of a silly human bean and love to laugh, do the creative things and be in nature. I write music and do all the arty thing. I have been travelling for the past 4 years, 2 years of which was in my van :) love van life in Australia but I’m graving that stability and want to earn some cash :) My partner Lindsay is a sweet gentle dude, he loves syntropics, guitar and software stuff, deep chats about everything 🙂 we are both super nerds when it comes to learning and sharing what we are discovering about all the things. Lindsay has a daughter he sees every second weekend who just loves creativity too, and we would want her to stay with us when she is here at those times. We are clean responsible humans and don’t have pets. Both love cooking. We aren’t really party people, but enjoy social things 😇😇 We both love a clean space but I will admit I’m not the best when it comes to attention to detail. I’m always happy to be called up on it but yeah, I do see that as a potential clash if y’all need everything to be clean all the time (which I totally get). :) look forward to hearing for you either way :)

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